Team Trump’s Desperate Ploy To Make Biden Look Confused About George W. Bush Thoroughly Debunked As NBC’s Screw Up

If you were a political science student of the future and you had to select one, just one, deceptive ploy on the part of Donald Trump and the people desperately trying to reelect him to represent how stupid and evil this campaign is, Joe Biden’s “George” comment would be it. Joe Biden was being interviewed […]

Trump Campaign Accused of Wire Fraud in Fundraising Scam by Don Jr.

The Trump family apparently can’t go for very long at all without doing something illegal. It must be in their DNA. Here’s what got the wire fraud ball rolling. More threatening fundraising texts from Don Jr. pic.twitter.com/LNLnU6ZA3k — Jennifer Palmieri (@jmpalmieri) June 19, 2020 Former White House Counsel Norm Eisen made this analysis. This is 18 USC 1343 wire fraud by Trump campaign No way the other 99 really replied, so all elements are met 1)scheme to defraud 2)with intent to defraud & 3) foreseeable & actual use of interstate wire comms. Barr won't investigate, but states can under analogous state crimes https://t.co/q9FUap2PIJ — Norm Eisen (@NormEisen) June 19, 2020 Then George Conway threw in his two cents. You’re totally right, Norm. Fraud involving money isn’t protected by the First Amendment, even when it’s practiced during a political campaign. — George Conway (@gtconway3d) June 19, 2020 Also seems to be unsolicited & therefore a TCPA violation, no?That would carry a $500 fine per instance……which could get really expensive for the campaign really quickly… I mean – if, hypothetically, everyone who got it filed an FCC complaint.https://t.co/qKAp0uYZsF — And ⇤ 6ft ⇥ rew (@andrew_ross) June 19, 2020 This has been going on since at least the middle of last month.https://t.co/3iJcucTCtP https://t.co/yfJQftHCNg — Trump Fundraising Emails (@TrumpEmail) June 19, 2020 Odd; @JamesFallows and I both received exactly the same communication by mail. So now there's mail fraud as well as wire fraud. — Eric Redman (@ricredman) June 19, 2020 I really need your help dad is a Pennsylvania Avenue ponce currently being held in a bunker. For this reason he cannot cash his check, what dad needs from you is your bank account information once dad takes what’s his you will receive the most beautiful of choc cake — mark???? (@themfi) June 19, 2020 And don’t forget, there will Dad’s lawyer fees after he’s out of office and all the legal furies descend on him at once. So with that in mind, be extra generous.

Brad Parscale Proposes Laura Ingraham Debate Rachel Maddow in a ‘Cable News Battle Royal’

Team Trump is asking Joe Biden for four debates as opposed to the traditional three. This is a move usually reserved by the underdog challenger in a campaign, done for the purpose of having the extra time to talk policy but most of all for increased opportunity to land that whammo, knock out punch, on the incumbent. That the incumbent is the party asking for the extra debate time is yet another first in a never ending whirl of Trump firsts. And then there’s this. If @JoeBiden is too scared to agree to more debates then how about a cable news battle royal: Rachel Maddow @maddow Don Lemon @donlemonJoe Scarborough @JoeNBC Vs Laura Ingraham @IngrahamAngleSean Hannity @seanhannityTucker Carlson @TuckerCarlson ???????????? — Brad Parscale (@parscale) June 18, 2020 It would be a slaughter. Maddow is a Rhodes scholar, Joe is a Fellow at the Kennedy School of Politics at Harvard and Lemon is a Murrow award winning journalist. *For you MAGAs, this means they have "lots of book learning" and made it past 12th grade. — Carlos Rosado (@crosado1968) June 18, 2020 And just so you know…book smart does not beat street smart…I mean really — Becky Bruns (@18brunsr) June 18, 2020 What make you think the Red team has street smarts? They've all become multi-millionaires living in swanky neighborhoods from the money they've earned with their acts. Street smarts, what a laugh. — bobd (@anuska299) June 19, 2020 I wouldn’t even believe that Parscale would be crazy enough to suggest this, but his tweet does have the blue check mark, so I guess it’s just another post-parody day in Trump world. We’ll see where this one goes. And I have little doubt that Joe Biden would happily accommodate Trump for a fourth, or even a fifth or sixth debate. If Trump had any sense, he’d be begging for only one debate or better yet, none, because Biden is going to slaughter him. The facts are all on Biden’s side and Trump has nothing to say. By all means, let the extra debate(s) take place. Trump’s the TV president, let him bury himself on TV. Live.

