Trump's 2020 debate humiliations are fodder for the latest Republican attacks on democratic norms

Someone at the Republican National Committee must have gotten worried that Donald Trump’s ego needed a little extra massage, because on Tuesday, RNC Chair...

Another “Norm” Is About To Bite The Dust

While politics has always been a good, old fashioned, bare knuckle brawl when done right, there was also an almost soothing regularity and rhythm to it. When one event occurred, there was often a next step which more or less automatically kicked in. This provided a sense of normalcy, and organization. But since the day that […]

Good Lord. They really ARE eating their young!

If there’s one advantage to running on a party ticket, especially if you’re a fledgling candidate, it’s that the party has resources. I’ve written in the past that parties offer support for candidates, especially newbie congressional candidates in the form of things like a monetary hand when campaign donations run low, expert guidance in setting up and running a campaign office and campaign, and temporary staffing. All of this can keep a candidate competitive, and give them a fighting chance. But if there is one advantage that a national party can give a candidate that rises above all others, it is polling data. Polling is expensive to do, and a campaign that isn’t awash in special interest donations can have trouble in keeping up with how their message is resonating with voters, and what issues they need to key in on, and refine their message. Well, national parties do a shitload of polling, especially in presidential election years. And considering that the presidential candidate is running nationally, they run national polling, broken down into districts, showing where a candidate is strong, and where he needs to spend more time. And it is intricate polling, with plenty of cross tabs, dealing with things like specific issues, and candidate popularity. All of this data is like manna from heaven for a congressional candidate. It offers them specific, quality polling data on a range of issues, and it doesn’t cost them a dime, the party is happy to make it available to them to assist them in their quest for political “fortune and glory.” Congressional campaigns most likely use the party’s internal polling data for their district more than any other party resource. But maybe not so much this year, at least not on the GOP side. Because Propublica is reporting that this time around, RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel, bidding fair to replace Reince Priebus as the most pathetic excuse for a party chair in the history of politics, is throwing a monkey wrench into the works, and in so doing, is literally endangering the chances for GOP congressional districts in key races. While the RNC is still making the party’s internal polling data available to congressional campaigns across the country, the RNC is withholding one critical cross tab of polling information from congressional campaigns. And that critical cross tab is President Donald Trump’s personal and job approval ratings in the district. I have written a couple of different articles over the last few days, dealing with Romney McDaniel’s, the RNC’s, and local state party organs doing everything in their power to spare the delicate snowflake fee-fee’s of Trump from negative information, such as a state primary in which he fails to garner at least 95% of the vote, Putin style, by simply eliminating presidential primaries in their states this year. This damages not only the party, by making it look weak and feckless, but also Trump himself, by giving him a delusional impression of his actual popularity. But this is ten times worse, especially for the party as a whole. Donald Trump is one man, and if he goes down, then he goes down. In the midterms of 2006, and the presidential election of 2008, incumbent President George W Bush largely sat out the elections, rarely campaigning with individual candidates, unwilling to tar their electoral chances […]

It’s simple math: Three is greater than one

These are people who, when they put one foot forward, honestly have no idea of what they’re going to do with the other foot   Tom Jimson   Drowned Hopes The really fun part about watching a socially retarded hedonist, and those who enable him, is watching them stumble and fumble around, desperately trying to convince the rest of us that everything is just hunky-dory, like the beat cop standing in the mouth of an alley in an old movie, “OK, everybody move along, nothing to see here, go about your business.” As we speak, Don Juan (the ladies Don Juan anything to do with him) and his RNC family traitor flunky, Ronna Romney McDaniel, are flailing around, trying to convince the world that it’s totally normal for an incumbent president to suspend the democratic process when running for reelection. “Presidents normally suspend the primary process, it’s wasteful and expensive for the state parties to run primaries when there’s no doubt as to the outcome.” Like everything else with Trump, it’s a lie wrapped in a thin veneer of truth. Someone in my comments on a similar subject remarked that they didn’t remember Obama’s primary campaign in 2012 either. That’s for a good reason, no credible challenger stepped forward to run against Obama in 2012. Just like nobody stepped forward against George W. Bush in 2004, Bill Clinton in 1996, or Ronald Reagan in 1984. There’s that pesky nugget of truth again, when sitting presidents are functioning normally and effectively, the party tends to leave them alone in the primaries. Gerald Ford in 1976, and George H.W. Bush in 1992 were weak and ineffective, faced primary challengers, and won the primaries, but it ended up costing them the general election. And that is highly likely to happen again in 2020, despite the best efforts of Trump and the RNC. Trump’s problem is, much like in 2016, buried in the numbers. Former Massachusetts Governor William Weld announced his primary candidacy early, and then proceeded to scrounge for votes on mainline networks like CNN and MSNBC, which is kind of like nosing for truffles in the Mojave desert. This was actually a simple matter for Trump, and required no real action on his part, since Weld was a solo act, and represented a part of the party that had fled Trump long ago. All Trump had to do was to not engage Weld, what was Weld going to do, debate himself? But now the rules and dynamics have changed, because now we have a game of Twister going on here. Joe Walsh and Mark Sanford have joined the fray, and they represent much more current iterations of competition for Trump, especially since they don’t carry the stigma of having bolted the party to run for VP on the Libertarian ticket in 2016. I know what you’re thinking, Ignore one loser, of ignore three losers, what’s the difference? Here’s the difference. Regardless of what the individual state parties do regarding primaries, and despite the best efforts of the gruesome twosome, Romney and Trump, there is going to be a primary battle in 2020. Because not only is there safety in numbers, there is also strength and force in numbers. Trump ignored Weld, and he can ignore Walsh and Sanford too, but that doesn’t mean that they have to ignore him, or each other either. As much as His and Her […]

