Parnas Phone Now Possible Evidence in Trump Impeachment

Trump cannot finish even one single day without going through several new and compelling reasons to start his own headline-grabbing war. Never mind that the Pentagon released their emails late yesterday, never mind that possible internal Deutsche Bank documents might have been released today, now Trump has to deal with the fact that Lev Parnas – the man who is running out of money, fast – has won the right to share his documents and contacts from his iPhone with Adam Schiff and other House Democrats: A dang judge – those pesky middle grounders – ordered it. JUST IN: Judge allows PARNAS to begin sharing documents and contents of iPhone — initially seized by law enforcement — with the House. pic.twitter.com/Aoa9r29QGd — Kyle Cheney (@kyledcheney) January 3, 2020 Rudy, I suggest you bring your racketeering charges fast. If you think that filing criminal charges as a private citizen was a challenge, wait until you try filing them after your arrest and time as a criminal defendant. Trump speaks in code, remember. So there will be no text from Trump stating: “Deliver unto me, two-hundred million in Saudi gold, and six hookers!” But Rudy is not near as wily about what all he texts and documents. It is possible that there could be documents and texts from Rudy which reference Trump wanting Saudi gold and … whatever. Not a single day. Trump cannot go through a single day with just “one” theme carrying him through the day. Want to know something, I could have written a column, just like this one, on this tweet: Dude, this is a helluva admission. Play the tape to the end. https://t.co/RwWMkVCubK — Charles P. Pierce (@CharlesPPierce) January 3, 2020 Yes, the Trump administration has consulted and discussed the entire Iranian situation with Russian officials, much more so than Congress. But I didn’t. We know that the Russians are entwined with the White House. Lev’s phone might just prove it. And now it’s in the possession of little Adam Schiff. I think Lev won the battle for “worst thing that happened this hour” with respect to this administration. **** Peace, y’all Jason jmiciak@yahoo.com and on Twitter @MiciakZoom

Oh No! the Boss Infuriated by Fox, Interviews Schiff and Comey

Well, well, well. Hmmm. The lord of the Right is not happy with the medium of the Right. I suppose Trump is practicing being “Putin” and since polonium shakes are not in Trump’s current repertoire (yet), Trump must resort to his favorite weapon, his mouth: Via Rawstory: “Hard to believe that Fox News will be interviewing sleazebag & totally discredited former FBI Director James Comey, & also corrupt politician Adam ‘Shifty’ Schiff,” Trump said. Sleazebag and corrupt. How he doesn’t choke on those words as they roll down the marble ramp from his brain to his mouth is beyond me. The current Webster’s dictionary must have Trump’s smiling picture under both words, or it’s “discrediting” itself. But two aspects are more noteworthy. First, and most obviously, I doubt there’s ever been an American politician, or person, more comfortable expressing his entitlement to be de facto programing director for his “news” station of choice. Trump’s first commandment to Fox: “I am the lord your god, you shall have no guests before me.” Second, how snowflake is it that it discomforts Trump so, for “his” audience to hear views not pre-approved? The “discredited” Jim Comey? Discredited by who? I am not a huge Comey fan (who is?) but when I think of “discredited” people, I think of folks that get spanked by porn stars, three months after his new wife gives birth to a baby son and then has to pay a fortune to get said porn star to keep quiet about it all, such that the he is not “discredited” with the evangelical right that normally would find it “discrediting” behavior. That would discredit a person in my eyes. One might also point to someone who holds up $400 million in aid to get a foreign country to fake an investigation into one’s political opponent and gets his ass impeached for it while hiding all the evidence as “discrediting” his word? “Corrupt politician?” Holy ships. We don’t have time and the internet doesn’t have enough memory to itemize corrupt acts by … “Fox is trying sooo hard to be politically correct, and yet they were totally shut out from the failed Dem debates,” Ahem. I will resist the temptation to write an entire treatise on political correctness run amok. It is so ironic that Fox has done far more to assure its viewers it is anything but “politically correct.” Moreover, Trump using that phrase while believing it extends to booking guests (!) just goes to prove for the millionth time that Trump doesn’t have the slightest clue what the phrase entails. Regardless, even without any familiarity with the phrase, he manages to live life proving he hates being correct, political or otherwise. But hey, any rancor between Trump and Fox is to be encouraged. Division in the Trump camp can only help that camp populated by the “anyone but Trump” folks. That camp is far more fun anyway, especially on Saturday night. Might I add, when it gets right down to it, the biggest snowflake around is that one that melts hearing words insufficiently praising him. Has it ever occurred to the MAGA heads that they’re led by a big baby, terribly terribly afraid that the MAGA heads might hear something that makes them reconsider? **** Peace, y’all Jason jmiciak@yahoo.com and on […]

