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Trump’s Fourth Down Hail Mary, The Economy, Will Likely Fall Incomplete.

Ah, the good old days. It seems forever, but was in reality only six short months ago that El Pendejo Presidente had the world by the old short-n-curlies. Unemployment was low, the world was at peace, and the stock market was setting record highs. And having absolutely no legislative accomplishments to run on, Trump counted on riding the economy to reelection. But then the damn coronavirus showed up and fucked everything six ways to Sunday. The coronavirus screwed Trump on two separate , fundamental levels. First, by forcing state after state to effectively shut down, it led to a total collapse of the Wall Street economic system. This Trump couldn’t tolerate, since he had long ago conned the sheeple into conflating the Wall Street economy with the Main Street economy.But word was yet to come. For while the stock market rebounded fairly quickly, the real economy was in the shitter. More than 40 million unemployed, Trump is the first President in living memory with a net negative job growth, and the pandemic largely unchecked, due to his diktat that GOP states reopen for business. Trump himself highlighted the insane distance between the Wall Street economy he was pimping, and the Main Street economy that everybody lives in. Bur since it’s all he’s got, Trump is sticking with it. His Treasury Suckretary, Steve Munchkin, went on TV to brag how the “blue chips” were up 17% so far in the third quarter. And Trump, in an interview on FOX, hinted that he would have a large surge in popularity, due to the fact that the 3rd quarter numbers would come out only a few weeks before the election, and they would be blockbuster numbers, showing the strength of the recovery he had engineered. There’s only one problem, it’s all bullshit, smoke and mirrors. First, as the pandemic rages through the Sun Belt states that Trump forced to reopen, more and more shops that reopened in response to the GOP Governor’s are closing every day, this time for good. That will put hundreds of thousands more right back onto the unemployment trolls, with no hope of returning to work at the same job. And second. California Governor Gavin Newsome just placed the state back onto a modified lockdown to control the virus. If California were a country, the republic of California would be something like the 7th largest economy in the world. If non essential businesses in California are forced to shutter again, that will have a chilling effect on the stock market. And here’s one more reason why Trump’s economic gambit will fail. The 3rd quarter that Trump is talking about is comprised of July, August, and September, which means that the numbers will be released late in the first week of October. With the increased use of early voting, as well as mail in voting during the pandemic, I’m guessing that somewhere between 40-50% of the vote will be cast before the numbers are released. If the numbers come up rosy, there is no way for those early voters to reach in and change their votes. And if as I expect, those numbers come up craps, then the late early voters and election day voters will be left with only Trump’s ultimate failure as their last consideration. Live by the sword, motherfucker, and you die by the […]

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