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Trump Properties Melting Value, a Glimpse of the Future.

Perhaps naming the Doral Club as the next host of the G7 meetings will come around to provide us an important service. In the decision to greedily take advantage of the presidency, Trump is highlighting a fact that otherwise might otherwise go less noticed. Trump’s brand is tanking. He most certainly needs the money. Long ago, two and a half years ago, actually (which seems very long ago, now), in the wake of Trump’s victory, but prior to his inauguration, I began a short novel. The premise was rather simple. I wrote a “Supplemental Reading” text from a fictional 2045 college history class: HISTORY 340 “On the Origins of World War III.” The novel had no real characters, and no traditional plot. The action moved through fictional excerpts of newspaper articles, interviews, talks given, and personal papers, all given by fictional characters “on the ground” as this fictional war began. I had a Navy Seal, a CIA operator from the Middle East, a Washington Post reporter, a State Department employee, among many others, including people from other nations, MI-5, Chinese Military and “anonymous Russian intelligence source.” The action moved through events I thought entirely reasonable. Putin, having sealed a manipulatable president in Trump, engineered a terrorist attack on three Trump properties in India, all planned and funded by Russian intelligence, but blamed upon Pakistani “Kashmir Separatists.” The “terrorists” issued a faked statement, a secret product of Russian intelligence: “We will continue to attack Trump properties throughout the world until India releases its hold on Kashmir.” Overnight, Trump properties, his “brand,” lost 95% of their value. No one wanted to be anywhere near a Trump property. Things then happened. Russia, of course, got outwardly involved, China, too, Pakistan, India, all responding to Trump going ballistic, literally. He pledged to “Make the World Safe Again.” I gave up 70 pages in. Too much of what I was writing was coming true, too soon. I was no longer writing speculative fiction, I was writing our nation’s prequel. Regardless, I now know that I needn’t have had all the intrigue and international subterfuge. Trump has an ability to basement his brand all by himself. No violence, no terrorist needed, just Trump being Trump, on the world stage, is plenty. According to many reports, the income from Doral, one of Trump’s “crown jewels” is down 69%. But that is just the tip of the iceberg, isn’t it USA Today? The Trump Organization consists of over 500 different business entities around the world that constitute most of Donald Trump’s wealth. Recent reports, though, suggest that Trump Organization properties have been suffering since Trump was elected president… … Yesterday, Bloomberg noted that Trump Tower had been wracked by financial woes over the last two years. The occupancy rate in the building had fallen from 99% to 83%, and the majority of condos in the building had sold at a loss. “No one wants in that building,” Michael Sklar, a former Trump Tower condo owner, told Bloomberg. Now, many in the resistance might look at those figures and only take away some white hot, heartfelt, satisfying schadenfreude. But I can count upon you kewl kidz to know exactly where I am going with this. People are voting with their feet, and wallets. Everyone wants to back a “winner,” as seen by […]

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