OK Mainstream Media, Time To Pay The Piper

Starting on January 21st, 2021, Jen Psaki is going to have to bring her A+ game to work every day. And so is her new boss, Kate Bedingfield. They are the new Dynamic Duo of the Biden administration for the dissemination of information from the White House to the media. Psaki is the new White […]

The Blame Game 2.0

All I can do is to shake my head, you might not believe that it’s true   Jim Croce  Working at the car wash blues I’m going to replay this in slow motion, because it actually happened pretty quickly, and I want you to be able to see the almost acrobatic grace that went into this particular play. A couple of days ago, following a complete and utter absence of anything even vaguely resembling federal leadership since New Years Day, the governors of California, Oregon, and Washington state announced that they were collaborating on ways to simultaneously start the process of normalizing life in their states again once conditions allowed. The same day, the governor of New York announced that he, along with the governors of New Jersey and Connecticut were also scheming towards a combined return to normalcy. That number quickly drew to most of the Eastern seaboard. Trump’s response was predictable. His Lowness spent an hour steaming like a clam, while Bloomingdale’s Barbie whined in the background about wanting to help reopen the economy, and then trundled out behind the podium to announce that it was he and he alone, and not any stupid governors, who would decide when and how to reopen the economy..This was his imperial right cuz, the presidency and stuff. So far, so good, but watch closely, because here’s where the sleight of hand comes in. This provokes the governors to holler states rights, and since Trump didn’t helo to shut it all down, or take any of the shit for it, he sure as hell wasn’t going to take the credit for reopening anything. To which Trump grumpily replied, Fine, fuck it. He’ll proudly proclaim the country open for business again, and coordinate with the governors, but it’s really their show. Did you catch the palming of the ace-of-spades there? Trump threatens Trump threatens to reopen the government on his own terms, which causes the governors to tell him to fuck off. Trump insists he’s going to reopen the economy on his own terms, but leaves the implementation up to the individual governors. Viola! Welcome to The Blame Game, Trump version. If there has been one constant to Trump’s behavior during this crisis, iy has been to run like a scared 6 year old from anything having even the vaguest whiff of blame or responsibility attached to it. Trump is under the gun over the collapsing economy, and his falling approval numbers, he autocratically announces he’s reopening the country and economy on May 1st, which leaves his ass swinging in the breeze if things go tits up..When the governors balk, he restates his position, and then lays the implementation on the governors. Mission accomplished. Trump now has his scapegoats. Trump can parade around like some conquering pocket Caesar, announcing the reopening of the country to a tired and frazzled population, and when the whole thing turns into a cluster fuck, he lays the blame at the feet of the governors, most of them Democratic, for mucking up his beautiful plan. In fact, Trump now has himself not one, but three different scapegoats lined up like the spring lambs for slaughter. The Governors – The governors of this country, most notably Democratic governors, have been a pain in Trump’s ass since this whole thing started. They have held him responsible for their shortages, […]

Well, well. Look Who’s Inciting Civil Unrest

Honestly, none of us should be amazed by the news. As a species we don’t take direction very well, and as a society, we pretty much do as we damn well please. And after more than a month in many cases of pretty much solitary confinement, it shouldn’t be all that surprising that a few sore heads are acting out their displeasure in public. But sadly this may just be the tip of the iceberg. If you haven’t already done so, you should consider it your civic duty to suffer through 10 minutes per hour of FUX News during the prime time viewing window. Moronic slobs like Fucker Carlson, Sean Manatee, and Laura Ingraham are scouring the gutters and sewers for a very particular kind of guest. They are looking for the kind of inbred morons who are willing to go on national television and claim that the stay-at-home orders are literally destroying the American way of life! They stare earnestly into the camera that there is no empirical proof that social distancing has slowed the spread of the virus, maliciously laying a charge knowing gull well that it’s impossible to disprove a negative. One muddle headed toad actually passionately proclaimed that If it comes down to a choice between the life of the nation, and the life of its citizens, the latter must always take precedence, but only up to a certain point! This is a vicious, self repeating game of table tennis between congenital idiots. His Lowness stands there every day behind the podium and serves this nonsensical tripe over the net, only to have the ghoulish propaganda trolls at FUX News serve it right back to him 3 hours a night. Both Trump and the ghouls at Cluster Fux are playing on the fears and insecurities of the gullible. Right now, the protests in Kentucky, Michigan, and Ohio are small and pretty much self contained. But as the sequestration continues, and it will, more anger, fear, and frustration will build. And a combination of news coverage of the small local protests, fueled by a constant indoctrination of bullshit from FUX, will only serve to drive more of the gullible into the streets. And at some point, Mayors and Governors are going to take steps to ensure public safety. And that’s when it will get messy, which is exactly what FUX is drooling over the prospect of covering live. There is no longer any salient argument about the legitimacy of FUX News as a legitimate news organization. It has all of the legitimacy of Vladimir Putin, and the moral integrity of a street corner 3 card monte dealer. Throughout this crisis, FUX has enabled a public health crisis by constantly underplaying the severity of the crisis. And now, left unchecked, FUX will be happy to fuel a public safety crisis by inciting opposition to the very restrictions that are keeping people safe. Gee, I wonder if Trump and FUX will blame the Governors? To know the future, look to the past.before the insanity of the 2020 election, relive the insanity of the 2016 GOP primary campaign, and the general election, to see how we got to where we are. Copies of President Evil, and the sequel, President Evil II, A Clodwork Orange are available as e-books on Amazon, at the links above. Catch […]

