Twitter Alert. Trump is about to lose his sh*t.

A little over a year ago, someone naming themselves “Anonymous” penned an op-ed to the New York Times, in which he/she related that the Trump administration was in fact every bit as ape shit and unstable on the inside as it appeared on the outside. The author went on to reassure the country at large that all was not lost, because “The Resistance” was on the clock. No, not The Resistance that was busy trying to restore a Democratic majority, but a loose group of senior Trump appointees that were quietly and under the radar doing everything in their power to short circuit Trump’s more dangerous and destructive impulses. You probably recall that missive. And you also probably recall that it set off a near hysterical grand inquisition within the White House, with His Lowness raging against both the author as well as the concept of a group of his own appointees and employees actively working to subvert his authority. In its hysteria, it almost began to appear as a parody of Mel Brooks’ History of the World Part I, with Trump stomping around in a long, hooded red silk robe, brandishing a pair of thumb screws. The search went on for weeks with no result. That was then, and this is now. A year later, and the same person has penned an entire book titled   Warning by Anonymous. It is ready to hit the stands within a couple of weeks, and who else but Rachel Maddow obtained a series of lengthy excerpts from the book. The general tone of the excerpts is decidedly darker than the original op-ed, which tried to offer confidence to the American people that the matter was well in hand, and The Resistance had control. The new book implies that this may no longer be the case, and rues the departures of people like Rex Tillerson, John Kelly, and James Mattis. But it’s the actual content and graphic descriptions of real situations and events in the White House that is going to make Trump, as I put it in the title, lose his shit. The book doesn’t present the President of the United States as childish, it presents him as infantile. A long excerpt goes into the difficulty of briefing the new President, with aides being advised that 50 pages was far too long, make it no more than 10 pages. Then, to make sure that there were plenty of pictures and graphics. Then to make sure there were no more than 3 topics. Then to revert to nothing more than power point slides, since Trump won’t read. Then to limit the number of power points to a bare minimum. Finally, the consensus was reached that the solution was to take in one issue and point, then to hammer that home, regardless of the number of times his feeble mind wandered, until the point got driven home. Trump’s obsession with graphics presented its own problems. Trump would latch on to a graphic he absolutely adored, often without necessarily even comprehending the issue that the graphic represented, and then excitedly show it to visitors for hours or even days, without providing any context as to what it was supposed to be, leaving people wondering what the hell he was yammering on about. During tensions with Iran, somebody came up with […]

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