MADE MY DAY !!!! "White Lives Matter' rallies flop"

Saw an NBC news story presented on my Yahoo feed 'White Lives Matter' rallies flop as hardly anyone shows up.   What the title does...

Another Day, Another Trump rally. What Could Go Wrong?

I stood like this, ma. *boxers stance* But not for long.   Curly Howard I give up. I mean, we are truly crossing the line into the theater of the absurd. Even mental institutions will only catch a patient banging his head off a wall so many times before they move him to a room with nice soft padding. If all goes well(?) it looks like Saturday it’s Portsmouth New Hampshire’s turn in the barrel. After a couple of weeks of screaming, crying, and pouting about the abysmal performance and crowd at the Tulsa rally, Trump is climbing back in the saddle and galloping off to whack his head on another low hanging branch. First, a quick review. A couple of weeks ago, His Lowness held a pathetic excuse for a rally in coronavirus swept Tulsa, Oklahoma. He was slammed for the gathering in a closed venue, no masks, and a lack of social distancing, even though each person could have had their own row. He got hit harder when video showed event employees trying to move people closer together to make the crowd look larger for the cameras. The size of the spike Trump created at this circus buffet is unknown, it’ll take another week or so for those numbers. A couple of days later, Trump packs another 3500 young supporters (The Twitler Youth?) into a mega church in Phoenix, being as badly hammered as Tulsa, for an hour and a half. Again, slammed for no masks, and packing them in like sardines. Again we will have to wait for concrete numbers on the damage assessment for that rally to properly assess blame. But never let it be said that the Trump campaign is incapable of learning from past stupid mistakes. They did, so now they’re setting out to make a brand new, fresh, stupid mistake. Saturday’s rally is scheduled to be held at an open airport hanger. Masks will be handed out to attendees, and the campaign says that this time they’ll  be encouraged to use them. The rationale is obvious. By using an open venue, the campaign is hoping to stifle criticism for packing people together into enclosed places. The problem is that it’s a stupid idea, and it won’t work. First of all, the hanger is open on two sides, with two walls, and a roof, so already you’re cutting the air circulation capacity. And second, they won’t be able to practice social distancing, since the hangar will likely hold less than 5000 people, and if you set them up 6 feet apart, the crowd wouldn’t be worth the effort. The campaign is trying to reap the benefits of an outdoor gathering without taking the necessary steps to ensure personal safety. Outdoor gatherings are safer than indoor gatherings, but only when the rules are followed! Family units in a park or beach can sit together, but should still be maintaining a distance of at least 6 feet on all sides from outsiders. But the Trump campaign is going to jam them cheek-to-jowl together in that hanger, and claim it’s safe because it’s being held outside. The Trump campaign is going to catch shit for this stunt, simply because there has already been public pushback against it. The Mayor of Miami Beach closed the beaches for the holiday weekend specifically because it was impossible to […]

Tickets Required. Common Sense Optional.

