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LOL: Matty Yglesias Asks The Hard Question, Twitter Responds.

https://twitter.com/mattyglesias/status/1140304282501242882 https://twitter.com/JimAdamsGeo/status/1140306111700131840 https://twitter.com/OsitaNwanevu/status/1140305087434317824 https://twitter.com/PeterBrannen1/status/1140306878649397249 https://twitter.com/warren__terra/status/1140304947440836608 https://twitter.com/JonEHecht/status/1140304703076495361 https://twitter.com/dj_ir0ngruve/status/1140304555319746560 https://twitter.com/bdclarke/status/1140305912189472768 https://twitter.com/ChrisALadd/status/1140304828415074304 https://twitter.com/08mms/status/1140304523619176448 https://twitter.com/paslow_cb/status/1140313850597670913 https://twitter.com/durrati/status/1140314524236603398

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