Little Things Mean A Lot. Especially Little Words

Don’t believe what you’re reading or seeing   Donald Trump You know, for a guy who is an alleged self made billionaire with more money than God, and more women than the annual porn convention here in Vegas, Donald John Trump, Pestquire sure spends a lot of time pining and moaning, doesn’t he? For instance, there’s his whiny petulance about never being Time magazines Man of the Year, a sad state of affairs that he kind of mitigated by having phony Time covers with him gracing the cover made. To my practiced eye, they look like they came from the stall on the second level arcade at the Excalibur here in Vegas. And then there’s his non stop huffing and puffing, and bleating like a sheep about the rampant injustice of never having won an Emmy for The Apprentice. Personally, I think that that’s the one that really frosts his apricots, since the Emmys have become so all inclusive that they now have a Best Actor In An Erectile Dysfunction Ad category. How pathetic to be the only entertainer on earth without one of those glitzy door stoppers? But you have to understand one thing, His Lowness’ constant prattle of denial and abject grievance is an important hold on his base. Because, as I wrote a day or so ago, that’s exactly how they talk themselves. They love Trumpelthinskin because he looks at the world exactly the same way that he does, always ready to push the blame off on somebody else rather than look in a mirror. But knowing that this shared madness kind of language unites Trump and his base, the media needs to be extra careful in the way that they describe the antics of Donnie Depends and his merry band of freebooters. Because a loose turn of a phrase can easily translate into exactly what Trump is trying to tell his followers in the first place. Former Watergate prosecutor Jill Wine Banks made the issue perfectly clear for the media today in her appearance on The Beat with Ari Melber. They were talking about Rudy Ghouliani’s most recent “confession” in regards to his shenanigans in the Ukraine when Jill made her point. She said that she has stopped using the common media descriptive phrase that Ghouliani was over in the Ukraine to dig up dirt on the Biden’s, and asked the rest of the media to refrain from doing so as well. The reason being that the common deduction upon hearing the phrase digging up dirt on someone is that there is dirt to be found! And that is most certainly not the case, the Biden’s have both been investigated by not only the Ukrainians, but the US government as well, and found to be clean. What Nosferatu is doing is nothing but chase down already thoroughly debunked conspiracy theories, but the use of that digging up dirt idiom by the media can make it appear to the bargain basement IQ Trump followers that there is actually something there. And they can even claim MSNBC or CNN as their source. This just goes to point out the broader problematic issue that the media has with Trump. Although in the past the media may have called out a President for an occasional mistruth, or obfuscation, seldom has the media had to spend almost every day flat out calling the […]

Is FOX News Having “Growing Pains?”

