Humpty Dumpty’s inaugural chair Tom Barrack has been arrested

This is all we’ve got for the moment. Billionaires aren’t arrested every day. x You know if they're arresting with someone of that level of influence...

Donald Trump. So simple, even a caveman can use him.

You know, Propublica.com is rapidly becoming one of my “go to” sites for information. They are non proit, have great sources and present their information bullshit free. If I ever get rich and infamous, I’ll probably support them. And once again, Propublica doesn’t disappoint. In a new article, they have obtained documents, texts, and e-mails from a US House committee that shows that when it comes to Don Cornholeone, it isn’t just his personal avarice you have to worry about. It’s the personal avarice of the shadow puppet masters who influence him, especially if they have foreign connections. Bsck in 2016, when Trump had sealed up the nomination, and was readying his convention speech, one of his senior advisers on the Middle East was Tom Barrack, a heavy donor, and all purpose scumbag, who just incidentally had long standing business ties in the Middle East. Trump was readying a major speech involving sharing nuclear energy secrets with certain Middle East countries. Trump’s then campaign chairman Paul Manafort, another walking Trojan with a full load, shared a copy of the speech draft text with Barrack. Will wonders never cease? Barrack promptly shared the draft text with an unnamed foreign business associate in the region, asking him for his opinion. The source was impressed, but thought that His Lowness should add in another line or two, praising the “powerful princes of the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.” Because there’s nothing a bunch of filthy rich, repressive oil shiekhs need more than a nice case of the warm-and-fuzzies, don’cha know? When Barrack received this foreign input into possible future American foreign policy, Barrack of course immediately forwarded the information to Manafort, with the suggested wording. Barrack himself seemed well aware that he was sticking his toes into a very muddy ethical pond, since he closed his text with “This is probably as close as I can get, without crossing a whole lot of lines.” But what the hell, what are moral responsibilities and national sovereignty when a few extra shekels are at stake? Manafort, probably with visions of dirty kickback sugarplums dancing in his head, pondered the situation seriously and judiciously, told the speech writer to throw in the Saudi approved lines, and  the day before the speech sent Barrack a final draft, telling him that “The language you want is in there.” This is how American foreign policy is bought, sold, and bartered in the age of Trump. Am I the only one, or are we starting to see a picture emerge here, like in one of those old magic 3-D picture puzzle books? Apparently, in the Trump White House, the only thing that isn’t for sale is the Roosevelt desk, and that’s because it’s listed as a national treasure. We already know, thanks to Robert Mueller, about Paul Manafort desperately trying to leverage his position in the Trump campaign to “make us whole” with his newly cuckold Ukrainian comrade Oleg Deripaska. And now we know that Tom Barrack was more than willing to use his influence with Trump, through Manafort, ro influence American foreign policy for his own personal gains. So, the problem isn’t just Trump’s personal avarice and greed, in wanting to turn the United States treasure into his own personal ATM, it appears now that we have a […]

Steve Bannon, Tom Barrack, NRA turn over scores of documents to House panel; White House declines

After issuing document requests to 81 separate entities, the House Judiciary Committee has obtained "tens of thousands" of pages to scour, but zero of...

Trumpster Tom Barrack Lauds MBS, Says of Khashoggi “the atrocities in America are equal, or worse”

Tom Barrack plays a central, if somewhat unheralded role in all of our Trump troubles, as you can read in his Wiki bio… It was Barrack who, in 2010 pulled Jard Kushner’s chestnuts out of the fire with a 70 million dollar loan on Kushner’s distressed and over-leveraged 666 5th Avenue property, the terms of which he made less onerous at the request of Trump. It was Barrack who recommended Paul Manafort be hired as campaign Chair, and who later pried a plank out of the 2016 Republican Platform calling for release of the 28 pages of The Joint Inquiry into 9-11’s report that implicated Saudi Intelligence figures connected to the Kingdom’s government. And he was Chairman of Trump’s Inaugural Committee, the activities of which we will hopefully soon be learning much more about. Barrack is of Lebanese descent and has made much of his approximately 1 billion dollar fortune in the Gulf region, and his criticisms of U.S. and Great Britain’s history in the region are not without merit and worthy of consideration. However this charge… “Speaking on stage at the Milken Institute MENA Summit in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday, Barrack was asked by CNN’s Becky Anderson about the reputational damage to Saudi Arabia over the Jamal Khashoggi killing. In response, he joked: “As long as you don’t make me a guest at the Ritz.” With regards to the murder of journalist Khashoggi, Barrack said that “whatever happened in Saudi Arabia, the atrocities in America are equal, or worse …” …seems to me patently ridiculous. Sure, it takes only a casual perusal of American history to find crimes and atrocities equal to or worse than the killing of a lone journalist. My readers here are knowledgeable enough that I hardly need to list them. But the luring of, brutal murder and dismemberment of one of our own citizens in one of our flagged Embassies – and sanctioned explicitly (allegedly) by our head of state is not among them. But you see, Barrack further states, MBS is merely misunderstood: “The atrocities in any … country are dictated by the rule of law,” he continued. “So for us to dictate what we think is the moral code there, when we have a young man and regime that is trying to push themselves into 2030, I think is a mistake.” Maybe, Tom, you should look to shoring up your own legal defense team rather than apologizing for MBS. Cause we are coming after you. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………… To receive articles of mine not published elsewhere become a patron on Patreon. Please follow me on Twitter @durrati

Mueller interviewed Trump confidant Tom Barrack

AP is reporting that Mueller has interviewed Tom Barrack, who is a close friend and supporter of Trump: One of the people who spoke to AP said the questioning focused entirely on two officials from Trump’s campaign who have been indicted by Mueller: Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, and Manafort’s onetime deputy, Rick Gates. […]

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