What A Day. GOP Glaringly Has No Trump Defense Against Michael Cohen Even Chris Christie Shames Them

The Shadiest Show On Earth had a big ring set up in the House of Representatives Wednesday, as Michael Cohen finally got around to taking the stand, while on the other side of the world, Trump is meeting with Kim Jong Un in Vietnam, sporting his fine new coiffure. If you haven’t gotten a peek at that, let’s do so without further ado. Why a sitting U.S. president would dye his hair a new color before meeting with a murderous tyrant on the other side of the globe is a case of first impression. Trump purportedly stayed up all night to watch the Cohen show. From what’s already transpired, he must be sweating bullets. CNN: Wednesday’s hearing sets the stage for a classic Washington split-screen: Cohen will be testifying publicly the same day that Trump is in Vietnam for his meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, albeit the two events will be occurring on opposite sides of the world with a 12-hour time difference between Washington and Hanoi. ___ White House officials in Washington will be watching Cohen’s testimony and taking notes, in case the President wants to be briefed on what was said, according to a senior White House official. The official told CNN the expectation is, however, that Trump will stay up overnight in Hanoi and watch Wednesday’s hearing. Meanwhile, the Cohen show has not disappointed. It’s a first rate farce, complete with GOP reps live-trolling Cohen, trying to break his concentration — so far unsuccessfully. The last time I saw something like this was a scene from “Ron Burgundy: Anchorman,” where the good ole boys in the newsroom were doing everything to break the concentration of the female anchor, making her debut, by making faces and stripping down to their shorts, off camera, but in her sight line. Apparently, the current iteration of Republican congresspeople is cut from the same bolt of cloth. And this is on top of Matt Gaetz’ ill advised tweet, which has been characterized as both witness tampering and witness intimidation, and which has landed him in hot water with the State Bar of Florida. Cohen’s testimony for the day concluded a short while ago, and GOP reps offered no defense of their standard bearer, Donald Trump. In lieu of any substantive defense all day long, the best they could come up with was damning innuendo and inference that Cohen’s sole motivation in testifying is to make a bundle of money with book and movie deals. Evidently, since they lack facts with which to defend Trump, they’re putting all their eggs in the basket of ruining Cohen’s credibility, as is the RNC and the White House. Roll Call: GOP Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky countered Connolly’s questioning by asking Cohen whether Trump had explicitly told him to lie to Congress or if Cohen had simply relied on his “intuition.” “So you just went on your intuition?” Massie asked. “I don’t know if I would call it intuition as much as i would just say, my knowledge of what he wanted, because it happened before and I knew what he had wanted.” Asked by Massie about how Trump would communicate indirectly with subordinates, Cohen replied, “That’s how he speaks. He doesn’t give you questions, he doesn’t give you orders — he speaks in a code. And I understand the code because I’ve been around him for a decade.” This provided a moment […]

A follow up on “The Koch brothers Vs Donald Trump.”

Earlier this week, I posted an article about the impending danger of His Lowness’ kindergarten slap fight with the Koch brothers. It turns out that once again I underestimated the level of Trump’s incompetence. Which is understandable, since once you get to a depth that crushes submarines like an empty beer can, the picture gets […]

The RNC’s hidden “Trump problem.” Money.

Look, whether we like it or not, or believe it or not, the RNC and the GOP in general have come up with a...

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