Federal subpoenas in Giuliani probe suggest wide-ranging investigation into his business dealings

Federal subpoenas seeking information on the consulting business of Rudy Giuliani, the personal lawyer of Donald Trump, suggest prosecutors have launched a broad investigation...

DOJ: Trump is ‘too busy’ for congressional subpoenas

Too busy? Yesterday he told a longwinded story about stacks of bald eagles dying underneath windmills. He also tweeted 14 times. By definition, he’s not...

The lid is off of the can

I used to have a favorite pet phrase when I was raising my kids. They’d do something goofy,and I’d tell friends, “You buy ‘em shoes, you dress ‘em up nice, you give ‘em breakfast, you send ‘em out the door, and wadda they do? They eat the covers off of the frigging books! What can you say?” I think that right about now, Donald Trump would get that little axiom better than just about anyone else. He’s given his kids every advantage fair and unfair, that a plotting despot wanna be can devise. Trump almost didn’t hire John Bolton because he absolutely hated his mustache, but he lets Diaper Donnie Redux wander out in public with a beard that, every cop looks at him and says to himself, “Probable cause is his middle name.” And after all of that, the little ingrate bastard turns around and shivs the old man in the back. So, daddy’s widdle man is going to testify again in front of the Senate Judiciary committee again, huh? Ain’t that a pisser? Hair Furor is frantically sending signals out from the bunker to hold the line, fall where you stand, “take one for the team,” flip double barrel birds to every congressional document request and subpoena, and his own idiot offspring throws him under the bus. Now granted, Pater’s mini-me was in a sticky position. When your story to congress basically mirrors Michael Cohen’s, and then Cohen actually goes to prison for admitting that the story he told that matched yours was full of shit, it ain’t good. Add to that the fact that not being a cabinet official, or even an administration employee means that baby Donnie can’t hide behind “executive privilege” is a real bummer man. But the gemstone is that Trump Jr is a private citizen, so he can be held in contempt of congress with some teeth to it, and if they take him to civil court, where he’s held in contempt, and fines or even contempt confinement is assessed by a judge, even one of Daddums patent pardons won’t save him, since those only cover crimes, and civil contempt ain’t a crime. But the real problem for Trump is that this blows a mile wide hole in the concept of a “unified front.” There are a lot of people out there who have bumped up against his Lowness in one capacity or another who are now private citizens, that the House committees would like to pin down like a butterfly collection. As far as I know, Felix Sater is still on the roster for the House Intel committee to come on in for a chat about the Trump Tower Moscow deal. Think the Judiciary committee may want another word or two with Hope HIcks about the drafting of that patently false cover story about the Trump Tower meeting, and what she meant when she was talking about putting documents i”in a safe where nobody will ever find them” in Don McGahn’s office? And then there’s the subject of Don McGahn himself, the poor little tyke. And Corey Lewandowski took some very entertaining notes in the Oval Office I hear, something about being a go-between? How seriously are Mazars, Deutsche Bank, and Capitol One supposed to go to the mattresses to avoid turning over documentation to the committees when the president’s own […]

The Cracks Are Starting To Grow – i.e. the Emperor is Looking Hella Naked: Saturday’s Good News

Well, we have arrived.  The constitutional crisis is here. One important thing to remember: this is happening because trump is guilty a.f. and has no...

Trump’s Day In Court Is Coming Sooner Than Many Think — The Dates Are Set For May 14 & May 22

Before I get into the upcoming court dates for Trump’s challenges to subpoenas,  I want to share with everyone a great free service to...

“Fan Fiction”

