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Closest Thing We Have to Proof that Trump Is Controlled by Russia

Trump’s presidency has been littered by explosive revelations, especially so of late. Not a single one of those explosive revelations definitively proved that Trump was a knowing Russian asset. However, not a single one of those explosive revelations ever once cast doubt upon the Trump-Russia connection. Not a single revelation ever demonstrated that Trump “argued” with Putin, or “angered” the Russians, or did anything other than blindly adhere to Russian orthodoxy with respect to global issues. Not one revelation. Lacking clear evidence that Trump is a Russian agent, we must continue to make inferences to establish what we know must be true. In my opinion, the clearest evidence we have that Trump is controlled by Russians relates to his derision for, or disdain of, NATO. Simply put, no American bearing even the most pedestrian familiarity with international affairs is “anti-NATO.” In fact, NATO is so central to U.S. security and interests that the only people who have a problem with NATO come from Russia, the country NATO was established to thwart. But Trump has a problem with NATO. Trump has a bigger problem with NATO than we knew even to this point. According to Newsweek, the book “A Warning” by “Anonymous,” contains an entire chapter dedicated to the terror shared by those in the diplomatic community that Trump will pull us out of NATO, or effectively destroy NATO. Per Newsweek’s story: According to Anonymous, Trump “has repeatedly astounded advisors” by suggesting he wishes to withdraw from NATO, which is underpinned by American money and military might. The president tells us we are ‘getting raped’ because other countries are spending far less to be a part of it, adding that the organization is ‘obsolete,'” Anonymous explained. The very fact that Russia detests NATO and wants it dissolved is proof positive that the organization is not “obsolete.” The only people who would view NATO as “obsolete” are the people who want to team-up with Russia in world affairs, which describes both Trump and, increasingly, the Republican party generally. Indeed, last year’s NATO summit was consumed by Trump’s attacks on fellow leaders and demands to address “burden sharing.” A minority of NATO’s members are currently fulfilling the commitment to spend 2 percent of GDP on defense—agreed at the 2014 summit in the U.K.—much to Trump’s frustration. Trump is actually not “frustrated” by the lack of “burden sharing,” indeed, the lack of “burden sharing” has actually been a net positive for the United States. It allowed the U.S. to have near exclusive control NATO’s policy and configuration. Because the United States bore the greatest percentage and overall commitment, the U.S. dictated many of the terms by which NATO operated, including operating U.S. military bases on foreign lands, something that would otherwise be impossible were it not for our disproportionate commitment. No, Trump is not bothered by “burden sharing,” it is simply something he can talk about as justification for weakening NATO. The point, of course, is that not a single sane American ever believed that destabilizing our NATO partners was in the U.S. interests. Yet Trump somehow came up with such thoughts as one of his few core “principles.” Trump has precious few core principles by which he governs, yet this is damn sure one of them. Where could this principle possibly have come […]

The Intelligence Community’s “Most Wanted” Criminal Sits in the Oval Office: It Is War

