Robert DeNiro, Martin Sheen, Rob Reiner and Other Hollywood Stars Distill Mueller Report In 5 Minute Video

Tomorrow Robert Mueller takes the witness stand to expound upon his 400 page report to Congress. Before you watch that, watch this: a five minute video, starring various Hollywood luminaries, which summarizes the Mueller report. If the common man or woman can’t wrap their head around an explanation this simple, then truly, democracy is doomed. Here’s the Mueller Report summarized in only 5 minutes-RT! #MuellerIsComing pic.twitter.com/RPNrXDga7s — Scott Dworkin (@funder) July 20, 2019 Meryl Streep commented that movie stars are frequently asked their position on political issues, “because we have the podium.” Here, the stars in question not only have the podium, but they have a right to it. Everyone in this clip is politically aware and knowledgeable about the ways of the Trump administration. Hopefully this clip will go viral.  

Rob Reiner Has A Vision For The GOP Using Trump’s N-word Apprentice Tapes

This is either an above par troll of Trump, or maybe it’s brilliant reverse psychology on Reiner’s part: which do you think? I’ve heard there are tapes of Trump using the N-word during his time on The Apprentice. Based on the GOP’s support of his racism, they should ask producer Mark Burnett to release the tapes to boost the support of his base. — Rob Reiner (@robreiner) July 16, 2019 Tom Arnold has been talking about this very issue for quite some time. It’s probably just as well that he’s divorced from Roseann Barr at this point or the two of them would be Kellyanne and George Conway on steroids. Nancy Tellem can access thousands of hrs of unedited unseen Trump-Apprentice footage today. Mark Burnett hates people of color & supports Trump's racism. MGM's Kevin Ulrich brought Tellem in to oversee Burnett after our Sept fight. Nancy Tellem can open MGM vault. I know location — Tom Arnold (@TomArnold) July 16, 2019 Sadly, but not surprisingly, Reiner might be right about the release of the N-word tapes helping Trump’s popularity, if the events of this week are any indication. RawStory: Not long after Reiner posted his tweet, Reuters released a new poll taken since Trump’s racist comments on four young women of color in Congress. “Support for U.S. President Donald Trump increased slightly among Republicans after he lashed out on Twitter over the weekend in a racially charged attack on four minority Democratic congresswomen, a Reuters/Ipsos public opinion poll shows,” the publication reported. “The national survey, conducted on Monday and Tuesday after Trump told the lawmakers they should ‘go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came,’ showed his net approval among members of his Republican Party rose by 5 percentage points to 72 percent, compared with a similar poll that ran last week,” Reuters reported. As I’ve said before, Trump represents the Republican id. He is the persona to their shadow. He articulates their deepest thoughts, and says what they wish they could get away with saying. Maybe Rob Reiner has just come to cynically understand this. Or, maybe this is a watershed moment in the cultural war, wherein we realize even more conclusively than before, that there are indeed two Americas and Donald Trump represents one of them to an absolute tee. Horrifying to think, isn’t it? But apparently it’s true.

What if famous American actors, led by Robert De Niro, read the Mueller Report on the Capitol steps?

Since barely any Americans have read or would read the Mueller Report, and Mueller's press conference elicited such a response because he actually voiced...

Rob Reiner, Robert DeNiro Are Taking The Mueller Report To The People, Via A Series of ‘Now This’ Videos

This is fighting fire with fire, and it’s a brilliant notion. The activist’s activist, Rob Reiner, says that zero people have read the Mueller report, including the *resident of the United States, and that if they would do so, they would see that it’s “loaded with criminality.” So Reiner put together a short video with […]

I think you should see this. 96-year-old has a very important message.

Rob Reiner’s 96-year-old Dad has a message. https://twitter.com/robreiner/status/1057396556653985792 Transcript: I’m Carl Reiner, and I’m 96 and a half years old and I’ve seen a lot of things...

Rob Reiner Lets Archie Bunker On Steroids Have It But Good

Never one to mince words, Rob Reiner lets Archie Bunker on Steroids aka Donald Trump have it, in a single succinct and eloquent tweet. An ignorant incurious failed businessman with a seriously damaged psyche is desperate to be accepted as a strongman. So he rejects Democracy. Turns his back on allies, attacks the press, tries […]

Rob Reiner weighs in on the latest Trump stupid

Rob Reiner should be commended for his activism.  He, unlike other people who have been mentioned all to often lately in the media, is using his celebrity influence to endorse social justice issues and calling out what needs to be said about Trump. Here’s his latest tweet. Babies taken from their mothers. Arpaio DeSouza get […]

Rob Reiner corners Trump with a no-win challenge after ABC cancels ‘Roseanne’

Actor, producer, writer and fearless activist Rob Reiner has been on Trump’s rump since Trump announced his illegitimate presidential run in 2015.  On Tuesday, news emerged of ABC canceling the hit comeback series ‘Roseanne’ after controversial...

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