Well, tonight’s the big night, and ya know what? Fuck ’em. Every last man jackin’ one of ’em. And the horse they rode in on. If these empty headed Trumplets are willing to sit and stand in the rain for 3-4 days to watch a pumpkin in an Armani suit waddle out and scream up their nose for two hours, they deserve what they get. Likewise, if they know better, and are selfish and self indulgent enough to walk into that arena just to piss off us libtards, enjoy your respirator vacations y’all. No skin off of my nose. But that’s not to say that I’m devoid of empathy. Far from it, I’m actually full to the gunwales with empathy. But that empathy is reserved for everybody who is unfortunate to know, live with, or work with these EEG flatliners, or anybody unfortunate enough to bump up against them in the coming days. Because at 9:30 or 10 o’clock tonight, when those doors open up, and all of those sated Trimbies come shambling out of that arena, it stops being purely a Tulsa problem. MSNBC has had reporters on the ground since Tuesday, handed the unfortunate task of actually putting these denuded souls on national television. And what they found should make everybody less than thrilled. Those people standing around in line to bow before His Lowness weren’t just local Oklahoma residents, or even those statewide. They also interviewed people who had driven up from Texas, Kansas, Arkansas, and even Tennessee. Notice anything similar there? They’re all red states, and all struggling with the coronavirus through their own ignorance and incompetence. And when those doors open tonight, all of those self indulgent idjits are going to go back where they came from. And that’s when the shit will hit the fan. We all know the timeline by now. 8-14 days of gestation after initial infection, followed by 4-10 additional days before the symptoms get severe enough to require medical intervention. And this is one time when you’re not going to need trained investigators to track the source of the outbreak. Because if there’s one thing we know about these MAGA morons, they’re not only dirt stupid, they’re also arrogant. You can bet your ass that any one of these twits that drove for hours to get to Tulsa has spent at least the entire week prior bragging about it. And three weeks from now, when the two people standing next to Stewie on the line at the oil change shop come down with the virus, it’s not going to be hard to come up with a handy culprit. And while all attendees may have signed a questionable waiver giving Trump and his campaign a free pass for trying to kill them, nobody else did. And I’m willing to bet that there are lawyers out there who can prove a rally connection to an infection of an innocent person will be willing to sue Trump and the campaign for depraved indifference. This was a stupid idea to start with, but what did you expect. But the Trump campaign has gone to every length to make this as dangerous as possible for all involved. And sadly, the negative consequences will not be limited to the imbecile trolls who chose to put themselves into that […]

A Campaign Like No Other?

I was heartened yesterday to hear Senator Chris Coons tell MSNBC that the Democrats in the Senate were hell bent on getting the Wyden-Klobuchar bill paying for and expanding vote-by-mail to all 50 states into the upcoming Senate stimulus package, and failing that, the House plans to introduce it as am amendment. This is something that should grow legs, as more and more cities and even states go into basically a lockdown state, and the election looms closer. There is a reason that it’s becoming more and more important. As the coronavirus pandemic worsens, and the Trump administration careens further and further out of control in its response, Trump’s reelection chances are going to dim like a candle stub. If this goes through the summer, watch for His Lowness to try to use it to push off the election, he won’t be able to stop himself. And God knows, his own personal lawyer tried that same lame shit to stay in power in New York longer after 9/11, until he got slapped down by the state. Trump has already sacrificed his two greatest  pleasures at the altar of the coronavirus, golf, and mass rallies. Oh sure, El Pendejo President could still hop on up to Camp David and play a round or two there, but what’s the point? After all, half the fun of playing golf is listening to the lovely sound of KA-CHING while you’re ripping off the American taxpayers for your Secret Service detail’s food and lodging. And with the pounding that Trump is taking over the coronacirus response, can you imagine what his schedule would be like if cities and states weren’t banning large gatherings? He’d be on the road 7 days a week, a different rally every night to sooth his ravaged ego. If this crisis goes deep into the summer, Trump will have no choice except to try to find a way around the ban on mass gatherings. It’s just that simple. Because, here’s the big difference between the Democrats and Trump in this election. Biden and Sanders are trying to talk to every American, That can easily be accomplished by things like prime time speeches, and online town halls and rallies. But for Trump to be effective, he must have huge crowds at mass rallies. That’s the only way it works for him. Try this simple experiment, and you’ll see what I mean. As much as you all try to avoid it, you’ve all seen clips of Trump rallies. Close your eyes, and recall one, any one, they’re all the same. There’s Trump, standing behind a podium, trying to rewrite Jabberwock, while 15,000 empty headed spastics scream and yell and jump up and down like they have honey badgers in their underwear. That’s enough! Open your eyes, and take a deep breath. A shot of tequila should help. Now, close your eyes again and re-imagine the same scene, but with only Trump in the room. See what I mean? Without the crowd for a soundtrack, it sounds exactly like it is, nonsensical gibberish. Now, to complete the experiment, close your eyes, and imagine 15,000 Trumpista’s sitting their living rooms, and watching that second rally on tv. Half of the Trump experience is the crowd feeding off of themselves, and each other. Trump may be saying the same old, lame shit, […]

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