Trump is firing off a plethora of lawsuits, and dipping deep into the bad lawyer pool

Donald Trump came into office having been involved in over 3,000 lawsuits. So no one should be shocked that when Trump gets into trouble, his...

The Burning Question

When one door closes, another door opens   Alexander Graham Bell As Yogi Berra would say, It’s deja vu all over again. And from where I’m sitting Yogi kneweth of which he spoke. If all goes as the Forces of Darkness have planned, one week from today, it will all be over. Impeachment, which has dogged Trump since his inauguration day, will finally be over. Which begs the eternal, burning question. What the fuck next, man?!? I mean it, you can’t honestly believe that once the impeachment debacle limps to a close, it’ll just be smooth sailing until election day, do you? If so, dream on, blue eyes. On inauguration day, His Lowness didn’t even have a freakin’ administration yet, and it was already engulfed in a controversy about the way he and his fellow howler monkeys had dealt with the Russians during the 2016 campaign. Over the next four months, that snowballed to the point of a fired FBI Director, and the appointment of a special Counsel to try to figure the whole meshugass out. That led to a 22 month investigation, at the end of which Special Counsel Robert Mueller, while not exonerating Trump, fell short of recommending his impeachment. The fucking day after Mueller testified in front of the House Intelligence committee, Trump makes his perfect phone call to newly elected Ukrainian President Zelinksy. The call is so exquisitely perfect that it causes concern and panic in everybody but the NSC janitor, and within a month there is a whistleblower complaint that blows the lid off of that little Teapot Dome. This led to House investigations, which spawned a full out impeachment investigation, followed by impeachment hearings, articles of impeachment, and the kangaroo court proceeding we now find winding down before our very eyes. After just that brief history, starting next Saturday, do you honestly expect all quiet on the western front? Good old Low Energy Jeb!, bless his little heart, nailed this sucker early. All the way back in the primaries he said that Trump was a chaos candidate, who, if elected, would be a chaos President. Fortunately, Jeb is far too much of a gentleman to stand around and scream I told you assholes so, but you wouldn’t listen to me! So no, it is inconceivable that there will be any return to normalcy, simply because there was never any normalcy to begin with. At this point, not only Trump, but his entire administration as well as the GOP caucus are incapable of functioning in a normal environment. There will have to be another crisis to replace this one, and quickly. And so I repeat, What the fuck next, man?!? But fortunately, I’m here to help. You all know that I’d never want to disappoint my peeps, so I have thought about this long and hard, for almost an hour now, and my head is dizzy, and I think that I actually have the answer to that question. To paraphrase Democratic Strategist James Carville during the ‘Clinton impeachment saga, It’s the Rudy,stupid! Rudy Ghouliani will be Trump’s next major scandal, and he may well be the worst one yet. It’s in the cards if you know what you’re looking for. And you don’t even need one of those Tack-Lites to look for it, it’s right out there in the open. The G-Man is already under investigation by the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York. Considering the fact that Giuliani was reluctantly […]

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