Trump’s Convention Speech Flopped Three Out Of Four Nights Dems Won Ratings

Donald Trump can’t expect the obligatory convention bounce after last night. In fact, he’ll be lucky if he gets a convention blip. Overnight Nielsen ratings are in. Trump’s acceptance speech, the longest in history and a real snoozer to boot, was not an attention grabber. It’s somewhat interesting to me that on the Dem side […]

Another Night Of Using the White House As Partisan Prop and Lies

I never thought an incumbent convention speech could be bad, but I was wrong. Donald Trump’s acceptance speech was interminable, boring and he kept losing his place on the teleprompter — and this while sweat poured off him. Night One of the RNC was actually the best, with Junior and Kimberly wasted and motor mouthing. […]

‘America’s Got Talent’ Beats RNC In Ratings Night 3. Harris Got 54% Bigger Audience Than Pence

Where is Sean Spicer when we need him, to tell us how many people watched something? The third night of the Republican National Convention, featuring Mike Pence, tanked in the ratings, being the lowest of the three nights of the convention so far. TV Line: ABC, CBS and NBC’s coverage of Night 3 of the Republican […]

RNC Night 3 Put You To Sleep Except the Fact Checkers — They Got Nightmares

John Nance Garner was a visionary. This is the man who was FDR’s vice president and who quipped that the vice-presidency “was not worth a warm bucket of piss.” He must have looked into a crystal ball and saw Mike Pence, because that basically describes the overall value and level of intellectual stimulation that Pence […]

Trump Is the Star of MAGA Theater aka the RNC and He’s Unrecognizable In the Role

It is with no small amount of elation that I note that the Republican National Convention is half over. Two nights down, tonight and tomorrow to go. I sit through this exercise in derangement because I feel compelled to do so. How else can I write about what Donald Trump’s reelection campaign is about, if […]

WATCH: Lincoln Project Distills RNC Lunacy Into ‘Trump’s America In 75 Seconds’

Make America Fear Again should be the new Trump slogan, no question about it. If you watched the Republican National Convention last night, you learned that Joe Biden is a communist, California is awash in heroin needles, SEX DRUG TRAFFICKING!!! is a major thing — oh, and be sure to get the welcome wagon basket […]

Trump Convention Loses Ratings Battle To Dems, Plus Ratings Are Much Lower Than 2016

There is going to be a roar of “Fake News!!” and the crash of a TV set splintering in Trump world when these stats filter upstairs to the Infant in Chief. Donald Trump lives for ratings. He’s going to have to cope with the fact that the first night of the Democratic National Convention got […]

Night One Of RNC Makes It Official: Trump’s Cult Sees Him As the Messiah

It’s even money who was more loaded during Night One speeches at the Republican National Convention, Donald Trump, Jr. or his main squeeze Kimberly Guilfoyle. What’s impossible to believe, is that these performances were pre-recorded, and nobody seeing them thought to ask for a second take, preferably when the participants were sober. But then again, […]

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