WH Preparing List of FBI Director Candidates. Is Trump Preparing To Fire Christopher Wray?

Firing James Comey was the stupidest thing that Donald Trump did up to that point, and history will probably remember it as one of the stupidest things he ever did, period. However, he looks to have learned nothing from the experience and word is that he’s looking to fire Christopher Wray for saying the obvious, […]

Bombshell Du Jour. Rosenstein Stonewalled Mueller Investigation Behind Acting FBI Director McCabe’s Back

The Mueller report has always been subject to criticism, the chief criticism being that the investigation didn’t go into detail about Donald Trump’s many ties to Russia and the security threat that that posed. Now we find out that Robert Mueller wasn’t incompetent nor negligent, as he has been accused of being, he was told […]

Russia is interfering in the 2020 election, and Republicans are moving to protect … the interference

The story has come out in pieces over the last two days, but those pieces are slotting into place with sickening clarity: Last week,...

“Trump Fatigue”

Remember those two dreaded words? after the intense backlash to Trump’s presidency with the Women’s march, in the months that followed, as atrocity after atrocity piled up, and daily life seemed to devolve into one long, endless episode of “One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest,” many people feared that the constant, daily wear and tear of life under an insane president would numb the outrage and protest, that people would just give up and tune out. Well, it didn’t work out that way. Instead of being beaten down by the daily nonsense and insanity, the resistance used it as a motivating tool to stoke the fires. Each new outrage became the next cause celebre, one more voter to register, one more e-mail to send, one more phone call to make, one more district office to take over, always one more thing to do. And it turned the tide in 2018, giving the democrats the power to not only tp keep those offenses front and center, but to expose the underpinnings of greed and corruption behind them. And those successes have only served to embolden the masses, Democratic intensity is at this point as strong going into 2020 as it was going into 2018. But what about on the other side, what about morale among Trump supporters? I’m not talking about the hard core Trump base, nothing is going to shake their misbegotten faith in Glorious Bleater. But don’t forget, it wasn’t Trump’s racist hardcore base that delivered the presidency to Trump, it was a swath of turnover voters, angry and disillusioned Democrats, people who felt abandoned by politicians of all stripes, people who had nothing to lose by taking a chance. Trump tapped into that anger and frustration, and he found the words to speak directly to them. How are they enjoying their no-expenses-paid vacation in Trumpmenistan? Donald Trump likes to consider himself as the “master communicator,” with Twitter as his vehicle of choice. Yet, time after time, when a Trump supporter is interviewed, what is their first and most frequent complaint? “I think he;s doing an OK job, but I really wish he’d knock it off with all of that Twitter bullshit!” The non Trombie voter didn’t buy a season ticket to this dog-and-pony-show for the tweets, they anted up for results, which so far are sadly lacking. Trump’s greatest selling point is the economy, but the average Trump voter isn’t feeling the love. Trump touts the soaring stock market, yet more than 50% of the population isn’t invested in the stock market, they’re not getting the benefit. And while a healthy 401k may be great down the road, it ain’t making the mortgage payment next month. Trump’s vaunted tax cuts didn’t buy the average family dinner for 4 at McDonalds once a week, and many suffered sticker shock when they got IOU’s from the IRS this year. Health insurance is still sky high, manufacturing and coal ain’t roaring back, and farmers are facing monetary crisis, and even foreclosure over Trump’s tariff war. Just wait until the price hikes go up at Walmart on things most people buy starting in the middle of next month from Trump’s latest tariff gaffe. Every good sports fan has occasionally had to suffer through a down year, it’s part of life. But when that losing bleeds from year to year, […]

Trump And Brexit. Two Peas In A Pod.

The U.S. — The downtrodden and the wanna-haves, the disillusioned and the government haters, were on the warpath again. Which means that political ads were on television again. One charlatan Republican spoke directly to the disenfranchised among us. “Europe and China are fucking us on jobs and trade, and immigrants are invading the country! Vote for me, and I’ll give Europe the heave-ho, save our jobs, and lock down the borders!” The U.K. — The downtrodden and the wanna-haves, the disillusioned and the government haters, were on the warpath again. Which meant that the alarm clock went off that morning. A political group wanting to increase its influence in Parliament spoke directly to the disgusted masses. “The European Union is fucking us on trade and jobs, and immigrants are storming the gates! Vote to leave the EU, and we’ll bounce those buggers on their arse, and lock down the borders!” The U.S. — The Donald Trump campaign was treated with the same gravitas as a condom at Plato’s Retreat. Because Trump’s campaign was such a craven marketing ploy for self enrichment, it was not taken seriously, even though he easily topped the rest of the field, but with a minority. The media was willing to ride the merry-go-round of bulk time filler until the music stopped, and they had to cover serious issues again. The U.K. — The Brexit campaign was such a craven attempt to exploit the gullible for votes that it was given the gravitas of a “no punch ups” sign at a football match. because it was thought that people understood the nearly impossible complexities of leaving the E, it was disregarded despite its nagging strong yet still minority popularity in the polls. The media was willing to ride the helter skelter of bulk time filler until they had to hang up the burlap sacks and cover serious issues again. The U.S. — With Trump clearly the nominee, but trailing badly in the general election polls, the Trump campaign turned to Cambridge Analytica, a shady UK based statistical gathering and strategy company with rumored links to Russian intelligence. Instead of engaging in mass advertising campaigns to sway the public, micro targeting is used to both try to increase turnout in certain, highly defined demographics, as well as to depress the turnout in opposite, highly specific demographics. Russian interference is suspected, and investigated by the government. The U.K. — With Brexit on the ballot for a national referendum, but lagging badly in the polls, the Brexit organizers turn to Cambridge Analytica as well. And just as in the US, social media ads suddenly begin targeting traditionally non voting groups whipping up enthusiasm for the Brexit vote with isolationist and divisive ads, while also trying to suppress traditional, pro EU voters with ads meant to minimize the necessity or effectiveness of their votes.There is suspicion of Russian involvement, and the government investigates. The U.S. — Defying all expectations and political odds, Donald Trump wins the Presidency via the electoral college. But there’s a problem. Nobody actually expected Trump to win, he didn’t even write a victory speech. Donald Trump was a concept, not a strategy or a plan, and when he won, they had absolutely no idea of what to do with him. And every time they tried to create a plan to move forward, the surprising […]

The Podesta/DNC hacked e-mails aren’t the ONLY criminal conspiracy game in town.

Look, I get it, it’s just human nature. Right now, everybody is fixated on tying Trump and his pathetic campaign to the stolen DNC and Podesta e-mails, mainly because it’s just so damn sexy. Looking at things that someone else wrote that were never intended for our eyes speaks to that inner imp in all of […]

The best antidote to Russian interference in 2018? Our candidates.

Y’all gotta stop confusing me all the time! Come on, you know how easy that is, it’s like taking a chew toy from a puppy. More and more these days I keep hearing “Russia 2018! Russia 2018!” I keep thinking that you’re all just a bunch of rabid World Cup fans. Cut me some slack here, […]

A crushing poll for Trump also sounds a warning for Democrats in 2018.

One of the things that has been frustrating for those of us who like a little unfettered democracy in our elections has been reports...

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