Nunes Goes Off. Evidence Is Starting to Hurt Him

Wow, the Trump doctrine has been absorbed through and through within the Republican party. The Republicans’ biggest weakness is evidence and the Trump doctrine has been clear; evidence needs to keep its big fat mouth shut and keep itself applied to supplement Fox News reports and Trump Tweets, damnit. Mr. Moo Nunes wants you to know he’s furious, because he’ll be damned if someone finds out what he’s been doing! House Intelligence Committee ranking member Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) said Sunday that it was “sickening” that Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) had obtained his phone records as part of the House’s impeachment inquiry. Sickening? Wow, this evidence must really shed light on your actions to get you, Nunes, all upset like this. Do go on, we’d like to hear more about how reality is grossly unfair and Adam Schiff is a mean mean man. “I think the whole thing is just sickening, but he did it to one of my current staff members and one of my former staff members who he doesn’t like,” Nunes said on Fox News’s “Sunday Morning Futures.” Nunes goes on to make an excellent point. He says that he’d never go through a staff member (evidently he’s pinning this on some former staff member, which, you’ll notice, is both a lie and wholly irrelevant). Nunes believes it is clear that when he co-conspires with Trump, he calls Trump himself. * Please note that there is nothing to indicate his staff talked to Trump. That’s just Nunes’ story. But IF a staff member talked to Trump, that doesn’t mean A) the staff member didn’t relay bullshit from Nunes. B) Nunes talked directly to Trump on other occasions. We do not know how many times Nunes called from his office, the only records that jump off the page are calls from Nunes’ cell phone. Moving on. Evidently, Nunes finds it especially unfair that it only took one person to find his information. One person! Nunes says Schiff alone got all this shit. Schiff was doing all this investigative stuff and finding facts. Who is “one person” to find all this stuff? Unpossible! None of Nunes’s assertions are true, and none would matter if true, but it’s a hell of a story, and wrong. Schiff has denied subpoenaing Nunes’s phone records. Addressing the pushback over obtaining the records on Sunday … “Every investigator seeks phone records to corroborate, sometimes to contradict, a witness’s testimony,”  See? Schiff is being shifty! He is corroborating facts. Getting at reality. This is a Trump investigation, damnit, and only Trump gets to define reality. The fact that these phone records were gathered in a criminal investigation of some dumbass (who got caught!) makes it especially unfair because it’s probably true and shit. Sigh. I have some advice for our dairy asset. Shut the fck up, Devin. You are lucky you haven’t been hauled in front of a board of review to judge your conflict. You were obligated to moo something like … “Point of order, Mr. Chairman. Before we go any further, I’d like the record to show that I’ve been ass-deep in Trump shit from the beginning and this is no different. I clearly have a conflict that is obvious and bad. So I am going to leave now and go re-chew on my breakfast.” […]

House Releases Its Impeachment Report (Link)

Despite lacking the testimony of key witnesses, the Democrats continue to push forward. Today, the Select Committee on intelligence released its report on evidence obtained to this point, found here. This report will be broken-down over the next few news cycles, but I will highlight some aspects that appear critical to me. One is the tone, regretful but forceful. The House Democrats are SICK of foreign interference in our elections, and highlight that this is an ongoing theme with Trump: In making the decision to move forward, we were struck by the fact that the President’s misconduct was not an isolated occurrence, nor was it the product of a naïve president.  Instead, the efforts to involve Ukraine in our 2020 presidential election were undertaken by a President who himself was elected in 2016 with the benefit of an unprecedented and sweeping campaign of election interference undertaken by Russia in his favor, and which the President welcomed and utilized.  …With this backdrop, the solicitation of new foreign intervention was the act of a president unbound, not one chastened by experience.  It was the act of a president who viewed himself as unaccountable and determined to use his vast official powers to secure his reelection. “Unbound” – is the real fear. Trump doesn’t acknowledge or respect any limitations put upon him by law or custom. The Democrats are looking for some means to legally pin Trump to the constraints of law. By doubling down on his misconduct and declaring that his July 25 call with President Zelensky was “perfect,” President Trump has shown a continued willingness to use the power of his office to seek foreign intervention in our next election.  His Acting Chief of Staff, Mick Mulvaney, in the course of admitting that the President had linked security assistance to Ukraine to the announcement of one of his desired investigations, told the American people to “get over it.” In these statements and actions, the President became the author of his own impeachment inquiry. They were left without a choice in a very real sense. It is true, if they did not impeach Trump for this, there was nothing Trump couldn’t get away with. “Get over it” is not a defense to breaking the law. Congress was not fooled by Sondland’s “September 9th” second phone call and note that it is highly unlikely that such a call occurred. Both Ambassador Taylor and Mr. Morrison, relying on their contemporaneous notes, testified that the call between Ambassador Sondland and President Trump occurred on September 7, which is further confirmed by Ambassador Sondland’s own text message on September 8 in which he wrote that he had “multiple convos” with President Zelensky and President Trump.  A call on September 9, which would have occurred in the middle of the night, is at odds with the weight of the evidence and not backed up by any records the White House was willing to provide Ambassador Sondland.  Regardless of the date, Ambassador Sondland did not contest telling both Mr. Morrison and Ambassador Taylor of a conversation he had with the President in which the President reaffirmed Ambassador Sondland’s understanding of the quid pro quo for the military aid. As Ambassador Sondland acknowledged bluntly in his conversation with Mr. Holmes, President Trump’s sole interest with respect to Ukraine was […]

