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Sources: Parscale Being Investigated for Up to $50 Million Campaign Theft

Remember Brad Parscale? He came to prominence as the low-level web developer who “engineered” the 2016 Trump “miracle” victory. Sadly, 2020 has not been Brad’s year. On September 27, he was arrested and forcibly put under observation after he blew a fuse at his Florida home. Now, sources say, he’s under investigation for stealing between $25-$40 […]

Trump Campaign Appropriating Nazi, White Supremacist Symbols. These are Not Mistakes.

There comes a point when something can no longer be called a “coincidence” or a “blunder.” We’ve hit that point — passed it, really — with the Trump administration and the campaign (they are one and the same, of course). The Nazis created the “Nazi Eagle,” or the “Iron Eagle,” in the 1920s, according to the Anti-Defamation League. Of course, like other Nazi images, it is now popular with American white supremacists, neo-Nazis and neo-Confederates — the rock-solid core of Trump’s electoral base. So, when we see the logo of the Trump 2020 campaign, should we be surprised? Trumps new logo for 2020 is eerily familiar, where have I seen this before? ???? pic.twitter.com/m8czrkYasN — YS (@NYinLA2121) July 1, 2020 So far this new logo is sold on T-shits that you can get for a cool $30 from the Trump campaign site, which I will not link to because you don’t want the shirt unless you want to give the Trump campaign $30 for the privilege of ceremonially burning it. I wouldn’t bother. As you might imagine, American Jews — or Jews anywhere, I would imagine — are not happy with this. Trump & Pence are proudly displaying a Nazi-inspired shirt on their official campaign website. They are promoting genocidal imagery yet again — just days after President Trump retweeted a video of a supporter chanting “white power.” Link: https://t.co/U57Hfx6jwy pic.twitter.com/bt9N7Hb8Zb — Bend the Arc: Jewish Action (@jewishaction) July 1, 2020 Bend the Arc: Jewish Action wrote: It’s not an accident. Bigotry is their entire brand. If some right-wing bootlicker wants to try the “it’s a coincidence” or whatever argument, just respond with this, and don’t forget to punch a Nazi: They look nothing alike pic.twitter.com/cZJ8qjD1hx — Lyndsay ???? (@LyndzLP) July 2, 2020 But the campaign isn’t calling it a mistake. Of course, they’re doubling down on it, claiming that the problem is with the perception and not the reality of the symbol. Trump 2020 communications director Josef Goebbels, er, Tim Murtaugh, said: “In Democrats’ America, Mount Rushmore glorifies white supremacy and the bald eagle with an American flag is a Nazi symbol. They have lost their minds.” Apparently criticism of the logo is “moronic,” in Murtaugh’s words. The “America First” slogan, another key element of the logo, also has a deep, and ugly, history. pic.twitter.com/sotB7DXtIk — usurper (@usurper19) July 2, 2020 Early in his campaign, Trump said: I’m not isolationist, but I am “America First.” So I like the expression. I’m “America First.” Steven Miller and Steve Bannon co-wrote that March 2016 campaign speech. Both Miller and Bannon are neo-Nazis and white supremacists, and were brought into the Trump campaign because, not in spite of, their stances. (Don’t forget, Trump’s first Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, is an unrepentant white supremacist and neo-Confederate.) The America First Committee (AFC) was founded in 1940, and initially focused on its opposition of the US entering the war on either side. Its members included socialists, conservatives, and Americans from prominent and wealthy families. Future US President Gerald Ford was a member, as was future Vice-Presidential candidate Sargent Shriver, future Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart, and others. But, anti-Semitism and an increasing pro-Nazi slant began to define it, Less than eight weeks before the Pearl Harbor attack, AFC spokesperson Charles Lindbergh delivered a wildly anti-Semitic speech on […]

