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Trump Considering Dumping First Mate Pence

Who would ever have thought this could happen? Trump and Pence? They are like twins! With so much in common, a near identical set of priorities, past history, morals, and outlook on the world, how could there possibly be a gap between the two? Brace yourself, we hear reports that a “gap” is opening. President Donald Trump publicly insists everything is fine between him and Vice President Mike Pence, but there do seems to be tensions between the two men and their teams. Tension? How can tensions arise between two men that share the same figurative bed? They both face issues that inevitably arise within marriage. They both pay a price. One refuses to be alone with a woman to whom he isn’t married. The other pays a professional for women’s services and takes a good spanking as punishment. Different approach, same underlying concept, temptations threaten their marriage. The real government, Jarvanka, is not impressed with the man who fears being spanked, the man unwilling to pay women for their work: Jarvanka feels strongly enough about the divergent approach that the “White House” had to deny their strong beliefs. White House officials have denied rumors that Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump have discussed replacing Pence on the 2020 ticket with former UN ambassador Nikki Haley, but cracks have developed beneath the surface between the president and his running mate, reported Yahoo News. Because rumors have a habit of starting themselves, this was a good idea. It certainly will end all speculation. We should note that the assumption that Nikki Haley would allow herself to be alongside Trump in any context, never mind run as Vice President, seems a bit of a reach. Nikki Haley has proven herself to be her own woman, smart, sensible, a person self-aware enough to realize she is far more attractive than Mike Pence and not just politically. She has reason enough to sidestep Trump’s desires. But Trump himself seems more bothered by his brother in arms, Mike Pence: “The perception is that Pence’s team is difficult to work with,” said one Trump adviser, who said Trump occasionally seeks his staffer’s opinions on the vice president and his aides. “That just doesn’t come up organically. Somebody is saying that to the president.” I understand. I am sure that team Trump has difficulty finding common ground with someone who has not been pictured with Jeffery Epstein. Team Pence works for a man who fears his sexual desires enough to never be without “mother” in the presence of other women. Team Trump works for a man who engineered an entire squad of school girls to attend to him, avoiding even the appearance of being alone with an actual “woman.” But friction has arisen. Which is not to say that the VP team is willing to give up power over a little disagreement about how to treat women, or girls, as the case may be. This is, after all, about power, and power makes for strange bedmates (sorry, I will try to stop, no promises). “There are certain pockets out there that want to solve their problems by replacing the running mate,” said one Pence adviser. “But we’re on the team. We might be JV, but we’re helping re-elect him.” “We are helping to elect him because without him, […]

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