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Republicans Hit Final Defense Wall, SONDLAND SELLS OUT TRUMP

We have all kept an eye on the ever-shifting Republican defense of Trump, knowing all along that it would get to this point. It is, however, worth noting that as Gordon Sondland, the ultimate impeachment witness, readies to testify, the Republicans have arrived at the “it doesn’t matter anyway” point. Having established that a quid pro quo existed, quid pro quo being another word for bribery or extortion, Republicans are content to say “So what? He’s Trump.” Keep in mind that at one point Lindsey Graham expressly stated that if it were proven that Trump withheld aid for an investigation into Biden, a “quid pro quo,” that would be deeply disturbing, while you read the following quotes from Rawstory. “Asking people to do something in order to get the foreign aid, that’s a relatively common occurrence with all of our foreign aid,” said Rep. Mike Conaway (R-TX), who sits on the House Intelligence Committee. “You could say all of our foreign aid is quid pro quo.” Yes, in some respects all aid is a quid pro quo, but this is the first aid that I have ever seen where the “ask” was for help in a domestic election by skewering your primary domestic political rival. “Is there anything about their conversation that merits throwing out the votes of 63 million people?” said Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL). “That’s the bottom line.” The bottom line is that we cannot trust the next vote with 120 million people when someone is using the power of the presidency to alter those votes, that is the “bottom line.” “Even if the Democrats’ fact pattern that they’ve laid out turns out to be 100 percent correct, it does not matter,” said a House Republican who requested anonymity. “The law permits the president to withhold money.” This is typical Republican thinking. Yes, the law permits the president to withhold the money. The law permits the president to pardon criminals, too. But if the president pardons criminals in exchange for $10 million per pardon, or offers pardons to those who refuse to testify against him, that is abuse of the power granted by the law, just as it is an abuse to withhold the money in search of a political favor. “It has gone from, ‘There is no quid pro quo,’ to, ‘there’s a quid and a quo but not a pro,’ to ‘even if there was a quid pro quo, it’s not that bad, this is just how things are done,” one GOP aide said. “You can say it’s bad, but it’s not impeachable.” Wrong. It is entirely impeachable, it is the definition of “impeachment worthy” offenses. If one cannot be impeached for this, I cannot think of an act that would more warrant impeachment. Republicans have entered this phase out of necessity. I suppose we should rejoice. They have no where else to hide. This is what they’ve been reduced to. Sondland’s opening statement is out. He is wholly selling Trump out, the “answer is yes, there was a quid pro quo,” and he is looking to separate himself from all this. He is blaming Rudy and Trump. Republicans will say that none of it matters, it is not impeachable, but this is going to be infinitely harder to argue against. Sondland says: “yes, there was […]

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