LGBTQ students harassed in their own home in 'horrific' incident at Bucknell University

A university in Pennsylvania announced an investigation into a “horrific” incident in which LGBTQ students were harassed after at least 15 to 20 male...

Somebody’s Hiding Books Away In the Coeur D’Alene Idaho Public Library.

Anyone with even just sufficient powers of observation can see that Trumpists have a inherent aversion to acquiring knowledge, and at least one in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho...

Daniel Dale Summarizes Trump’s Nutty Speech in Pennsylvania.

Trump made what was supposed to be a policy speech in PA. yesterday but, in violation of the Hatch Act, he turned it into a political rally. CNN Reporter Daniel Dale was there to summarize the speech for us. (following is a  unrolling of Dale’s tweets.) “Trump won the Pennsylvania county where he’s speaking now by 18 points. He tells the crowd that he thinks it was “28 points.” Trump tells union workers that if their union leaders don’t support Trump, workers should “vote ’em the hell out of office, because they’re not doing their job.” Trump says that when he was a little boy, like four years old, he loved trucks, and even though he’s now president, he still loves trucks, nothing has changed, he loves trucks. Trump is now talking about copper theft. You can tell when Trump is very bored with his prepared text. Trump is telling his usual story about how roads should be straight, but sometimes they’re planned to be oddly curvy to avoid “nesting” and other environmental problems, and then, after 21 years, regulators reject the proposal anyway. Trump suggested at length that he is responsible for the plant he’s speaking at…which Shell made a final decision to build in June 2016 under Obama. (The company does say his approach to energy issues has helped.) Trump tells the workers, in this official speech allegedly about energy, that they can drive the media “totally crazy” if they “go to hashtag third term, hashtag fourth term,” suggesting he’ll stay in office longer than two terms. (Trump says that he’s joking about all this, that he’s just trolling the media.) Trump tells the workers, in this official speech allegedly about energy, that they can drive the media “totally crazy” if they “go to hashtag third term, hashtag fourth term,” suggesting he’ll stay in office longer than two terms. Trump, falsely claiming the steel industry would be “dead” without him and falsely claiming no steel mill had been built in 30 years, puts on a pitiful voice and says, without him, we’d have to call up China and say, “Could you send us some steeeeel pleeease?” Trump falsely suggests that the US only exports “wheat” to Japan, then says Japan doesn’t even want the wheat it buys from the US, “they do it to make us feel good.” (???) Trump falsely says China “flatlined” for “100 years” until it was allowed in the WTO. It was one of the world’s fastest-growing economies in the decades prior. Trump then falsely claims the US was just losing and losing at the WTO before him and now “they’re giving us victories.” Trump, complaining of emoluments suits against him, says this presidency is costing him a “fortune” and mocks complaints about him renting hotel rooms to Saudis for “$500.” He says, “What about the $5 billion that I’ll lose?” (There’s no evidence he’s losing that.) Mocking complaints about his business dealings as president, Trump complains that Obama’s $60 million book deal isn’t being investigated even though it’s such a big amount. He says there’s a double standard for him. These things are not at all alike. Trump, miming computer manufacturing as if it’s a dainty endeavor, mocks the suggestion that workers would want to learn to work in a computer plant and make […]

Rick Wilson Called drumpf a #SoftHandedManBaby on Anderson Cooper 360, Now it’s Trending.

This post is exclusive to PolitiZoom by Dino Durrati) ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Please follow me on Twitter @durrati

Justice Dept. Seeks to Decertify Union Representing Immigration Judges.

Bill Barr’s Justice Department cannot properly manage a suicide watch over one of its most high profile detainees, but is taking time to try to decertify the union representing Immigration judges in its attempt to speed up deportations. Newsweek “The Trump administration has been accused of trying to “evade transparency and accountability” with its new push to decertify the union representing immigration judges in the U.S. Last week, a Department of Justice (DOJ) spokesperson told The New York Times on Friday that the department had filed a petition to the Federal Labor Relations Authority seeking to know whether the National Association of Immigration Judges could have its certification revoked. The union’s members, the DOJ argued, are technically “management officials” and should therefore be unable to collectively organize.” Management officials? Not so says the union president: “This is nothing more than a desperate attempt by the DOJ to evade transparency and accountability, and undermine the decisional independence of the nation’s 440 Immigration Judges,” said Judge Ashley Tabaddor, who serves as president of the National Association of Immigration Judges, in a statement to NPR. “We are trial court judges who make decisions on the basis of case-specific facts and the nation’s immigration laws. We do not set policies, and we don’t manage staff,” she said. The DOJ’s suggestion that immigration judges should be viewed as managers is “absurd,” she said, adding: “We don’t even have the authority to order pencils.” The article points out that already, Trump & Co. has appointed twice the number of new immigration judges than did the Obama admin…more than 100 so far. The union is just one more obstacle in the way of our complete transformation into a banana republic.

