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The Evidence Is Clear. The Verdict Is Obvious. The Time Is Now.

*Correction* In the article below, I reference the Founding Fathers as having built the 8 year term limit or Presidents into the constitution. It was pointed out to me in a comment that the term limit was not begun as a constitutional amendment until 1947. Since it would be almost impossible to rewrite the first three paragraphs, I’m leaving them as is, but acknowledging the error up front, so readers are aware. My apologies for my error. You know, if I could climb into a time machine, and go back to colonial days, the first thing I would do would be to collect the Founding Fathers all together in one place, and buy them all a Sam Adams while I regaled for hours about their brilliance in the way that they set up the government that has made us the envy of the world for 243 years. And then I’d ask them one simple question. If there was one thing that worried the Founding Fathers more than any other, it was that no matter what kind of a system of government they set up, we’d once again find ourselves struggling under the yoke of an imperial ruler. And so, when it came to the President, like the replicants in Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner, they built a fail safe into the system, an eight year life span. The perfect solution to the perfect pain in the ass, pull the plug after eight years. My question to the Founding Fathers would be, Why, if you were so worried about having us live under an imperial ruler after our life and death struggle, and take steps to ensure that we couldn’t end up with just another king by another name, did you not take the logical next step, and spare us from living under the yoke of a permanent class of temporal princes? Sweet Jesus, you lived in a time when monarchies were the coin of the realm as far as governance was concerned. Well did you know that in many cases, it was the close advisers and high level functionaries of government that actually held sway, and set up self serving policies that they then foisted off on a persuadable monarch. How could you not take the steps to eliminate that possibility, by placing limits on the service of our legislators as well? Look, Tom Steyer is not my first choice for the Democratic nomination for President, hell, he isn’t even my 11th. But Tom Steyer is 100% correct about one thing, the time is long past this country having term limits for all serving federal elected officials, and if the only way to do that is through a constitutional amendment, then so be it, and get cracking on it! Public service was never meant to be a lifetime gig. As anybody who has ever volunteered for a worthy cause for an extended period of time well knows, putting the needs of others over your own is hard work, especially when the compensation doesn’t match the frustration and stress level. And elected officials are not lavishly paid. Public service was set up for civic minded people to get in, make a positive difference, and then go back to their lives. But instead, it has morphed into a lifelong ride on the gravy train of power, influence, and wealth. The current […]

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