God, I love it when they eat their young! I don’t know whether it’s because FUX News is beginning to try to pivot away from what they see as the inevitable end of the era of Trump, or whether they’re just sick and tired of being ridiculed as The Trump Ministry Of Propaganda, but slowly and surely things are changing at FOX. A part of it seems to be because some sitting Democrats are more willing to go into the belly of the beast, agreeing to appear on FUX news broadcasts and panel shows, trying to put in holes into the bubble. Congressman Eric Swalwell is s semi regular guest, and former DNC Chair Donna Brazile regularly appears on panels.Possibly because they were stung by being refused to host a Democratic primary debate, FOX has hosted multiple Democratic candidate town halls, with respectful audiences and fair questions. Obviously there is a risk in this for FX, since they are purposely introducing a virus into the bubble, with no way of knowing what the ultimate effect will be. But it turns out that there is an even greater risk, and that’s the risk of ot knowing exactly what a guest will say once the little red light goes on over the cameras. A case in point is Democratic National Vice Chair Michael Blake. Blake was invited on with morning host Bill Hemmer, who brought him on to discuss the state of the Democratic primary race, and especially to discuss persistent rumors that eventually former First Lady Michelle Obama would join the fray, and become the eventual nominee. According to reporting in The Daily Beast, Hammer asked his question, and was treated to an earful, but not about Michelle Obama; “She is not running,” he asserted. “But the core question is why the hell does Tucker Carlson still have a job here in the first place? The reality is this is someone who said white supremacy is a hoax and why does Fox allow him to still be here in the first place?” Blake was steaming largely due to the fact that three days after an avowed white supremacist entered the Walmart in El Paso and slaughtered dozens of people, purposely chosen because of their Hispanic heritage, Carlson went on the air to opine that this whole white supremacy thing was “a hoax.” Hemmer tried to soldier on through, repeating his original question, and pressing Blake for an answer. “Ain’t gonna happen,” Blake responded, before immediately pivoting back to aver that the core issue was why Carlson still had a job with the network. At which point Hemmer snapped out,” We get it!”, and reminded Bake that they hadn’t brought him on air to slam Carlson, but rather to discuss the Democratic race. Bake pivoted to discuss the race, but the point was already made. The funny thing is, Blake slapping at Carlson was a particularly fertile field to plow. Mainly because long time FOX host Shep Smith had been in a bitter and protracted on air pissing contest with Carlson that went all the way up to the day of Smith’s sudden departure from FOX. You know, it’s one thing to make a big show out of turning up a new leaf. But as FUX News is quickly learning, a big part of […]

An Unintentional And Unlikely Ally?

On Friday, I started something new that I’m planning on continuing to do throughout this upcoming week. While watching the impeachment hearing on MSNBC, when Chairman Schiff called for a break, I immediately switched over to FUX News. I did this for two reasons. First, I already knew what MSNBC was going to tell me, namely what a dick Trump is, and how devastating the testimony from Ambassador Yovanvitch was. I wanted to see how FUX was going to spin the testimony. Second, I wanted to see how they thought on their feet, since there was no warning that the break was coming, and they had to start talking right away. FOX led off with a full commercial break, which allowed them to gather their thoughts. The FOX coverage team was their A-Team, reporters like Chris Wallace, Brett Bair, and Dana Perino, and not schlock hacks like Tucker Carlson or Jeanine Pirro. And the mood was somber. Chris Wallace intoned that Yovanovitch was a powerful witness, you “couldn’t watch her and not feel sympathy and empathy if you had a pulse.” Bair basically called Trump out for a moron, noting that his brain dead tweet forced the GOP panel members to spend the entire second half of the hearing extolling the virtues of Yovanovitch, in an attempt to disprove bias. And Perino remarked that for an incumbent who could lose his presidency due to white suburban “soccer moms” fleeing the GOP the way the citizens of Pompeii fled Vesuvius, his tweet wasn’t very smart. As I watched the FOX News cast, I realized that as much as any, and perhaps more than most, FOX is truly caught between a rock and a hard place here. It’s hard to pull the kind of lame bullshit that human septic tanks like Hannity, Ingraham, and Carlson do every night, creating alternative universe when the audience has just finished watching reality. And that’s when I realized that by being required to carry these hearings live, and uninterrupted, FUX may actually end up being an unwilling ally to the impeachment effort. For one thing, people are tuning in to watch these hearings. People who have a news station on in the background at work are not going to just turn off the TV, they’ll leave it on in the background. Even FOX viewers are watching the same feed as anybody else is all hearing long. People are going to spend the day watching the hearing on television, and then go home and catch the perspective of mental defectives like Carlson, Hannity and Ingraham. And there is going to be a reality check. It’s one thing when you can parse a single statement in a hearing that you didn’t broadcast, just to bolster your point. But it’s another thing altogether to do it when people can match it up with the reality of the context of the entire statement earlier in the day. Don’t get me wrong. The True Trombies that Watch these creatures aren’t going to notice or care, but there are people out there who watch these talking assholes who just like them, and they may not take kindly to being conned. The second reason is even more dangerous, because FOX may in fact be sticking a pin into their own bubble. As I just […]