The Tara Reade Train Wreck Continues. Biden is Not Out of the Woods Yet

Tara Reade is a liar. This is not the first or the second time I’ve written about this. I hope it is the last. Frankly, I’m getting tired of it. And notice: I’m no longer qualifying this as an opinion. The facts bear out the claim. She is a bald-faced, unrepentant serial liar. What are some of the new developments? Well, she’s been revealed to have lied about her college degrees. She lied about being an “expert” who could testify in domestic violence cases — which she did. Now those cases are being considered for reopening, and convicted domestic abusers may be freed because of Reade’s lies under oath. And, her high-profile lawyer dropped her as a client. Her credibility is shot. No one with any discernment believes that Biden actually molested her, unless their hatred of Biden and/or love of Trump drives them to advocate for her credibility because they still hope she can split enough votes away from Biden to cost him the presidency. That applies to both devoted MAGAts and devoted Bernie Busters. Let’s look at where Reade stands now — in the ashes of her future, the unmasked lies and deceptions of her past, and the entire destruction of her credibility as a truthful witness to, well, anything. Cease and Desist? Back in the halcyon days of — five days ago!?! — Reade’s attorney, veteran sexual harassment defense lawyer and Trump donor Douglas Wigdor, sent a cease-and-desist order to Lynn Hummer, one of Reade’s most persuasive critics. Hummer, who calls Reade “manipulative” and a “liar” after having Reade allegedly milk thousands of dollars out of Hummer’s non-profit horse rescue organization, received the letter on May 17. The letter advised her to stop giving “false” information “to the media and online” about Reade. How did Wigdor know Hummer was giving false information to the media? His client, Reade, said so. Wigdor wrote: These harassing, intimidating and false statements are unlawful and are clearly intended to tarnish and impugn Ms. Reade’s character and reputation. … Let this letter serve as a final demand for you to cease and desist from engaging in this or similar conduct immediately. Almost a month before, Reade posted this on Twitter: You will stop Lynn Hummer. You have been reported for animal neglect to Santa Cruz county. Stop soliciting funds using my sexual assault story as leverage. A lawyer will be in contact with you for defaming me. You may not continue to spread false information regarding my life. — taratweets ( Alexandra Tara Reade) (@ReadeAlexandra) April 20, 2020 After Wigdor sent his letter, Hummer’s own lawyer, Pat Harris, said: I find it very ironic that her attorney is trying to bully witnesses when he is claiming that is what’s happening to her in the Joe Biden case. … The last thing in the world that Tara Reade wants to do is meet Lynn Hummer in the courtroom. Hummer has receipts. Reade does not. Harris told Politico: “We’ll be more than happy to provide actual physical evidence that backs up Ms. Hummer’s story. All Reade has is a lawyer trying to bully my client.” Released from Biden’s Staff Due to Health Issues? This is almost certainly a lie. In my previous articles, we’ve seen that Reade almost certainly was asked to resign, if not outright fired, due […]

Trump Campaign Increasingly Fears Elizabeth Warren, “Nothing Sticks”

A featured story from today’s Daily Beast brings us some of the most welcome news in weeks. Elizabeth Warren, the preferred candidate of the Trumpers just six months ago, now sends their wallets into a shiver, none of their attacks seem to stick to Warren. It bewilders Trumpers that a woman smart enough to be a Harvard professor, prepared enough to have a plan for everything, and earnest enough to care about the poor and middle class, could possibly be increasingly popular and immune to Trump’s childish attacks. Within Trumpworld and the president’s re-election effort, there has been a dramatic shift in how Warren is talked about now, versus how she was discussed as a potential nominee a year ago. Shortly after the release of the DNA test results last year, Trump—along with numerous administration officials, campaign aides, and outside allies—would routinely mock the senator, and privately insist that defeating her in a 2020 matchup would be a cakewalk. Warren was at one point regarded as the preferred candidate for Trump to face off against in the general election. It is probably worth noting two things. First, Trump and his merry band of sycophants ought to fear a potted plant at this point, a plant won’t lie and make deals with Russia against NATO allies. Second, it is always a bad idea to underestimate a woman who has risen from simple Harvard law professor to powerful Senator-Presidential candidate in less than ten years. Quite obviously, Warren is not someone to take lightly about anything. A year later, they’re not laughing her off. In recent months, senior Trump campaign officials have increasingly discussed Warren as a growing threat, in large part because of the enthusiasm they believe she can inspire on the progressive left, and her improving poll numbers in the primary, two knowledgeable sources say. The president of the United States appears to be taking her candidacy more seriously, as well. According to three people who have spoken to Trump about Warren over the past two months, the president has specifically highlighted what he views as her surprising political and populist talents during the Democratic primary, and has told multiple advisers and associates that he hears she could be “tougher” in a general election than many initially expected. One of these sources said Trump asked the room if they thought Warren was a “fighter.” On the one hand, it shows somewhat surprising self-awareness that Trump noticed Warren’s rise and the threat she poses, on the other hand, it is quite typical Trump to ask others whether or not Warren is a “fighter.” Perhaps Trump could ask Mitch McConnell whether Elizabeth Warren can “persist” through a tussle. Trump knows that Warren “persisted” through the “Pocahontas” thing, and is stronger than ever. Ultimately, though, the Trump campaign and its Republican supporters’ mistake is in thinking that this campaign will be like most others. They still think that the challenger’s political beliefs count for much: “She will have an energized base. Biden would not,” said Barry Bennett, a former senior adviser to the 2016 Trump campaign. “But her base is her eventual undoing. To accumulate that base, she had to take hard-left positions that are wildly unpopular with swing voters.” I am not some high-priced political hack – though I am increasingly convinced […]

