Russian TV Claims Trump Is More Their Man Than Ever After Impeachment Vote

It will come as no surprise that the senate acquittal of Donald Trump, along with news of the National Security Council being gutted, comes as happy news to Russian TV, who is busy crowing “Trump forever!” and asking “Is America finished?” Oh yes, Trump’s their boy, now so more than ever. Daily Beast: Pundits on Vladimir Soloviev’s show appeared practically giddy about Trump’s acquittal and the retaliatory onslaught that followed. “Trump pulled out a machine gun and started to purge everyone who ever said a bad word about him,” exclaimed Dmitry Egorchenkov, director of the Institute for Strategic Studies and Forecasts, “because in his mythologized world, he is now a superhero.” Egorchenkov compared the copy of The Washington Post that Trump held up for the world to see to “the severed head of his dead enemy. He couldn’t show off the head of [Joe] Biden, so he was holding up The Washington Post instead.” (He also held up other papers, including USA Today, but the Post was the grand prize.) Russian experts previously anticipated that the reset in U.S. relations with Russia would have to wait until Trump’s second term in office. But Egorchenkov opined that in his mind, Trump already won re-election, which is why the new ambassador to the Russian Federation, John J. Sullivan, arrived with a mandate to improve relations with Russia. Improving relations with Russia is always the game plan with Trump. He skips to Putin’s tune and will attend Victory Day celebrations in Moscow, at Vladimir Putin’s invitation. Appearing on Sunday Evening With Vladimir Soloviev, politician Sergey Stankevich asserted, “Donald Trump has to come to Moscow in May, no doubt about it. He is obligated to be here.” Absolutely. It’s a command performance by Dictator Putin to his protege, one certainly doesn’t expect Trump to miss it. What’s tragic about all this, is that people who have watched democracies crumble before their eyes are seeing the same pattern taking place now in America. Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Anne Applebaum remarked last week after a visit to Venezuela, “I observed, from Caracas, the finale of the impeachment trial, Romney’s last stand, the firing of civil servants. All around me, people nodded wearily: Yes, they said, we’ve seen this before… Venezuela is not the U.S., Trump is not a Bolivarian socialist like [the late Hugo] Chavez, of course everything is different,” she said. “But it is amazing how familiar Trump’s behavior seemed to people who had lived through the decline of their own democracy.” “All of the elements were there,” Applebaum wrote: “The strongman who made people laugh, who seemed authentic, ‘different,’ the appeal to fear and anger, and the hatred of ‘elites.’ Also, the fact that everyone saw what was happening and described it, in real time. Brilliant academics, excellent journalists—they all knew that the dictatorship was expanding, that Chavez’s personal power was growing. But they couldn’t stop it.” This is sobering, to say the least. To Trump himself, this is all an exercise in fanfare, fame, and most of all television, because he doesn’t see the larger implications. And the GOP is playing deaf, dumb and blind to it all and enabling it. Once again, all roads lead to stopping this on November 3. Get Out The Vote is the only answer to this continually unfolding horror — or we may be just the latest great empire to fall.

Russian State Media Glows About Pelosi Letter, Calls Trump ‘Highly Educated’ Author of ‘Bestsellers’

Right wind media isn’t the only one saying that impeachment allegations are “absolutely made up” those are the words of Donald Trump’s BFF, Vladimir Putin, as well. Small wonder. The Russians are tickled pink to see what’s going on over here and what they’re saying on the air at Russian state TV will sound very familiar. You’ll think you’re tuned to Fox News. Daily Beast: The chairman of the Russian State Duma (the lower house of parliament) foreign affairs committee Leonid Slutsky called impeachment “the revenge of the Democrats for the defeat in the 2016 presidential election.” Supporting Trump, Russian state media attacked the Democrats, but saw pure comedy in the GOP making ill-conceived comparisons between Donald Trump and Jesus Christ while likening the impact of the impeachment to the attack on Pearl Harbor. Congress is side splitting these days, we quite agree. And if it wasn’t for the fact of democracy being on the edge of a cliff, and the joke being at our expense, we would be slapping our thighs like the rest of the world. Trump’s letter to Pelosi took the cake and somehow, with a straight face, Russian state TV hosts are praising it as a seminal piece of work and, wait for it — Trump as a major writer. Vladimir Soloviev praised Trump’s letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, calling the U.S. president a “highly educated” writer of “multiple bestsellers,” who wrote the letter “for future generations.” Soloviev surmised that when it comes to the upcoming presidential race of 2020, “Trump is defeating all potential candidates.” Soloviev theatrically complained: “Here’s what I can’t understand. Why do they hate Trump so much?” The Atlantic Council’s expert appearing on the show, Ariel Cohen, explained that Trump is a political outlier, who boasted about grabbing women by their private parts. The Russian state TV host immediately jumped in to defend President Trump as an alleged proponent of “free love.” Throughout the segment, pro-Kremlin propagandists criticized Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Greta Thunberg, but found no fault in Trump. During one of his previous shows, Soloviev said he was troubled, saddened by “insulting” anti-Trump ads, featuring prominent actors and celebrities. He urged respect towards the American president, although he’s shown very little in the past. Soloviev is the guy who made the crack a week ago about whether Trump would end up fleeing to Russia like former Ukraine president and Paul Manafort buddy, Viktor Yanukovych. “Should we get another apartment ready in Rostov?” Soloviev quipped. But now it looks like he’s gotten the memo from Putin that it’s not cool to laugh at Trump any more and so from now on look to see Donald Trump portrayed as a man of letters and a scholar. Sweet Jesus. It’s time to restock the wine cellar. Maybe I’ll just sit down there with a straw…or better yet, hook up an IV. It’s going to be a long time until November. Now the sublime irony in this, is that in Russian culture, the most respected artists are the writers. Seriously. Their novelists are historians and social critics, like Dostoevsky or  Solzhenitsyn, or satirical wits like Mikhail Bulgakov. Their playwrights set the standard for the world stage. Chekhov, Pushkin and Tolstoy are legends. And now, to this fabled and storied class of high intellect and literary […]

Russian TV Proposes Turning 2018 Election Into ‘A Headache’ For Trump

#Russia's state TV:Vitaly Tretyakov, dean of Moscow State University's School of Television, argues that Russia should act decisively in response to the new sanctions. "Let's turn this into a headache for Trump. If you want us to support you in the elections, do what we say."©️ pic.twitter.com/1HXZi3KPuP — Julia Davis (@JuliaDavisNews) August 10, 2018 RawStory: […]

Other Than Fox News No Network Worked Harder To Get Donald Trump Elected Than Russian State TV

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