Trump Told Homeland Security That He Had ‘Magical Powers’ So Don’t Tell Him What’s Illegal

You remember John Kelly saying that the White House was a “horrible place to work.” It also must have seemed a bit like the community room at an insane asylum. The former chief of staff for Homeland Security, Miles Taylor, has made an ad for Republican Voters Against Trump. Go in particular to the 1:20 […]

Trump Voter Vows Never Again, Says Trump ‘Is the Scum At The Bottom Of the Swamp’

Republican Voters Against Trump has just posted another jewel. I love this woman’s attitude. She’s regretful that she made the mistake, but grimly determined not to make it again and she tells you why she won’t vote for “this monster” again. I love it. In 2016 this lifelong Republican liked Trump, but now the scales have dropped and he’s a monster. This particular ad is starting to pick up some speed on social media now. If we get enough of these together, and targeting swing states, I firmly believe that it can have an impact. There have to be Trumpers who wonder if they made the wrong choice. Nothing is so compelling as the testimony of somebody who has been there and lived to tell the tale. She’s inspiring me and I’ve always thought Trump was a monster and would destroy us — just like Lindsey Graham. Believe me, this is one thing in my life I have regretted being so right about

WATCH: Trump 2016 Voter Melts Down, Says Why He Won’t Do It Again in 2020

This is a mini-documentary that is better than anything any of us could write. It’s a testimony, done by Republican Voters Against Trump, of a voter who voted for Trump “because I couldn’t stand Hillary Clinton” but he has come to regret making that choice. Listen to the whole thing, because it builds. At the end, this former Trump voter tells Trump what he really thinks of him. Priceless. ‼️ Jeffrey voted Trump in 2016, and it's safe to say he won't be doing so again. He takes you on a ride….You gotta watch the whole thing. (Warnings: 1. NSFW 2. Wicked "Good Will Hunting" Energy) pic.twitter.com/foIo4lmaDA — Republican Voters Against Trump (@RVAT2020) July 13, 2020 The political ads coming out now are like a fireworks show. I predict that as we get near to November 3, they’re going to get wilder and end off with a grand finale. I can’t wait.

‘Trump Is Using Us’ New Ad Shows Evangelicals Waking Up, ‘We cannot elect this man again.’

A lot of the heavy lifting in this campaign is being done by the Lincoln Project, Republicans For the Rule Of Law and Republican Voters against Trump, all groups who are Republicans savaging Trump — as well he deserves.  RVAT’s latest contribution is an ad targeted at waking up the evangelicals, and it is about time. It is past time, actually. Graham, Falwell, Jeffress and the lot of them will flip when they see this. NEW AD: Six Republican voters on how @RealDonaldTrump is using Christians to promote the type of hatred that Jesus would never justify. Airing on TV this week in North Carolina. pic.twitter.com/s60pM7Csez — Republican Voters Against Trump (@RVAT2020) July 14, 2020

‘Trump’s Banana Republic’ Ad Savages Trump’s Double Standard of Persecuting Heroes While Pardoning the Swamp

Another classic ad from Republican Voters Against Trump. Trump’s Banana Republic pic.twitter.com/b6Of0RmZJG — Republican Voters Against Trump (@RVAT2020) July 11, 2020 This is banana republic fare. This is not America — but it is Trump’s America. I can’t wait to see what the Lincoln Project does.  

Ad From Republican Voters Against Trump Shows Ronald Reagan Of All People Dissing Him

This is another memorable Trump attack ad, in a campaign which has produced Oscar quality pieces. Donald Trump was supposed to be the second coming of Ronald Reagan but he’s actually the second coming of George Wallace. Listening to Reagan’s words underscoring images of Trump’s disasters is sobering. Reagan was supposed to represent the safe Republican daddy. Trump, by glaring contrast, represents the worst elements in the GOP gone batshit and then squared. Reagan’s son Michael said, when Trump was elected, “My father would never put up with this. And Nancy would have voted for Hillary.”

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