How Many Freakin’ Canaries Does ONE Lousy Coal Mine Need Anyway?

I don’t mind using that phrase A canary in the coal mine, because it’s clean, simple, and accurate. The meaning is obvious, a largely unexpected event that could portend greater danger ahead. And it isn’t just pundits who use the phrase, politicians take it very seriously as well. Just look at the near record number of retirements in 2017 on the GOP side. The Democrats mat have wailed and moaned about overconfidence, but the GOP read the writing on the wall very clearly. But this is getting to be ridiculous. The floor of the GOP coal mine is starting to look like a dandelion infested lawn with all of the bright yellow corpses laying around. Lamar Alexander has heeded the call to return to the plow, Jonny Isakson is retiring for health reasons, mainly because trying to get reelected would kill his political career, and even before vacating his congressional sear for a position where his lips could be in closer proximity to Trump’s ass, and he could wear combat fatigues to work as Trump’s Chief of Stuff, Trump buffoon Mark Meadows had already decided against another tilt at the windmill. Richard Burr of North Carolina isn’t even up in this cycle, and jumped the gun in announcing his retirement at the end of his term, before his insider trading scandal broke. But all of those are common, ordinary, garden varieties of canary, mainly proactive ones. They caught a whiff of fire and brimstone in their political future, and decided to take a bow. And that’s ;s the way of the way of the political world. Losing an election puts a black mark on your record that could hamper future runs, therefore it’s easier and safer to take a powder, and pop back up again when the skies are sunnier. Which is what makes congressman Steve King’s loss in Iowa this week the biggest, fattest, brightest yellow corpse yet to hit the floor for the GOP. Nobody wants to lose an election, but if you lose a general election, there are a myriad of excuses you can use, the simplest one being more Democrats than Republicans turned out to vote. But when you lose in a primary election, there are no lame excuses available to you, it means only one thing, that your own voters turned against you. Steve King is no byproduct of Donald Trump, in fact he likes to brag that He was Trump before there was Trump. And he’s right, a lifelong, unabashed racist and all purpose asshole. And it’s not like this is King’s first ride at the rodeo, we won guis sear in 2012, and ran successfully for reelection 3 times after that. He can’t blame the Democrats for this one, it was his own constituents who turned their backs on him after accepting his racist antics for eight years. And this should be devastating news for the GOP. Because it likely means that Trump’s shtick is starting to wear thin, even in what would normally be construed as GOP strongholds. Kentucky Governor Matt Bevan modeled himself as Trumpier than Trump, and turned the governors mansion over to a Democrat last November. Thom Tillis in North Carolina is swimming upstream so hard he’s starting to look like a spawning salmon. The last poll I saw had Democratic challenger Jamie Harrison within the margin of error against Leningrad Lindsey in South Carolina. […]

‘One Racist Down. Hundreds in Office to Go’: Applause as Bigot Steve King Ousted in Iowa Primary

While acknowledging that the important work of ridding Congress of racist lawmakers is far from finished, progressives celebrated the ouster of white supremacist Rep....

Steve King Finally Self Immolates, Loses Republican Primary In Iowa

This is an encouraging sign. Nine term Iowa congressman Steve King, who spoke of drug dealers with “calves the size of cantaloupes, running drugs across the Mexican border” and how there “were 100 of them for every valedictorian” has finally done himself in. The man was the poster child for divisive, racist rhetoric. He will not be running for Congress this year and most likely his political career is done. That is good news. King has been talking white supremacist drivel for years, but in January, 2019, he finally crossed the line, even for the GOP. New Civil Rights Movement: “White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization — how did that language become offensive?” he asked in a New York Times interview, ending any question of where he stands, and branding him a white supremacist. n 2018 King met with representatives of a far-right party in Austria — and used the financial backing of a Holocaust memorial group to do so. The following year, in August, King asked, if not for rape and incest, “would there be any population left?” The man’s public career was a compendium of these dreadful non sequiturs. He lost his House committee assignments in 2019 after his now famous Western civilization crack. This is a hopeful sign. It would be so nice if Iowa would clean house entirely. Joni Ernst needs to go, and the governor, Kim Reynolds needs to go.

Meme baby’s mom sics lawyer on Steve King after campaign uses her son’s image without permission

If you’ve spent time on the internet in the last decade, you’ve likely come across a viral meme sometimes described as the “success kid.” The meme...

Steve King Is Making Concentration Camp Food Jokes. Seriously.

