The Final Straw

No, man, the dude will not abide   The Dude   The Big Lebowski This shit is personal. My father was a veteran. He served in the United States Army, in the signal corps, believe it or not in the White House Signals Office, he traveled all over the world with President Eisenhower. He was my hero. He […]

Soldiers Of Fortune

Vive l’amour, vive la guerre, vive le sacre mercenaire   Frederick Forsyth   The Dogs Of War I think we need to coin a new word. Tell me, what comes after the word ridiculous? Because in the current moment we’ve vaulted beyond the word ridiculous, and just tossing the word “fucking” in front of it doesn’t seem to do the gravity of the issue justice. Any suggestions? I just can’t seem to wrap my mind around this. The Secretary of Defense came right out, in public, and said that the United States won’t be pulling all of our troops out of Syria. We’re actually going to be leaving a small residual force behind to “protect the oil.” OK, this is just so fundamentally wrong. Since when does the United States end a conflict with pillage and plunder. The last time I checked, the operative phrase was “To the victors go the spoils,” but I didn’t hear the Defense Secretary declare any kind of victory in Syria. The mere act of eschewing humanitarian assistance, and abandoning a brave and faithful fighting ally, while leaving a residual force behind to “protect the oil” means nothing more or less than the fact that the United States sent in a mercenary army for national gain. The only things that this does is to cheapen the image of the United States, as well as desecrate the honor of those who fell there. Sadly, this outcome doesn’t amaze me, simply because it is so purely Trumpian. This has been the benchmark for His Lowness all along. All the way back in the the 2016 campaign, Trump criticized Obama’s withdrawal of our forces from Iraq because we “didn’t keep the oil!”  The fact that our original entry into Iraq was based on a cobbled up mosaic of bullshit was fine in Trump’s mind, as long as we turned a dollar on the outcome. If Trump ever decides to suddenly pull all of our troops out of Afghanistan, I’ll be flabbergasted if he doesn’t announce that we’re leaving a small residual force behind to “protect the pine cones.” After all, Christmas is coming. Now, this whole thing is disgusting enough, but what’s even worse is the way that this announced policy came into being. Apparently, Trump’s military advisers were fighting hi tooth and nail over pulling all of the troops out of Syria, and completely ceding the territory to Turkey and Russia, but Trump was adamant. One of the advisers, remembering Trump’s invariably transactional nature, proposed leaving a covering force in Syria to “protect the oil,” and Trump bit like a trout on a fly lure. Are you tracking this? The military leaders of the United States were literally reduced into conning the most powerful man in the free world out of making a militarily disastrous decision, sacrificing the dignity and respect of the United States in the process! A Panelist on MSNBC this morning summed it up perfectly when he said, “This is akin to giving a baby their medicine mixed in with yogurt, or applesauce.” This is what we’ve been reduced to. Which begs the truly terrifying question. What happens if or when Trump’s military advisers are confronted with a situation in which there is no suitable decoy vehicle with which to get the medicine to the fucking Toddler in Chief?!? What happens if we encounter a […]

“Sanity” Prevails? Why Am I Not Reassured?

Jeez, it’s getting so that you don’t dare to sleep anymore. Every time you close your eyes, that damn little ditty from Wes Craven starts going through your head, One, two, Donnie’s coming for you! Three, four, better lock your door. On the other hand, you need a good nights sleep if you’re going to have to wake up to […]

We Have Two Governments

According to Jake Johnson's fine article on this site,the Pentagon currently withholds from Trump many of the military options for North Korea out...

Trump and war. A warning.

I happen to be a "gentleman of a certain age." I love that phrase, it's a politically polite way of saying, "He's an old fart." But one of the perks...

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