Herman Cain hospitalized with ‘serious’ COVID-19 symptoms after attending Trump’s Tulsa rally

On June 20, 2012 Republican presidential contender Herman Cain attended Trump's mask-optional rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Twelve days later, the tenders of Cain's Twitter...

Trump’s Tulsa Rally Was A Flop, And They Know It.

Apparently the bloom is officially off of the rose. Trump’s much vaunted campaign launch rally is over, and to say that it was underwhelming would be kind. And the results of this rally are going to dog the Trump campaign for days, if not weeks. It was supposed to be the Cecil B DeMille spectacular to end all spectaculars. The Trump campaign bragged that they were more than oversold out for the 19,000 seat arena that they booked.  They were going to use the convention center next door for overflow seating, with big screen TV’s  and piped in audio from the blessed event. And in the end, it all came a cropper. I just saw footage on MSNBC, and there were two Trump acolytes sitting in what appeared to be the second balcony, their arms spread out over chair backs, with nothing but a sea of empty seats all around them. I just heard an estimate that the arena was at least 1/4 full. But that doesn’t mean that nobody cares. There was a Black Lives Matter rally outside of the venue that by appearances may have been just about as large, if not marginally larger than the crowd inside of the arena. And they weren’t going anywhere. This was a total debacle, and the Trump campaign and the White House knows it. Before the rally was even over, the campaign put out a bad tempered press release, blaming protesters and the media for the less than sterling crowd size. This had to come as somewhat of a surprise to the media, who had been covering the growing number of bucket heads that had lined up for seats since Tuesday. Trump was Trump. Nothing more, and nothing less. He peddled hatred, racism, and threw out as much red meat as he could chuck while he was busy blowing a dog whistle with his mouth. He railed against the radical left, and he ranted about AOC and Ilhan Omar, and the rest of the squad, and he repeated ad nauseum his endless litany of victimization. But reporters in the arena said that actually, Trump looked listless and unenthusiastic. Personally, I think that Trump was stunned by the vast number of empty seats, which the campaign had no chance to cover up with ceiling to floor drapes. This is freakin’ Oklahoma that we’re talking about there! Blood red Trump country. There is no way that Trump will lose Oklahoma in the general election, He specifically chose this venue because he could count on rabid support to come out and worship at the Trump alter. Trump has been frustrated and furious for months now that he couldn’t salve his savaged feelings with a good, old fashioned rally before the faithful, and instead he’s greeted with a 3/4 empty auditorium. Take my word for it, there is going to be blood in the gutters, and not just some lower echelon drones. This was to be Trump’s triumphant emergence from hibernation, and somebody is going to have to pay. At this point there is nobody in the campaign that will be safe from Trump’s wrath. There is no way to know what effect, if any, that the coronavirus had on his crowd size, My personal feeling is not much. The people that CNN and MSNBC were interviewing all week were faithful […]

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