Trump Desperate To Reopen Country by May 1, w/Campaign Playbook Shredded, GOPers Twitchy

The textbook example of “dilemma” is when “the people must decide between feeding themselves or their cattle.” Since March 18, Trump world has been skewered on the hons of a dilemma and  the two unpleasant choices are 1) Do we reopen the country ASAP so Trump can claim he’s fixed the coronavirus and now will perform an equal miracle on the economy? or 2) Do we keep the country in lockdown, so as to avoid corpses stacking up sky high between now and November 3, which can’t be a good look, and tank the economy even further? Washington Post: The president, said one senior administration official with direct knowledge of the conversations, asks regularly: “When can we reopen?” Health experts say that ending the shutdown prematurely would be disastrous because the restrictions have barely had time to work, and because U.S. leaders have not built up the capacity for alternatives to stay-at-home orders — such as the mass testing, large-scale contact tracing and targeted quarantines that have been used in other countries to suppress the virus. Even one of the most optimistic models, which has been used by the White House and governors, predicts a death toll of 60,400, but only if current drastic restrictions are kept in place until the end of May. Well, Donald Trump is going to be climbing out the windows and onto the ledge by the end of May, because here’s the simple picture he has to work with: Even three short weeks ago, Trump was all set to campaign on the “world’s greatest economy” and “lowest unemployment figures in history.” The economy wasn’t one plank, it was his entire platform. Now his campaign has to pivot from a message of financial market records and and the “best employment” numbers in 50 years to unemployment levels unseen since the Great Depression, and comparisons to Herbert Hoover. That’s quite a 180, and the Trump campaign is not prepared for it. They thought that at this stage in the game Trump would be going to rallies non stop and telling everybody what a crook Joe Biden is. Not even close. The Team Trump playbook is in the shredder and they’ve got to come up with something — and fast. That is why, out of sheer desperation, the GOP, especially senators coming up for reelection in November, have adopted Mitch McConnell’s Emergency Pandemic Playbook, which is to trumpet vociferously, when anybody rightfully inquires about what a botched job this mis-administration is doing, that “this isn’t a time for politics.” McConnell is the world’s leading expert at sweeping dirt under the rug, and right now he’s doing it with a steam shovel. Amanda Carpenter, The Bulwark: …politics matter now, more than ever. And decrying the existence of politics is, itself, a political gambit. Republicans ought to know this, because the strategy was honed by Senate Majority Leader McConnell. McConnell, who is up for reelection this year, led the effort when he called on his Democratic opponent, Amy McGrath, to stop running political ads because of the coronavirus. In mid-March McConnell’s campaign manager said, “As Kentuckians adjust their daily lives and schedules to help stem the outbreak, the last thing they need to see on TV is negative political advertising. The McGrath campaign must stop airing all of their advertisements.” McGrath refused, which was sensible, since McConnell has been a silent accomplice […]

Trump Campaign Sues New York Times for Libel

When something especially stupid happens in Trumpworld, you know it’s the action of desperation, taken for the purpose of deflection. That is probably the case with this news story of the Trump campaign filing suit against the New York Times. Today, Team Trump filed a libel lawsuit against the New York Times over a story falsely reporting as fact a conspiracy with Russia. Statement from @JennaEllisEsq, Senior Legal Adviser to Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. below. pic.twitter.com/qqjgSjtsGt — Team Trump (Text TRUMP to 88022) (@TeamTrump) February 26, 2020 All I know is that I can’t wait to see the discovery portion of this lawsuit. That is going to be the hoot of hoots. Let’s start with getting all of Mueller’s witness interviews unsealed, shall we? And let’s subpoena Trump to testify, I’ve always been on board for that one. And howz about we hear from Julian Assange and Roger Stone, too, while we’re at it? I’m not sure they should have taken this train out of the station, but since they did, alllll aboard! Let’s see Team Trump prove up reckless disregard for the truth on the part of the Grey Lady. The editorials on this will be pouring out of the printers soon and I for one can’t wait.  

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