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Critical Juncture: As Trump Decompensates, the GOP Will Fall With Him.

I wrote a column this week noting that the entire Trump “thing,” by which I mean Trump personally and the Qanon-types, were caught up in an unsustainable march to an obvious and sad end. What I did not do is extend the logical conclusion out further, that the GOP, having tied itself to Trump, will suffer the same fate as all who have “worked with Trump.” He will take the GOP down with him. That is not necessarily as good as it might first seem. To understand the dynamic, it is necessary to revisit some principles that we all “know,” we just may not be utilizing it in our thought process. To confront the issue, one need digest a basic predicate. Dating back to at least Ronald Reagan, and perhaps even Nixon before, the GOP has been “one party” in name only. The real power behind the GOP is the moneyed-corporate interests that are after low taxes, lax regulatory administration, and saving money by diminishing social support for the poor to free up dollars for corporate welfare. The problem with this platform, other than the obvious, is that it is a platform that serves the interest of 10-20% – at most – of the total population. Tough, in a democracy, to be elected with that portion of the vote. What to do? Well, first you maximize your money advantage by getting the Supreme Court to decide that “money is speech” through Citizens United. Just as important, you minimize the Democratic vote wherever possible, shameless gerrymandering, as seen in Texas, North Carolina and Michigan, you impose voter ID laws skewed against the poor, and you have the SCOTUS dismantle the Voting Rights Act  – a law that just 7 years prior had been “re-upped” by a unanimous Senate. But, none of that is geared toward getting voters on your side. No, to get the votes needed by the Corporate wing and “normal conservatives,” they make every other issue part of a culture war. Their politicians acted like they cared about guns, that guns equated to freedom. They acted like they believed that scientists and educators were sketchy, not to be believed (but oil companies have a true heart and want what is best for all). They create their own reality, turning a downward trend in migration across the southern border into an invasion by gangs who illegally vote Democratic and get on welfare. And underlying all this is a racial animus that had to be kept somewhat “unspoken,” at least until lately. They needed this culture war since their real platform did nothing to help the day to day lives of someone living on $10/hour. So that’s the structure. They had their real agenda, the ones who controlled power, the Koch-types, Wall Street and trans-nationals. And they had their “for show” platform. The “for show” platform could be seen in a TV commercial showing young black men with their pants halfway down their ass, a young Hispanic girl in the E.R. to have her baby, a liberal scientist decrying environmental disasters and extolling teaching evolution, the underlying message being: “This is the cause of all your problems. We are against them.” The plan worked, at least once through every two administrations, and made massive gains in state government, even though the […]

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