Mary Trump Says Donald Was ‘Protected At Every Turn From His Incompetence’ While Growing Up

It’s a shame that Mary Trump’s book didn’t exist in 2015, although maybe it wouldn’t have mattered. People who read and who think started getting the true picture on Donald Trump early on. Those with low information, no information, at the same time began to respond to Trump’s visceral triggers and idiotic boasts, and they joined his cult. If America was divided before, it turned into a war zone with the advent of Trump. Mary Trump recently appeared on “The New Abnormal” podcast and here are a few excerpts from what she said about how Trump was raised. Raw Story: “It starts in the house,” she began. “When Donald was finally chosen to be the heir apparent when he was probably still in high school, he was protected at every turn by my grandfather from his incompetence, from his total inability to handle money and he never had to fend for himself and never had to admit when he was wrong.” “And then he was in my grandfather’s company, he was in the Trump Organization that was set up, I think, it was like sort of a sinecure honestly,” she continued. “And it wasn’t just my grandfather, it was all these other entities coming forward — the media, the banks to keep propping him up and protecting him. He’d fail up consistently until the Republican Party started doing the same thing.” “I imagine the White House to be the kind of place where, a person in his position, has every need attended to, every want attended to 24-hours a day and is never told ‘no’,” she stated. “Good presidents — I mean I don’t consider him the president — but Barack Obama or George W. Bush would seek it out sometimes: give me an honest critique of this. Donald would never do this, and if someone did question him, that person would be fired and humiliated.” “So he doesn’t have to do anything,” she told the hosts. “I can’t think of any way to be more institutionalized except to be in a psych ward.” You recall when Howard Hughes was in crack up mode in his penthouse at the end. He had the windows blacked out and he was a germophobe. He wouldn’t touch anything without “insulation.” If somebody handed him a newspaper, he would pick it up with a kleenex. Hughes’ money was his insulation, first and foremost, and it allowed him to get as neurotic as he got. He suffered from obsessive-compulsive disorder and it worsened as time went by. But his foibles were ignored, because he paid people to ignore them. The same thing is true with Donald Trump. His money and his coddled upbringing rendered him totally ineffectual. That’s why he can’t even close an umbrella. Money insulated him from reality. Now we need to insulate ourselves from him.    

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