It’s Your Patriotic Duty! Join MoscowMitch.com and Score a Free Bumper-Sticker!

(Above – Paid for by the Party Majority PAC) I’m in for the one time $10.00 donation for now…and the bumper sticker…and we’ll see how it goes from there. They are on the road… ..and pestering Darrell Issa tonight who is holding a fundraiser for the Grim Reaper in La Jolla, CA. For some reason Mitch cancelled at the last minute.… Maybe he didn’t like the trailer… I’ll snap a pic of the bumper sticker when it comes and post it in a diary. Maybe you’ll want one for your sled! ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Please follow me on Twitter @durrati

Maureen Dowd Finds an Acorn. – “Trump’s Pile of Rubble.”

I won’t strain the aphorism implied in the title, but let’s just say Dowd produced a good column Saturday. NY Times Titled “Trump’s Pile of Rubble” she begins her essay by comparing two photographs, one which has come to represent the best of what Barack Obama’s Presidency meant to people of color… And a second one destined to represent the worst of his successor’s residency: Needless to say the orange idiot suffers in this comparison. Granting that the uncle of the child pictured above, whose parents died shielding him from the death dealing El Paso shooter, wanted to meet Trump and was so complicit in the farcical image that meeting produced, Maureen says what normal people feel when they look at the photo: “But still, there is something sickening about the photo. The picture of Obama with a child was luminous with hope and idealism. The one of Trump with a child was dark with pain and shattered ideals. Devoid of empathy and humanity, Trump is mugging with an infant who will never know his parents. They were shot by a psychopath whose views echoed Trump’s dangerous and vile rants painting people with darker skin — like the baby’s father — as the enemy, an infestation and invasion aiming to take something away from real Americans. It is the same slimy chum thrown out by other Republicans, only more brutally direct and not limited to campaign season.” But even after writing those paras, Dowd still feels the need to walk the high wire of normalizing the abnormal, musing that Trump, like Nixon to China, stands uniquely qualified to confront the NRA and actually do something about our national immolation by gunfire. After briefly tonguing that particular abscessed molar and finding the pain of that fruitless exercise too much to bear, she fetches her rhetorical pliers and rips the diseased carnassial out:     “If the president and Republicans come up with anything at all, it will be a remedy just marginal enough to give themselves cover, denying Democrats a powerful campaign issue. Moscow Mitch and Dreadful Donald will keep talking compromise and hope that things settle down by September, when Congress gets back. But point-blank: Our Republican leaders are cowards. We shouldn’t let things die down. Because people keep dying.” Good for you, Maureen. Please take better care of the rest of your teeth. When used correctly they are quite effective. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Please follow me on Twitter @durrati

NY Times: Epstein’s Roommate Was Moved Out, Promised Procedures Not Followed.

NY Times “Jeffrey Epstein, the financier who hanged himself in a federal jail in Manhattan, was supposed to have been checked by guards every 30 minutes, but that procedure was not being followed the night before he was found, a law-enforcement official with knowledge of his detention said. In addition, the jail had transferred his cellmate and allowed Mr. Epstein to be housed alone in a cell just two weeks after he had been taken off suicide watch, a decision that also violated the jail’s normal procedure, two officials said… …A person with knowledge of the investigation said that when the decision was made to remove Mr. Epstein from suicide watch, the jail informed the Justice Department that Mr. Epstein would have a cellmate and that a guard “would look into his cell” every 30 minutes… But Mr. Epstein’s cellmate was later moved out of the special housing unit, leaving him alone, the prison official said.” And, naturally, prison “officials” are trying to place blame on the guards rather than owning up to their failure to insure protocol was followed: “The two guards on duty in the special housing unit where Mr. Epstein was housed were both working overtime, the prison official with knowledge of the incident said. One of the corrections officers was working his fifth straight day of overtime, while the other officer had been forced to work overtime, the official said.” Not going to go all C/T here, but it’s apparent that procedures put in place to keep Epstein alive were not being followed. And the guards would not, it seems to me, be empowered to make a decision about moving his roommate on their own. Rather than libeling the Clintons on his Twitter feed, BLOTUS should be demanding a full accounting. Unless a full accounting is not what he wants. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Please follow me on Twitter @durrati

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