Suspect In Shooting At Judge’s House Decried ‘Feminists Meddling With Nature’ Warned Most Guns ‘Owned By Guys’

It’s an established pattern at this point that aggrieved loners, many of them Trump supporters, write of the unfairness of their lives and how persecuted they have been — and then they go out and kill innocent people, shooting them in stores, schools or even in their homes. Roy Den Hollander, the chief suspect in the murder of Judge Esther Salas’ son in New Jersey, and the shooting of her husband, fits the bill perfectly. He published a manifesto on the internet, as did the El Paso shooter. The themes are virtually identical. The El Paso shooter, also a Trump supporter, wrote about how immigrants were unfairly displacing him. Den Hollander writes about people of color, but most particularly women of color, who are upending the natural order of things, apparently, by going out in the world and being successful. He wrote, on page 1776 of his screed, quoted in The Atlantic: “The Feminists should be careful in their meddling with nature. There are 300 million firearms in this country, and most of them are owned by guys.” And on page 1,880: “It makes no sense for men to disarm in the face of an evil that wants to exercise totalitarian power over them. They have a right to revolt against that tyranny, to take it down. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the tyranny of George III or the Feminists.” Interesting that he sees gender equality as an evil that wants to exercise totalitarian power over men. It’s particularly interesting in view of the fact that men have exercised totalitarian power over women for centuries — but that’s the natural order of things, excuse me, I forgot myself for a moment there. Den Hollander’s screed goes on with a melange of racist and sexist comments, but if you filter through them, they all distill down to a few basic concepts: 1. Women, no matter what their color, are designed solely to please men, primarily in a visual sense and 2. Women of color should please men and stay cleaning ladies — again, this is the natural order of things, in the “manosphere” as some people refer to this particular body of deranged thought. Den Hollander does not see Judge Salas as having earned her way to a district court judgeship. He sees her as an “affirmative action job.” He’s not crazy about Sonia Sotomeyer, either, because he doesn’t consider either one of them babes, and he wants you to know that. This is a guy who started forcing his attentions on little girls in the third grade, bear in mind, until parents reported him to the school. Den Hollander, who turned his hatred of women into a string of media appearances over more than a decade, saw Salas’s biography differently. “It was the usual effort to blame a man and turn someone into super girl—daddy abandoned us, we were indigent, which means they lived off of the taxpayer, but we overcame all odds,” he writes in one of the documents posted online last year. He describes Salas’s decade as a public defender as “representing lumpen proletariat ne’er-do-wells.” Her “one accomplishment,” he says, was being a high-school cheerleader. He also attacks Justice Sotomayor, [who he claimed was “angry that nobody had invited her to her high school senior prom”] saying she was […]

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