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Stone Advocates Martial Law, Mass Arrests of Journalists and Citizens to Ensure Trump’s Re-Election

No one should be surprised that Roger Stone hates democracy and wants to install Donald Trump as America’s Hitler. After all, this is the guy who decided to have a tattoo of the worst political criminal of the 20th Century, Richard Nixon, tattooed on his back. But even Nixon would be taken aback at the […]

Like Black Friday? You’re Gonna Love #MuellerFriday.

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Clues Indicate Mueller Marching To Make Summer Hot

I have written extensively on why this country should be grateful to even have a person with Robert Mueller’s experience and judgment to deal with the greatest national existence since …I really don’t know. The above link is to an article that many called the finest to appear in DailyKos, ever. To the extent there’s […]

Report: Mueller “Wrapping -Up” Witness Interviews, Finishing with Roger Stone

According to a report today by Fox Business correspondent Charlie Gasparino, Mueller was expected to conclude witness testimony with the appearance of Trump confidante Roger Stone. “What we’re hearing from sources close to the probe is that Mueller is wrapping it up,” Gasparino told Fox host Neil Cavuto. “He’s wrapping it up with witness testimony. […]

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Capitol police officer reportedly disclosed information on lawmakers' secure location on Jan. 6

Reports surfaced during the weekend that at least six Capitol Police officers were recommended for “disciplinary action” for various conduct...

News Roundup: Republicans threaten debt standoff; Mike Pence is no hero; Texas vs. tech companies

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The exploiting of and problems with the 1st amendment

We have to guard against the victors and monied...
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