The title is a description of the content of my re cent article “*sigh* OK, time to get messy” that appeared in the comments section. Actually, I got a kick out of the description since, while I consider myself an “opinion commentator,” the word “fiction” could easily apply, since while the actions described were both politically and legally feasible, they required guts, something the Democrats have shown little of in recent years. In fact, six months ago, I would never have written the article. And then a magical thing called “November” occurred. Normally, November is culinary spring training for the gluttony of the December holidays to follow, but last November Christmas came early. Instead of turkey we had 40 shiny presents under the table, each containing a brand spanking new congressional seat! And now it looks like my work of “fiction” just might be headed for the bestseller list. Because these freshman legislators don’t give a fat rats ass about political niceties, not being political creatures themselves. They campaigned on holding Trump’s feet to the fire, and their constituents gave them a stick and a bag of marshmallows. And ow, they’re inviting their older brothers and sisters to a sing along around the campfire. You’ve got Democrats suddenly talking openly about not only hefty fines, but actually jailing administration flunkies who defy lawful subpoenas. And not just rookie congressmen and women. You’ve got veteran members like Connelly and Cicilline talking about jailing witnesses for contempt of congress, Elijah Cummings talking about “Going to the mats,” and one judiciary member said they were planning on proposing that the committee look into the mechanics of renting “detention space.” And don’t even get me started on Maxine Waters. That woman has been dying to hear iron clank for more than 2 years now. I can see her starting a “rewards program,” for every three nights stay, you get an upgraded cell with a hot plate and an extra foam pad for your bunk. Whether it’s actually imminent or not, this tactic is brilliant. talking heads at FOX have been on and on about how unhinged and irrational these freshman Democrats are, and now these freshman are going all “Animal House” on them. And the more senior Democrats are like parents handing their departing freshman an American Express card and telling them, “You can always learn on the job, spend the next four years getting fucked up. Oh, and I’ll be there for the toga party on Saturday night.” This is a beautiful pressure point game. His Lowness is already ordering everybody he has ever spoken to or even looked at to defy any congressional subpoena. There are already cracks in that strategy. Reporting says that Deutsche Bank is already complying with congressional subpoenas, and I have little doubt that Mazar’s will be soon behind. The fact that FOX has been highlighting their instability, and Trump himself is calling them “angry Democrats,” only increases the paranoia and uncertainty. If you’re a Hope HIcks, or a Don McGahn, or a Reince Priebus, are you actually going to risk a fine of “up to $25,000 a day” for non compliance, or worse yet a locked door and take out food, just to be a loyal soldier? Especially people no longer in the administration, and subject to executive […]

“*sigh* OK, time to get messy.”

For all of 2018, the Democrats pledged in their campaigns that they were the ones who would restore order to a lawless Trump Washington, hold Trump’s feet to the fire, and restore accountability. And since January of 2019, they have carried through, making “grrr-grrr” noises, issuing document demands, and holding hearings. They have told the bully, “I said no! No lunch money, geddoudda here!” Only now, the bully just pushed you backwards and snarled, “I ain’t gonna tell you again punk, hand it over!: Wadda you do now? Well, if you’re smart, you sigh deeply, shake your head sadly, put your hand gently on the bully’s shoulder, and knee him in the nuts. Hard. Twice. Because this isn’t boxing, and you’re not the Marquis de fucking Queensbury. This is a street fight, and this kind of sudden, no-holds-barred- Quentin Tarantino violence is the only thing that makes the three neanderthals behind the bully back up when you step around him at them. Because this is what gets the rest of the kids in the school yard cheering and jumping up and down. Tuesday, April 30, 2019. 9:15 am. House Banking chair Richie Neal sends a letter to the IRS Commissioner, the deadline to turn over the tax returns for Trump is 5 pm Friday, or a motion for contempt of congress will be voted on in the committee on Monday, and forwarded to the full House for a vote. 9:25 am. Neal sends a letter to Treasury Secretary Steve Munchkin, finalist for “most slappable face in America” along with Jared Kushner, “Hey, pencil dick! That letter was addressed to the IRS Secretary, not you. Siddown and shut the fuck up, or your contempt of congress charge will be voted on in the committee on Monday too!” 9:45 am. A letter from all 5 Democratic House chairmen and women goes out to President Trump, advising him that every effort from here on out to use the power of his office to interfere with legally issued subpoenas for document transfer, or any attempt to inhibit witnesses from giving duly subpoenaed testimony before congress shall constitute a separate article of impeachment for abuse of power for each one. The newsroom at FOX will look like the motel room scene in John Carpenters “Vampires” with all of the gore on the walls from exploding talking heads, with anchors wheezing on respirators about “Democratic Gestapo tactics.” Fuck ‘em. Because this one is easy, and you can explain it in language even a Trump supporter can understand I dunno, maybe something like; Lets say you own a car wash, but you have a weed grow in the second floor storage over the store. The FBI thinks they know what you’re doing, so they subpoena your bank records to check for possible money laundering. This can land you inthe can, so you have your lawyers write a letter to the bank, threatening a lawsuit if the bank complies with the subpoena. Your bank’s response? “Hey, this subpoena says ‘FNI’ on it, and has a judges signature. WHo the hell are you, slick?” Because, that’s what abuse of power is, using the power of your office to obtain an advantage that nobody else can have or use. because, in the end, this isn’t even directly about Trump and the taxes. It’s a show of […]

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