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Meghan McCain, “Not Living Without Guns,” Husband’s Terrorist Threat

Meghan McCain made an unceremonious return to The View by declaring that gun owners would “resort to violence” if their gun rights were to be restricted (nothing like “good guys with guns, huh?). This is terrifying, brought to us by RawStory from The View: “The AR-15 is by far the most popular gun in America, by far,” McCain told her co-hosts. “I was just in middle-of-nowhere Wyoming, (and) if you’re talking about taking people’s guns from them, there’s going to be a lot of violence.” Ironically, the type of people who resort to violence if angry about the law are precisely the same people who should not own firearms. What happened to needing a gun to protect one’s family? I guess they believe guns may properly used to protect one’s own view of what the law should be. I was not the only one who saw the insane juxtaposition of such a claim: So your saying “responsible” law abiding gun owners would turn to violence and disobey a law??? — Matthew Dowd (@matthewjdowd) September 4, 2019 Yes, that appears to be exactly what she is saying. So, a “good guy with a gun” is only a “good guy” so long as he’s happy with the laws. There is a word for that type of guy, but it’s escaping me … criminal seems to be close. Were that our only problem. McCain’s husband, some nut named Ben Domenech, also believes he sits above both Congress and the Supreme Court, in determining the exact meaning of the Bill of Rights, especially the rights imbued by the Second Amendment. “Yes, you fake conservative dipsh*t, people tend to fight back when you disrespect the Bill of Rights and try to illegally take their guns,” Domenech tweeted. “The Black Panthers did it in California when Reagan tried. We would do it too.” See? Even if Congress passed a law, even if the president signed the law, and even if the Supreme Court upheld the law, Meghan McCain’s non-fake, non-dipshit, husband has already determined it would, regardless, be “illegal” and he would be within his rights to fight using those same guns. I have no idea what the Black Panthers have to do with anything, other to invoke black people in a struggle. On this, be clear. When it comes to guns, these people do not believe any law could apply to them. They will not recognize the law, no matter how valid. They have given unto themselves their own “right” and will not be giving it up to any government. With respect to guns, they are above the government, above the very idea of democracy. This is the end-result of a gun industry campaign to equate guns to “freedom.” These people will shoot, and kill – according to McCain and husband – if “we the people” determine we want the laws changed. There is a word for people who invoke terror in the name of their personal belief, threatening violence against those who disagree. We call them terrorists. And make no mistake, these terrorists base their beliefs in large part because of their race. How long do you think a group of young black men would last “open carrying” their AR-15s to a “Black Power” rally. How long do you think the Meghan McCain’s of the world […]

Clint Watts Tells Why Trump Ignores White Nationalist Mass Killers: ‘Domestic terrorists vote’.

Morning Joe Scarborough, who himself was targeted by the recently released Coast Guard wannabe mass killer, had former FBI agent Clint Watts on his show to discuss this dangerous segment of the Mango Misanthrope’s deplorable base and Clint also dropped the dime on why Trump never decries  RW mass killers: Raw Story ‘Former FBI counterintelligence agent Clint Watts has been sounding the alarm for years about white nationalist terrorism — and he scorched the Trump administration’s lackluster response to the growing threat. Watts appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” to discuss the Poway, California, synagogue shooting that left one dead and three injured, and he said these massacres were clearly linked — and deserved pre-emptive intervention, rather than just a reactive response. “What we do is wait for an attack right now, we go and see the damage and act like, ‘Oh, it’s just some bad apple,’” Watts said. “These are not bad apples, in fact, they know each other. They’re inspired each other and the pace has quickened.” Host Joe Scarborough, who has been threatened by a white nationalist Coast Guard officer, said the Trump administration has done “nothing” about this domestic threat, and Watts offered an alarming explanation. “International terrorists don’t vote, and domestic terrorists do vote,” Watts said. You can hear Watts’ theory below… (close captioned, title remark is at about 2:40 but the entire discussion is good) This is a terrible, frightening assessment of our future under this *resident. Democrats should immediately initiate the process, win or lose, to remove the arch fiend from the Oval Office, otherwise ordinary non-RWNJ voters may conclude that their lives mean as little to them as they do Trump. And that’s a place we do not want to be in, folks.

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