Whoa, Parnas Not Playing: Provides Schiff Committee Video and Photos

I will admit that I am on the hunt for optimism. After all, last week could not possibly have gone better with respect to the impeachment inquiry. Except, not according to Republicans, who watched it all and declared themselves victorious. Oh, and Trump – too, who has been on Twitter all weekend talking about how he’s basically “won.” But here’s something. Lev Parnas’s life is in the balance. He has been charged with serious crimes and he is neither a young, nor fit, man. Parnas has problems. Perhaps no one alive knows more about the dirt that exists “out there” on Trump than Lev Parnas. If there was anyone who might pin his strategy upon staying silent, staying loyal, and betting on a hopelessly corrupt pardon, it would be old Lev. After all, if Parnas made an understanding, “silence for a pardon,” Trump would near have to honor it. Yet Lev is not staying silent, loyal, or even neutral. Without even a deal on the table, Lev is selling out Trump, which at this point also means selling out Republicans. According to ABC: The House Intelligence Committee is in possession of audio and video recordings and photographs provided to the committee by Lev Parnas, an associate of President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, who reportedly played a key role in assisting him in his efforts to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and Ukraine, multiple sources familiar with the matter tell ABC News. The material submitted to the committee includes audio, video and photos that include Giuliani and Trump. It was unclear what the content depicts and the committees only began accessing the material last week. I am a lawyer, and I cannot conceive of a means by which a congressional committee can grant immunity from prosecution to anyone. At every level of government, right down to your municipal government, prosecution is always an executive function. So, even if Congress and Schiff were interested in a deal with Parnas, Parnas would still be taking a massive risk in making that “deal.” But they haven’t even gotten to that point yet, and Parnas is already handing over evidence this damning? Video? Tapes? No one purposefully videotapes meaningless conversations, they must be relevant. (Okay, yes, there is a chance that the stuff Parnas handed over is specific disinformation, false stuff, shit that a top-level player might need “Just in case.” There is a chance it is all bullshit. But if he wanted to pass along disinformation, he would be doing it quietly, really trying to “sell it” to the Congress itself, not talking about it in the media.) It sure looks to me like a guy who knows more than just about anyone on the planet about what all has gone on is betting that he will be on the right side of history – and on the right side of the jail house – if he starts spilling to Congress, now. Not only is Parnas giving Congress evidence without a deal on the table, he is going to the press to talk about it, almost as if he wants to buy himself “approval ratings” that will come in handy twelve to eighteen months down the road, when he’s standing in front of a judge. Obviously, it is impossible to know from […]

Sondland Slams the Door on Quick Clean Impeachment, Co-Conspirators Must Be Outed