Do yourself a favor, ignore the “History Upset” pundits out there. *Corrected*

‘     *Correction* In the original release, the name of Al Gore was accidentally typed in as trailing Joe Lieberman and Howard Dean. The actual candidate was John Kerry, not Al Gore. What can I say, it was a long day. Many thanks to Joseph for pointing out the error in the comments!* All of you are already aware of my bottomless well of disgust for the blabbering skulls in the media out there, like Karine Jean Pierre on MSNBC, who ceaselessly whine about the terrible way that the “inaccurate polls” duped, misled, and ultimately disappointed us in 2016. Sour grapes notwithstanding, the fact is that the possl were spot on,Hillary won by the predicted 2.5%.National polls don’t search for 77,000 dunderheads in three states. But Karine may be about to get a wholly unwarranted rest from me complaining, since there is a brand new breed of empty headed whinerbags out there who have earned my ire. New polling seems to be showing that there is starting to be some consolidation in the Democratic primaries, with Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren pulling well out front, Bernie Sanders lagging, but at least still in the same lap, and the rest of the field pootling along on mopeds while the Indy cars zoom by. Political pundits, especially on MSNBC are a very strange breed of mammal. For the last 7 months, they have pissed and moaned ceaselessly about the ridiculous size of the Democratic field, and how the party will never be able to come together. And now that the party seems to be coalescing around two main candidates, they’re desperate not to throw out any of the also rans that they’ve been disparaging for the last 7 months. Sweet Jeebus, which is it already?!? Their stated reason for clinging to these castaways as desperately as someone watching their personal favorite being booted off of Survivor Island is that it’s too early yet! After all, Barack Obama was shot out of a cannon after winning Iowa in 2008, and John Kerry was eating Lieberman and Dean’s dust in 2004. All of that is historical fact, but the real fact is that those phenomena took place in a far different time, and under far different circumstances. And that world has been obliterated like Alderaan under the Death Star. There are two reasons why the old history of stunning upsets has no place in the modern political era. The first reason is the denigration of politics itself., and the negative impact of social media. In years prior to 2016, such as 2004 and 2008, not only were the fields smaller, but the candidates themselves were at least marginally qualified for the office. People were less likely to lock in irrevocably to a single candidate early, and an upset victory in a single primary could unleash a tiger. Social media also destroyed the system by making it absurdly easy for totally unqualified candidates to raise money to qualify and compete. Most people have forgotten this, but back in 2016 a high school kid with some spare scratch and a love for filling out forms actually ran for President in the GOP primaries listed on the ballot as “Deez Nuts.” In a twist only the GOP could achieve, he actually outpolled a couple of known bottom feeders in […]

For the media, it’s “The land of confusion.”

There’s too many men, too many people, making too many problems. And not much love to go round. Tell me why this is the land of confusion   Genesis, Land of confusion One of the small perks of tuning into FOX News once in a while, other than seeing if Jason Chaffetz’ and Tucker Carlson’s arrest warrants have come through yet, is watching the hosts tiny little Murdoch soaked minds struggle with the simplest of lucid thoughts, until their heads explode like a mosquito whose stinger gets stuck in your arm. I hope this may just be a one-off outlier, but I fear that the mainstream media, led in this case by MSNBC, may be about to struggle themselves with the simplest of concepts. Chris Jansing led off a segment today by saying, “Joe Biden is leading the Democratic primary field, and by a lot, but are the polls masking a lack of enthusiasm among his voters?” Followed by a GOP strategist who said, “I’ve spent days in Iowa, talking almost exclusively to Biden supporters, and not a single one of them was what you could call enthusiastic about voting for him.” OK, now I’m the one whose struggling,  my little head spinning. What is so damn difficult about the above situation? For almost all of my adult life, the #1 political axiom has been Democrats fall in love, Republicans fall in line. Yes, Democrats want liberal ideas and programs, but they want George Clooney to have them, not Steve Buscemi. Meanwhile, the current GOP President looks like the rough artist’s sketch for Hellboy, and Evangelicals are as happy as pigs in slop. What is it about this simple political reality that the mainstream is struggling so mightily with? When the GOP will accept pretty much anybody whose conviction isn’t under appeal to appoint conservative judges, when the Democrats do it, it’s like satellite photos suddenly confirmed the fact that the world is flat! It’s not like they haven’t had sufficient warning that this was coming. Almost from the opening polls, Democratic primary voters have shown a strong majority in that their #1 requirement in a presidential candidate was one who could expedite Trump’s new career in modeling orange jumpsuits. They are even willing to vote for a Democratic candidate with whom they have serious differences on core issues, as long as they send The Mango Messiah packing. So why are they so stunned when a Biden supporter says, “Is Biden my dream choice? Pffft! Not likely. But I know what I’m getting with Joe, and at least he doesn’t want to put up condos in Tora fucking Bora!” My advice to Chris, and the rest of the nattering nabobs in the mainstream media? Get used to it. Back in 2017 Indivisible used the Tea Party playbook to put town hall pressure on GOP legislators to save healthcare, among other things.That worked so well that in 2018, we used it again to flip 40 seats in the House. Why is it so inconceivable that we would do a Bill Belichick and steal another page from the GOP walk through, and actually start to give a shit about electing the candidate we want to do stuff for us. It’s a brave new world out there!

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