Trump Campaign Lies About Lies, And That Is the Point

Chris Cuomo from CNN interviewed Kayleigh McEnany, the Trump Campaign’s very own Kelly Anne Conway, last night. It did not go well. Cuomo confronted McEnany about Trump’s lies. Kayleigh responded that gravity pushes airplanes up into the sky, and anti-gravity allows cars to drive on the ground: “He doesn’t lie,” she insisted. “Guess who lies? The press lies.” Says the spokesperson for the most trustworthy, least racist, most stable genius, in all of history. Then it got real: “I’m going to ask you this one more time, Kayleigh McEnany, do you believe this president has ever lied to the American people?” “No,” McEnany said. “I don’t believe the president has lied.” “Wow!” Cuomo said, adjusting his earpiece. “That blew the IFB right out of my head.” “Do you believe the fake news media has lied?” she said. “Interview’s over, Kayleigh,” he said. “Please.” Cuomo then noted that if Kayleigh cannot admit to a single lie, she will have no credibility with the American public, and that she has a long way to go. Here is the tape, see me below: "No. I don't believe the President has lied."Trump campaign national press secretary Kayleigh McEnany tells @ChrisCuomo President Trump has never lied to the country. pic.twitter.com/oSlLHZ4h0m — Cuomo Prime Time (@CuomoPrimeTime) August 29, 2019 Bravo. There is real danger, though. CNN is caught in a bind. They cannot allow unrepentant liars to sit there and spray utter garbage around the studio. But, if that is the overriding principle, and it should be, they cannot ever invite a Trump administration or campaign person to an interview, because we all know this is the result. Every. Time. It sets up a dynamic where Trump can claim victimhood again, and that the “Fake News” media doesn’t want to report any good things about him. They have an agenda against him One hopes that the majority of the American public has gotten a little too savvy to buy that line continually, and they likely have, but it isn’t healthy. The “do you think the media lies?” retort is the most dangerous. The “media” was not being interviewed, Kayleigh was. Cuomo could have responded quite easily: “I am sure there have been circumstances where some in media have been less than truthful, I cannot control that, I know that I never knowingly lie. Now, having answered your question, are you still insisting that you work for the one person in history who has never once lied?” Or something to that effect. Never forget that among the rules of the propaganda science (and, as I have said before, it IS a science), is to never admit any fault, ever. Moreover, an even more insidious rule of propaganda is to throw so much shit out there, some true, some false, some in-between, that you wear people down, convincing them that the truth is unknowable. In other words, the goal is not to get the audience to actually believe that Trump never lies. No, the goal is to get the audience to believe everyone lies, that it is all “equal,” that the truth doesn’t actually “exist” because everyone has an agenda, and thus nothing can be trusted, from anyone, ever. Have you seen a commercial for the New York Times lately? The quiet one, with no sound? It highlights that […]

Senate Intel Committee: Putin Personally Approved Asst Trump

The Senate Intelligence Committee released a new analysis today – the committee is still controlled by Republicans and this has the feel of a “bad news dump on a Tuesday that half the world is planning their holiday” – in which the committee agreed with reports issued by the intelligence community that President Vladimir Putin […]

Konstantin Kilimnik Indictment: Mueller Officially Ties Russian Intel/Campaign

U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s latest indictment carries weight beyond simply adding new serious charges. For the first time, the new indictment links senior officials on President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign to Russian intelligence in a criminal matter. As expected, Mueller added an indictment against Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, for witness-tampering, on top […]

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