Trump is coming unglued, as we noted yesterday, sent into a frenzy by the seriousness of the latest allegations and increasing support for impeachment. It is good to remember, this all started due to a whistleblower report compiled by a CIA agent. In short, our intelligence and diplomatic communities are convinced that the entire United States’ executive foreign policy apparatus, has been co-opted by an foreign asset, selling secrets, and, for the first time ever, selling foreign policy itself. The nature of the threat leads to a shocking dynamic, where the people normally seen as “the good guys,” our CIA agents, FBI agents, and international envoys, are “the enemy” according to Trump and his cult-followers. I want to share a reply that I received to a Tweet yesterday. I received this reply to a tweet that I sent whereby I noted that Trump might have called upon Chinese President Xi to investigate Biden because he had already asked Xi in June – over the phone – to investigate Biden. Here is the tweet and the reply: Chalk this under, paybacks are a bitch, ain’t that right Obama, Biden, Clinton, Lynch, Comey, McCabe, McCain, Clapper, Brennan and dozens more criminally corrupt DC swamp insiders (including the msm) who orchestrated the whole Trump Russian tooth fairy conspiracy, suck it.. — Right Spin (@RightSpin1) October 4, 2019 Forget the “Obama,” “Biden” and “Clinton,” reference for a moment, those are politicians for whom the Right has a genetic-based hatred. Look at the other names on the list, Attorney General Lynch, FBI Director McCabe, “McCain,” (?) and the intelligence officials. All law enforcement, all invested in the security of the United States from foreign manipulation, and all put their loyalty to the United States, not Trump. Trump knew from day one that the foreign intelligence community would become aware of his compromised position, his personal deals, and conflicts. He set about to make the good guys, the bad guys, and it has worked. From Rawstory, today: This is the traditional way of Washington politics, now whipped to a froth by the convulsions of a dysfunctional and deregulated political system. Not only do U.S. intelligence agencies see the American presidency is vulnerable to manipulation (or capture) by pro-Trump intelligence services in Moscow, Riyadh, and Jerusalem, but the president himself is viewed as a threat to the national security process. The crisis runs even deeper than Watergate, which had the effect of empowering Congress and reining in the intelligence agencies. As in Watergate, the Trump crisis pits a president who says there are no limits on his freedom of action against the institutional forces of the CIA and FBI. These agencies were, and are, adept at defending their interests in the Washington press corps. As in Watergate, the interests of the agencies and the Democrats overlap—they both seek to curb and remove a lawless president. The tweet, along with those two paragraphs lead to a terribly depressing conclusion. Any evidence obtained about Trump’s crimes will spring from an investigation done by the FBI, CIA, and State Department, and the dynamic dictates that the stronger the evidence, the more likely Trump supporters will believe it is all the product of a vendetta by the “Deep State.” They made it all up, or it’s not a problem to begin with. Trump didn’t […]

U.S. Intel Agents: Russian Asset Sits in Oval Office

Yes, yes, we know. “Russian asset” or Putin’s “useful idiot,” we know that. Not breaking news. But when it comes from “spies” plural, and when it comes after the last week, after the G7 fiasco noted with heavy coverage here, and after the predicted “endgame” we made two weeks ago, the timing and the source matters. From a reporter at Business Insider: NEW: US spies tell me Trump's fervent defense of Russia at the G7 summit was "a new low" that suggests he's either a "Russian asset sitting in the Oval Office" or a "useful idiot" for Putin. https://t.co/0pEq8mh5MH — Sonam Sheth (@sonam_sheth) August 29, 2019 I do want you to note that he references “spies” and not “spy.” The reporting refers to a collection of people. One doesn’t get to be a “spy” without discipline and loyalty to one’s country. There is no conceivable way that each source for the story believed themselves to be speaking out as an individual, individually deciding he or she had had enough. What I am saying is that the decision to speak out, call the POTUS a Russian “Asset” or the equivalent, was coordinated, timed, by multiple insiders, so as to have the maximum impact. What they had to say individually was even more damning. We will start with the person willing to put his name next to the assessment: ”No question” that Trump is behaving like a “spy for the Russians. … The evidence is so overwhelming that in my 35 years in intelligence, I have never seen anything so certain.” — Glenn Carle, former CIA covert operative “No question,” “Never seen anything so certain,” from a veteran of the service? This is an incredibly strong statement from someone who put his name to it. One wonders what Carle has heard from his friends still on the inside. “We have a Russian asset sitting in the Oval Office. … There is no fathomable explanation for why the president said these things. Letting Russia off the hook for bullying smaller countries and then blaming Obama for it? It’s directly out of the Putin playbook.” — former senior Justice Department official. No fathomable explanation? Actually, he hit the fathomable explanation out of the park, Russians assets will act on Russia’s behalf. The only problem is that U.S. law and the rules followed by the U.S. news media (as opposed to opinion press, here), prohibits such accusations without proof, multiple sources in a position to know. As obvious as it may be, it must be proven to move legally. Perhaps it is proven to this person formerly on the inside. “I think what’s going on right now is an Occam’s razor scenario. Trump wants to do deals with Russia when he leaves the presidency. We already know he was interested in building a Trump Tower in Moscow before and during the election. The best way of doing a deal with Putin is to be nice to him, so I think what Trump is doing is currying favor.” — Robert Deitz, former lawyer at the CIA and the National Security Agency This is almost charitable to a fault. Trump may want to do “deals” with Russia when he leaves office. But the evidence is overwhelming that Trump wants to “pay for” the deals he has already made with Putin prior to taking office. Scotland? One must […]

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