TSA Workers Accepting Free Food, Facing Eviction, As They Miss First Paycheck

Today is “D” day, for “dreaded” for TSA workers because this is the first paycheck they’ve missed and the heat is on. The average TSA worker makes $35,000 a year, and the majority of them live paycheck to paycheck. They’re doing what they have to do to survive. New York Times: The workers, many of them still in their T.S.A. uniforms after finishing their shifts, showed up to collect food at a makeshift pantry the foundation set up in a parking lot near the airport, said Kathleen Lee, director of services for the foundation. She said the foundation would continue offering food to federal employees twice a week at the White Oak Missionary Baptist Church in Cary, N.C., for “as long as necessary.” Ms. Lee said the workers were not sheepish about accepting the handouts. She said that one of them told her, “If I’m getting free groceries then I can pay my light bill.” “It’s difficult to budget things like food, or knowing which bills to pay, when you simply don’t know when you’ll have money again,” said a 29-year-old man who works for the T.S.A. at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago. This same 29-year-old man also told the Times that he had contacted all his creditors to explain his situation but none of them had a program to fit it. Apparently banks and other lending institutions never thought to provide for an instance where a sociopath trust fund baby throws a tantrum and wrecks peoples’ livelihoods over an issue involving his ego and his image. This young man has done what most people would do in his circumstance, he’s running up his credit cards. The president of the Air Lines Pilots Association was dead on, when he said that workers affected by the government shutdown were going to incur personal financial damages that would take them a long time to recover from, if at all. You can’t pay back a lot of credit card debt when you make $35,000 a year and the high interest will kill you, but Trump would have no way in the world of knowing that, and wouldn’t understand it if you tried to explain it to him. This same TSA agent also received a letter from DHS, which he was supposed to show to  his landlord. It says TSA workers “are unlikely to be able to pay for their housing for the foreseeable future,” but he said it has “been of little assistance.” A TSA agent at O’Hare, Christine Vitel, spoke of her plight with CNN. She showed the same letter to her landlord and she’s facing eviction. RawStory: “We just, of course, found out a couple days ago we are not getting our paycheck, and yesterday when I was at work, my son texted me a picture,” Vitel recalled. “I got a five-day notice from — I have a house, I bought a house, but I rent the land. My community sent me a five-day notice to pay on my lot rent.” “They are aware of the permanent home security letter [letter from DHS, referenced above] I received, and they said they would work with me,” she continued. “However, when  spoke to them yesterday, the receptionist Melissa stated that I needed to pay my rent, and if I don’t pay my rent within five days she’ll have to see what the manager wants to […]

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