I don’t know how many pigs there are in Iowa, but I can tell you who the biggest one is. Take a look at what passes for humor in the warped, racist, sexist cerebral space that Steve King calls a mind. This is not a matter of political correctness, this is gross insensitivity. He is a white supremacist, & he is also owned by the farm lobbies. He keeps trying to add an amendment to the farm bill to ban states from passing animal welfare laws. I’m sure he loves finding a way to insult Muslims AND promote factory farm products at the same time. — Rachel (@RSF1819) August 27, 2019 Everyone should eat pork. Hee haw, ain’t Steve clever? Maybe Joni Ernst can put an apple in his mouth and serve him at her next fundraiser. Is anybody wondering why this clown’s donor cash has dried up, why he had only two people show up to his last town hall, and why he is not exactly swamped with volunteers to get him reelected? Thought so. I hope all he eats for the rest of his life is bacon until his little cold heart is suffocated with fat. — Zia6890 (@CaliZia247) August 27, 2019 Couldn’t have said it better myself. And you’ll love this. King recently demanded an apology from a “very active and vibrant left-wing media” who he claimed misquoted him on his recent comments about how rape and incest are a normal part of life. He also claimed that the media “decided to do a hack job.” Oh, and he wants the Republicans to apologize to him, too. The Hill: “Iowans are significantly more positive than they are negative, and they know it’s a misquote, and they know [The Associated Press] has, I’ll say, retracted the quote that they initially used because they relied on the Des Moines Register, who did the same,” King said, according to video from NBC affiliate WHO. “So when we have a national, viral attack that comes down on a misquote and it’s absolutely proven, all the folks that did that attack, I think they owe me an apology, including my own leadership. I don’t expect that’s going to happen because egos are a little too strong in this business.” The Des Moines Register last week corrected a quote related to King’s remarks about members of Congress who co-sponsored legislation of his. The AP never issued a retraction of its story. And, emphatically, the GOP is not going to apologize to Steve King. He’ll be selling snow cones in Hell long before that occurs. Maybe King figures that he’s toast and he’s decided to go out with a bang, making these incredible statements, who knows? But I long to hear his concession speech and see him relegated to the ghost-at-the-banquet club that Dana Rohrabacher deservedly, and finally, went to. Steve King is long overdue for retirement from public life.

Great News! Steve King’s campaign is broke.

Steve King’s re-election campaign is just about broke. Organizations he could always count on to fund his Hate Parade have shut off the -bigot-...

Only 2 People Showed Up At Steve King’s Town Hall in Iowa

Steve King needs to take a page from Donald Trump’s playbook and learn how to fantasize crowds and then lie about their size, because today’s town hall turnout in King’s district was abysmal. A grand total of two people showed up. Whether they are staff or family is not known at this time. I did Nazi that coming. — Rubber Soul (@Astro_Nutz) August 17, 2019 No one could make it to Steve King's townhall – they are either raping their sister, in bankruptcy court, or too sick & without insurance — Gal Capone (@debpresente) August 17, 2019 What you can’t see is that there are 12,000 people outside. Standing room only out there. — Lance Deutschman (@DeutschmanLance) August 17, 2019 you prolly work for him or are directly related….you can't live there if you didn't hear aboutv it….you're shilling — hehunghai@yahoo.com (@LavozFelipe) August 17, 2019 Just by the way, “Margaret” was outed as living in Wisconsin, on her Twitter profile. At least King’s retinue still contains a couple of bots, to be activated on social media when need be. The King love fest continued unabated. This happens when supporters are not allowed to wear their hoods to the gathering. — Willie Brown, CFA MBA (@ChillWillNupe88) August 17, 2019 The future of the @GOP — Silvermane (@TreeHappyDog) August 17, 2019 This is called “The Eastwood” — waitucanreadthis? (@edwelty) August 17, 2019 @MollyJongFast Just a hunch, but I’m guessing @SteveKingIA will not be comparing his crowd with Elton John’s. pic.twitter.com/hw28Dp1Fcn — B Koplow (@bmkoplow5) August 18, 2019 Looks like the joke’s on Steve King. Now let’s see Iowans vote him out. Toxic Republicans do go down the drain, eventually. It happened to Dana Rohrabacher after eleven terms. Let’s hope the cock is finally crowing for Steve King.

Steve King’s ‘appalling and bizarre’ comments have his fellow Republicans worried, again

Looks like Republicans are worried about Rep. Steve King damaging their brand. Again. The latest cause for worry is King’s latest comments explaining that...

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