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Republican Mass Exodus Continues: “Childish, Petty, Bullshit”

According to a new story in the Washington Post, of the Republican congresscritters in office on the day that Donald Trump was sworn-in, 40% are gone, either voluntarily, or beaten in an election. Only the White House can outdo that kind of turnover. Congressional turnover like this is unprecedented, and it continues. A total of 18 Republicans, so far, have announced they are leaving office prior to the 2020 election. The number includes Paul Mitchell, a Michigan Republican who told the Post that he cannot deal with Trump’s antics any longer. Mitchell even attempted to meet with Trump to express his “concerns,” but: It never happened. And 10 days after the Trump tweet, Mitchell — a two-term lawmaker who thought he’d be in Congress for years to come — announced his retirement. “We’re here for a purpose — and it’s not this petty, childish b——t,” Mitchell, 62, said in an interview inearly September. Pence’s office declined to comment. It appears that no one is fooling anyone among the Republican party. After all, this man knew “bullshit” when he saw it. Then Pence’s office refused to set up a meeting between Congressman Mitchell and Trump, proving Pence’s office knew what would result, Trump hearing the truth. No, no one fooled anyone. Speaking of not fooling anyone, the Post notes that most Republicans cite “family” as the reason for stepping down, however: But behind the scenes Republicans say the trend highlights a greater pessimism about the direction of the party under Trump — and their ability to win back the House next year. The president has doubled down on an all-base strategy for his reelection campaign, making some Republicans ask whether Trump has put his own political future ahead of the long-term viability of the party of Abraham Lincoln. Trump only knows division. He has never united anything in his life. Perhaps Trump will continue to divide the Republican party into oblivion, making it a regional minority party. “Unless we figure out exactly how we’re going to win back suburban voters, we’re going to be in the minority for a while,” said a GOP leadership aide who spoke on the condition of anonymity to talk frankly. The aide said such knowledge has been driving many of the recent retirements: “I think a lot of members are pretty nervous that Trump doesn’t win reelection. And then we’re in the minority and we have a Democrat in the White House. . . . We’re in the wilderness right now, but if you lose the White House, then that is the extreme wilderness.” “Extreme Wilderness?” Well, that’s when you rely on your friends. I am sure Trump will be more than happy to help everyone out. Trump’s always been about keeping people together, never letting anyone fall behind, all for a greater cause, right? Trump being “for other people” is uproariously funny, except for the fact that “we” are supposed to be among the people he cares about, “we Americans.” Unlike Republicans in Congress, we cannot retire. **** Peace, y’all Jason jmiciak@yahoo.com  

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