For Trump, It Just Keeps Getting Worse

Do you know what I am?   Ugly all day!   Nicholas Cage   Con Air I love that quote, it’s one of my all time favorites. And it’s topical as well, since the way things are going, when it comes to Donald trump, the answer is Ugly all month. And better yet, it isn’t just Trump, it’s slamming the […]

RNSC Slams Lincoln Project As ‘Group of Bitter Failed Political Consultants’ After New Attack Ad On 4 Senators

The NRSC, National Republican Senatorial Committee, does not like the newest ad put out by the Lincoln Project, regarding four senatorial races which Cook Political Report currently has labeled in the toss-up category. The Hill: “Senators Collins, Gardner, McSally and Tillis have spent too much of their time in office enabling Donald Trump and not enough time fighting for the needs of their constituents,” Jennifer Horn, co-founder of The Lincoln Project, said in a statement. “Their defense of Trump’s unpresidential behavior and unfitness for office has disqualified them from the privilege of serving in the United States Senate,” she added. A spokesperson for the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) slammed the Lincoln Project in response to the video. “It’s sad to see the media treating this pathetic Democrat scam PAC seriously,” NRSC spokesman Nathan Brand said in an email. “Just because a group of bitter, failed political consultants are lining their own pockets by ripping off donors, doesn’t mean they deserve any attention for their lies.” This is an interesting characterization of the Lincoln Project, as “bitter failed political consultants.” The idea being, perhaps, that if they were happy and successful political consultants, they would be all in for Donald Trump? It would also be nice to know what “lies” Brand is speaking of. The text of the latest ad features newspaper clippings and is straight forward. However, as the year progresses, this is unquestionably the level of sniping that we’ll see more of. Here’s the offensive clip, if you haven’t seen it already. it goes without saying that these four senatorial campaigns were reached for comment and have not responded.

Republican senators who dumped stocks ahead of pandemic take withering fire from their own party

A massive new scandal unfolded Thursday when ProPublica reported that Republican Sen. Richard Burr of North Carolina had sold as much as $1.72 million...

4 Republican senators could well be on the chopping block come November

It's not looking good this fall for four Republican senators, namely Susan Collins of Maine, Cory Gardner of Colorado, Martha McSally of Arizona, and...

Trump reverts to form. Hopefully with the historical results.

Let a smile be your umbrella…And your dumb ass is gonna get soaked!   Lawrence Sanders   Timothy’s Game This was never supposed to happen. Talk of impeachment has been ebbing and glowing in the halls of congress since 4 months after The Great Pumpkin took office in 2017. But that was never a concern for Trump, for three reasons. one, he was Trump. ‘Nuff said. Two, Trump’s GOP controlled both the House and the Senate, and they weren’t about to stir up trouble. Three, the Democrats are such pathetic wimps. The GOP has been cuffing them around since Obama took office, they couldn’t put a Blues Clues jigsaw puzzle together, much less impeach him. Fast forward to today. The Democratic led House of Representatives just codified the steps going forward for public hearings on the road to drafting articles of impeachment against His Lowness. Even Mitch McConnell is openly preparing for the eventuality of a trial in the Senate. The House bottle throwers are fine, safe and snug in their gerrymandered districts. But the Senate is a bigger problem, because Senators don’t have the luxury of gerrymandered states. What, oh what is a self respecting despot to do? Well, if you’re Donald Trump, you revert to historical form. You reach deep into your DNA, and you go back to the well that got you where you are in the first place. After all, this isn’t the first time in his sad, pampered, misbegotten life that Trup has been in a bind.How did he scurry out of those tight spots with his orangutan ass unscathed? How else? Throw around copious amounts of money, of course! Need to look like a jet setting, swinging billionaire when you’re not? Spread cash around Studio 54. City inspectors giving you grief? The right amount, in the right envelope, palmed into the right hand, makes the inspector disappear. Need to make a personally embarrassing Trump U fraud case disappear? Throw some money at it! Got a pron star and a Playboy bunny with big mouths putting the screws to you? Funnel a bunch of green to Mikey to make it go away. Trump’s answer to every problem is to throw money at it, when he isn’t busy telling a bankruptcy court that he doesn’t have any money instead. And according to new reporting, that’s how Traitor Tot is prepared to deal with the problem of potentially recalcitrant GOP Senators facing tough elections in 2020 as well. Throw money at them. God knows he’s got enough of it, he’s been fund raising since January 22, 2017, and the suckers are ponying up to empty their pockets. So the plan is, Trump will use the carrot-and-the-stick of GOP donations to vulnerable 2020 Senators to keep them in line. And he just did a dry run to see how it would go. Ass Kisser Lindsey “Trump’s being lynched!” Graham put out a totally useless Senate resolution condemning the Democratic House’s impeachment inquiry process. There were eight Senate GOP holdouts who refused to sign. So, Trump dangled donations to their 2020 reelection campaigns in return for their signatures on the resolution. And why not? After all, look how well that shit worked out with the Ukraine? Trump’s test shakedown concerned four vulnerable GOP Senators, in states where Trump’s job approval is under water. Martha McSally in Arizona, Trump’s favorite Senator, […]

