Nikki Haley Completes her Decline and Fall in Two Disastrous Memorial Day Weekend Tweets.

Nikki Haley took a cheap shot at Kamala Harris over a tweet that offended Fox News’ tender sensibilities. The Vice-President had urged Americans to "enjoy the long...

Rick Wilson: Marjorie Taylor Greene is 'the heart and soul of the Republican Party'

The devolution of the Republican Party has been a sight to behold—but it’s been a particularly fraught experience for ex-Republicans. I know if the Democrats...

Rick Wilson: Marjorie Taylor Greene is 'the heart and soul of the Republican Party'

The devolution of the Republican Party has been a sight to behold—but it’s been a particularly fraught experience for ex-Republicans. I know if the Democrats...

Church Membership Falls off a Cliff. Was it Caused By Christian Hate, Hypocrisy or Insanity?

After World War II, 3 in 4 Americans declared themselves to be members of a church, a synagogue, or a mosque. It was the...

WATCH: Joe Biden Doesn’t Need Attack Ads, the Republicans Are Firing the Heavy Guns

What is happening in the last days of this election is wonderful to see. The Lincoln Project has released a particularly stirring ad that stacks up with the best political advertising ever done. The voice here is clear and all the notes are hit. Woven into the patriotic symphony comes the truth of what Donald […]

‘In Politics, Pain Is the Only Teacher’ Rick Wilson’s Dire Predictions For 2020 GOPers

Rick Wilson and the rest of the Lincoln Project have been saying for some time now that not only is Donald Trump toast, but that his stench is on the elected officials who “bent the knee” and who abandoned the principles of the GOP, held for generations, to join the cult of personality that Trumpism is. Trump is trying to save his own bacon now, and the GOP down ballot, but Wilson sees it all as an exercise in futility, starting with Trump’s attempted “reset” this last week in resuming coronavirus briefings as a solo act, without any experts to offer those pesky, inconvenient scientific opinions. The only trouble is, Trump on his own, is Trump alone with his worst enemy, himself. Daily Beast: That unbelievable train wreck of a Chris Wallace interview wasn’t what the White House had in mind, and Trump’s pissy performance on Sunday rapidly moved from painful to viral. Instead of a triumph, it ended with the world mocking Trump’s inability to understand just how buffoonish he appeared, even on the ostensibly friendly airwaves of Fox News. Sure, by now Chris Wallace is probably on his way to Gitmo, but not before giving Trump enough space and enough resistance to expose his embarrassing degree of disconnection from reality and whingy dickishness. […] The obvious power shifts inside the White House and Trump campaign in the past few days are now playing out in his public appearances. He clearly, finally had it beaten into his notoriously thick skull that his juvenile objections to masks were causing enormous political blowback. That’s why on Tuesday he started the long retcon of his position on masks. Mark my words: The same Trump fanatics who spat on masks as a sign of capitulation to libtard cuck shill Soros antifa mind control last week will bob their slack jaws up and down when Trumps says something to the effect of “I invented the mask. No one had ever heard about masks before me, and when I invented masks, everyone said, ‘Sir. Sir. These masks are a miracle and you’ve saved us all, sir.’” Now the Tuesday presser was notable for one thing and that was Trump’s well wishing to accused rape ring madam, Ghislaine Maxwell. And as you saw, the Lincoln Project was on top of not only the Chris Wallace interview, from which they made their hilarious attack ad, “Trumpfeld” (whoever would have thought Chris Wallace was the perfect sit com straight guy?) to their blistering two parter, “Maxwell” and “Maxwell2.” But the problem is, that while Trump gets up before the public every day, in either interviews or now White House pressers, to repair damage, he only does more. Let’s be honest. The White House and campaign staff put him out there because they needed something—anything—to try to reset weeks and weeks of absolutely catastrophic campaign blunders, tone-deafness, managerial idiocy, and oppositional defiant disorder no-mask-for-me behavior. The campaign and professional staff are both desperate for any kind of reset not only to save their jobs in November but also to save their sanity. We all know he’s been bouncing off the damn walls since before his Tulsa disaster.  One sobering statistic that Trump cannot deal with at all, is his tanking approval rating within the Republican party. He keeps tweeting “96% approval rating among Republicans. Thank you!” […]

Rick Wilson Riffs On Trump, the ‘Bullshit Artist’ ‘Billionaire’ and Why He Flipped After SCOTUS Ruling

