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Don Jr. Wants the Nation to “Stop Pretending” that Vindman Is a “Selfless Hero”

This nation’s Cold Civil War is warming, or getting more intense, at least, as sides divide up with respect to the impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump. Echoing a paper put out by The Federalist Society, the man who clearly believes he will be the 46th president of the United States, Donald Trump Jr., issued a tweet today that called into question Lt. Colonel Vindman’s integrity and motivation. Wanna-be Future President Donald Trump Jr. knows heroism and integrity when he sees it, and he’ll gladly tell us when he sees it lacking. Let’s Stop Pretending Every Impeachment Witness Is A Selfless Hero https://t.co/f2Jq7SdxO9 — Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) November 19, 2019 Who the hell does Don Jr. think he is? (Besides the next POTUS?) He seems to think he knows a “hero” when he sees one, and apparently it has nothing to do with facing fire and being injured by an enemy. In Junior’s world, anyone who witnessed Trump attempt to extort Ukraine into investigating Biden and believed it to be wrong is now ineligible for “hero” categorization, and that person could only be motivated by “personal animosity or motivation,” which is ironic because were it not for “personal motivation,” Trump wouldn’t have shaken down Ukraine in the first place. Regardless, Trump Jr., the man who couldn’t stand-up to “rude” people at his own book signing, the man who dumped the wife of his five children to hang out with the Fox eye-candy he now calls his girlfriend, the man who has never held a job not granted by daddy, that same guy got some negative feedback compliments of the internet: Some of my favorites: Let's stop pretending there is any honor, public service or honesty in any member of the Trump family. — Ramblin’ Wreck from Georgia Tech (@HanKSmithGA) November 19, 2019 I never started. Vindeman only has a purple heart. If he were a real patriot, he'd have bone spurs. Right? — Jesse Ferguson (@JesseFFerguson) November 19, 2019 Bone spurs, avoiding STDs, one’s own personal Vietnam, right Junior? This is clever, mocking both the money laundering operation and Jr.’s need for attention: Says daddy’s boy who has never acted honorably a day in his life. pic.twitter.com/HwQar0Rmes — J.Vasquez ????”we win, we dance” ???? (@JuliaCitylaw) November 19, 2019 And one of my favs, because it is just so timely: This coming from a person who had to run out of a book signing because people were being mean. — Steve Timmons (@SteveTimmons15) November 19, 2019 And this is what it gets down to. Someone noted that Junior never served a day in uniform, and it took this response to really put it all in perspective. Or anyone in the truml family in the past 200 years? — james huntley (@JamesHuntley27) November 19, 2019   There are ways to serve this nation without wearing the uniform. There are brave people who have never served in the military. However, as someone who has never served in the military, I make a point of honoring those that have, and not questioning their commitment. The fact that many on the Right now see “service” and bravery only through the prism of Donald Trump tells me that we are – currently, right now – living in an autocratic, dictatorial nation, where “disloyalty” to Donald Trump […]

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