Tillis Continues To Shill For Trump Despite Ukraine Scandal

A bombshell revelation that Trump illegally pressured a foreign government to sway the next election has sent shock waves through Washington. It has been...

Republican bills supposed to be protecting people with pre-existing conditions don’t do that—at all

There's a lot of ass-covering in the latest Republican plan to protect people with pre-existing conditions, but not necessarily a whole lot of actual covering...

With the primaries underway, don’t forget to watch this “summer sport.”

Ah, spring. Life is revitalized, and hope renewed. Winter is in the rear view mirror, and the promise of a long, lazy summer fills the windshield. Cast your mind back two years to the spring of 2017. The hopeful, sparkly dew of anticipation in a brand new administration, the smell of freshly cut corruption, and wafting in the breeze, the antiseptic odor of a looming Mueller wash down. But as spring faded into summer, an unexpected sound was heard. When a new baby comes home, the parents normally look forward to the “patter of little feet.” But, inexplicably, the Trump Crime Family was greeted with the thunderous sound of clomping elephants feet. Starting in the late summer of 2017, the GOP herd started stampeding for the exits, fleeing the onset of an unusually cold and long winter in 2018. The effect was especially chilling in the GOP dominated House, with a near record number of Trump induced “retirements.” The Senate fared considerably better, due simply to the fact that there were so few vulnerable GOP incumbents running in 2018. Well, ere we are, in the spring of 2019, and can late summer be that far off? Unlike 2018, there are 20_ GOP incumbents up for reelection in 2020, and if the 2018 midterms showed us nothing else, it rewrote the meaning of “vulnerable” when applied to Republican incumbents.We have already seen our first defection, Tennessee senior Senator Lamar Alexander is waving goom-bye to the walking cesspool that is the Trump Republican party.And I dare to say that he won’t be the last. Strangely enough, I am not looking to see a large number of forced retirements from the now minority GOP House. Most of the Republican House members with either a conscience, or a sense of shame, fled the 88 car pile up in 2018. What’s left are die hard Trumpistas, who will follow Glorious Bleater anywhere. Likewise, the handful of remaining “sane GOP House members who survived 2018 will likely feel that their constituencies were nuanced enough to separate them from Trump. They’re ignoring another two years of population migration, as well as the increasing stench emanating from Trumpenstein, but we shall see. The Senate is where the action is going to be, and it could be an entertaining show. What GOP incumbents fear most in crossing Trump is the backlash of a primary from the right. But what they’re ignoring is the fact that Trump’s base is not big enough to win a general election. As Trump continues to become more and more unhinged as the pressure on him increases, vulnerable senators are going to be forced into more and more votes in which they have to choose between paying tithe to the graven idol of Trump, or maintaining face with the mainstream voters they are going to require for reelection. The Senate vote on the resolution to block Trumps national emergency was a perfect example. Susan Collins voted to stop Trump, but this is nothing new. Collins has bucked Trump before, but without consequence due to her strong appeal to her voters. But Collins is especially vulnerable this year, the women in her state are highly unlikely to forgive her for her Kavanaugh vote, and any Democratic challenger will make that a centerpiece argument. John Cornyn isn’t exactly […]

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