There’s a joke that the three most important things in real estate are location, location and location. In like fashion, the three qualities that define Donald Trump are bullshit, bullshit and more bullshit. You probably read Trump’s Twitter tempest Thursday, when the SCOTUS ruling came down 7-2, that Trump’s financial records could be released to the Manhattan D.A. The reason Trump came unglued is not just the legal ramifications of his finances being known, but something far far greater. He can’t handle losing the image of the big shot billionaire. That is what’s killing him. He figures he can somehow buy his way out of doing time, but the tarnishment of his brand is a different kettle of fish altogether. Daily Beast: What really bothers Trump, what unsettled him to his core, is that the decision to reveal his taxes to the New York grand jury comes at the same time his political fortunes have taken a nosedive. He knows that as early as January, he could be a former president without Bill Barr running cover for him. He knows that even if he ekes out an unlikely victory in November, Congress now has a pathway to launch a forensic financial colonoscopy of his business affairs. He has no ambition to truly lead, and God knows he doesn’t give a damn about any kind of policy whatsoever, but is running to save himself. Trump doesn’t want to win again. He needs to win again. Give Barr four more years, he thinks, and the Interior Minister will choke out every investigation, and end any hope of understanding the web of lies, venality, and corruption that define this presidency and the man. The preservation of his image is so high in Trump’s hierarchy of needs that nothing else rivals it. And to be honest, that bullshit image got him a long way; too far, in fact. Bear in mind, Trump only exists on TV and Twitter. He lives for the spotlight. He’s the opposite of a vampire, that combusts in sunlight. No, Trump is only alive when the lights and the camera are on. Twitter is the yard he plays in, but TV is his mansion. You take Trump off TV and he’s homeless. He’s got nowhere to go and nothing to do. He’s only alive when he’s creating a digital presence for “all those lovely people out there in the dark” as Norma Desmond put it in Sunset Boulevard. Pretending he was too rich to be bought was absolutely central to his success in 2016. But Donald Trump would chase a dollar bill on a string through a trailer park, and he’s sold this country on the cheap since his election. That’s why the coming exposure of his finances has shaken Trump. He’s thinking about the actual audits, and real financial and potentially even legal consequences, awaiting him in his post-presidential years. Trump’s obsession with his image and his brand emerges from his weird, abusive childhood. As details from his niece Mary Trump’s new book emerge, we see a man imitating his father’s fixation on the image of wealth and power. Like Fred Trump, Donald finds the tabloid ideal of himself more appealing than any reality. Trump’s comeuppance is a’comin’. That’s a verity. How long until it happens we don’t know. Don’t be sad about the SCOTUS ruling, […]

Lincoln Project Founders Laughing Their A$$e$ Off At Trump Vowing the Next Ad Will Be Worse

Donald Trump punches down all the time, because he’s a jerk. But punching down at the Lincoln Project Tuesday, was the stupidest move that he could have made, because it plays right into their hands and they are loving it. If you missed this particular Trumpian debacle, Tuesday, it’s all summarized for you below, where Rick Wilson chats with Lawrence O’Donnell. Basically, the Lincoln Project did an ad that Trump didn’t like, so he rage tweeted and then he called them losers some more when he was about to get on Marine One — typical Trump response, in other words. But in this case, it’s having the effect of making Trump’s enemy, the Lincoln Project, more powerful. As CNN’s Chris Cillizza put it, quoting Game of Thrones, “A lion does not concern itself with the opinions of the sheep.” Trump just can’t act like a lion, because he’s not, even though he’s in the world’s most powerful job. That is the essence of this tragi-farce. Trump is a mouse — or rather a rat — in a lion’s job. CNN: Think Trump is letting the sheep bother him? Uh, yeah. – I can just imagine the folks at the Lincoln Project high-fiving when they read Trump’s tweets. And dancing a jig when he talked about them — and their ad — before getting on Marine One. – This is their ideal scenario. They literally don’t have the money to buy this sort of publicity for their ad. Now lots of people who read Trump’s tweets or saw him blasting the Lincoln Project outside the White House on Tuesday will got to their computers and look up “Lincoln Project.” And watch the “Mourning in America” ad. – It’s a gigantic win for what is, in truth, a small group of prominent talking heads who were — and Trump is right about this — roundly crushed by him and his allies during the 2016 campaign. – Trump’s inability to ignore renegade voices within his party is a violation of the most basic of campaign rules. The more he talks about the Lincoln Project — no matter how negatively — the better for the group’s profile and ability to raise money to oppose his reelection. – Trump’s best strategy toward dissenting voices within his own party would be to ignore them and stay silent. But that’s not really a skill he possesses.

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