I admit that I almost fell into the trap. I was so overjoyed at hearing unvarnished, near gleeful truth, I near made Sondland a hero in my mind, and envisioned Senators marching from Capitol Hill to the White House to tell Trump “It’s over, sir.” Indeed, if one wants to wander over to alumni house at DKos, I believe my diary is still sitting on top of the rec-list, the one discussing how Kenneth Starr entertained that very possibility earlier today. Fortunately, I thought on it a little deeper. Having given it significant more thought, I am convinced that not only will today’s testimony not lead to a quick and clean resignation and/or impeachment vote with a quick verdict (up or down), the result of today’s testimony should ensure that we are in this for the long haul. Sondland’s testimony should compel us to go much deeper, and we can be certain that what is uncovered will only get uglier. Sondland provided us a biopsy, and the biopsy confirmed the existence of a cancer in the presidency. But Sondland also brought along MRI films. Sondland not only implicated Trump, he implicated Pompeo, Mulvaney, Volker, Pence and Perry. Everyone was “in” on it. There was not “an official” and “unofficial” tract when it came to Ukrainian policy. There was one Trump Ukrainian policy. It involved the shakedown and a go-around of the “good people.” The entire executive branch is sick, and an urgent operation to “remove” the cancer will not help at this point. Only chemo will cure us at this point, long and thorough, and its the right thing to do despite the fact that it’ll make us want to throw up and pull our hair out. Let's be clear on what happened today. Sondland implicated multiple cabinet officials in this scandal, which has now become a whole lot bigger. That means Dems cannot expect a quick impeachment any longer. The stakes are too high. Me and @paulwaldman1:https://t.co/WeMxZCW3G6 — Greg Sargent (@ThePlumLineGS) November 20, 2019 Just about every senior official in the White House has been implicated in a conspiracy to utilize American money, $400 million in aid, to leverage political power over the party not in the White House. This is the quintessential impeachable offense, and – according to Sondland – “everyone was in on it,” including the President, Vice President, Secretary of State, National Security Director and White House Chief of Staff. Here's the thing. Now that this scandal has wo gotten much bigger, it's no longer clear we can have a real reckoning if our efforts at accountability don't expand in kind:https://t.co/WeMxZCW3G6 pic.twitter.com/k0YRlGXRp3 — Greg Sargent (@ThePlumLineGS) November 20, 2019 We might be able to have a real reckoning with a quick impeachment if we could count upon Republicans in the senate being responsible, but I won’t insult you by even proferring that possibility. Given that we cannot count upon Republicans, whatever will happen must happen now, while before the House, prior even to articles being drafted. It must happen now, in front of Adam Schiff, and it may take many more months. We must have Rudy Giuliani and John Bolton’s testimony, among many others. There is no other way to prepare this case for history. Without the testimony of those two men, we are “playing” at government. […]

Trump and GOP attempting to undermine Schiff and whistleblower, because they know they’re in trouble

Donald Trump has one move—demean the motives and morality of honorable women and men to distract from his own actions. It doesn’t matter if...

Trump Loses his “Shit” on Twitter in Humiliating Epic Meltdown

This is an official message from the President of the United States of America, issued on October 2, 2019 at 11:00 a.m. The Do Nothing Democrats should be focused on building up our Country, not wasting everyone’s time and energy on BULLSHIT, which is what they have been doing ever since I got overwhelmingly elected in 2016, 223-306. Get a better candidate this time, you’ll need it! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 2, 2019 All caps. By the person “overwhelmingly elected” by a negative 3,000,000 votes. To be fair, that tweet followed upon a far more sane tweet, focused upon setting the record straight as to who is and is not honorable in this great land. Adam Schiff should only be so lucky to have the brains, honor and strength of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. For a lowlife like Schiff, who completely fabricated my words and read them to Congress as though they were said by me, to demean a First in Class at West Point, is SAD! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 2, 2019 Do not worry, Trump can multitask. He has a laser-like focus upon the pressing policy concerns of our time, as he engaged in a deep debate with Speaker Pelosi on future U.S. policy with respect to prescription drug pricing. Nancy Pelosi just said that she is interested in lowering prescription drug prices & working on the desperately needed USMCA. She is incapable of working on either. It is just camouflage for trying to win an election through impeachment. The Do Nothing Democrats are stuck in mud! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 2, 2019 Geez, it is almost like he’s implying that he would consider signing onto a bill that would help Americans with prescription drug prices, if only Pelosi would drop the impeachment inquiry. Almost, but that would be close to a bribe, right? “If you drop the impeachment, I will sign a bill that helps Americans.” “Psychological Projection”: Psychological projection is a defense mechanism people subconsciously employ in order to cope with difficult feelings or emotions, involving projecting undesirable feelings or emotions onto someone else, rather than admitting to or dealing with the unwanted feelings. APA (2017) All of this impeachment nonsense, which is going nowhere, is driving the Stock Market, and your 401K’s, down. But that is exactly what the Democrats want to do. They are willing to hurt the Country, with only the 2020 Election in mind! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 2, 2019 Something seems to be occupying the leader of the free world’s mind, and he can’t quite put his finger upon it, but he knows it’s there. Of course, we all know, it’s just a bunch of bullshit, thrown out to feed the MAGA-heads, like chum in the water, with waves just starting to show whitecaps. **** Peace, y’all Jason jmiciak@yahoo.com and on Twitter @MiciakZoom

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