Adam Schiff: Trump deal with ZTE a ‘violation of the emoluments clause’

Article I, Section 9, Clause 8 of the Constitution: No American officeholder shall, “without the consent of the Congress, accept of any present, emolument, office, or title, OF ANY KIND WHATEVER, from any king, prince, or foreign state.” ...

Trump’s hotel is getting a big payday from the people who wanted the Keystone Pipeline

What do you get when you use your executive powers to drive through an unpopular and economically and environmentally dubious pipeline? You get some of that pay-to-play money Donald Trump was so fond of talking about during his campaign. As the...

In Latest Ethics Offense, NRCC Offers Supporter a Stay in Trump’s Hotel In Exchange for Donation

"Donald Trump should not be personally profiting off the presidency."

Invoice shows U.S. taxpayers billed $546 per night for government officials to stay at Mar-a-Lago

The Washington Post got their hands on an invoice for a two-night, single-room occupancy stay at unpopular President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago “Winter White House” resort. The invoice was given to an advocacy group who had made a Freedom of Information...

Trump says his tax plan won’t benefit the rich, but this 5 second GIF utterly destroys that notion

After failing to achieve the rest of his agenda, Donald Trump has moved on to tax cuts, or as Republicans call it “tax reform.” On Wednesday, he flatly claimed, “The rich will not be gaining at all with this plan.”

It’s cash for access as Trump profits big league from lobbyist and CEO members at his golf clubs

When it comes to buying access and influence with Donald Trump, lobbyists and corporate CEOs who want things from the government can skip the campaign middleman and put money directly into Trump’s pockets while getting access to him at his most relaxed...

Boom—evidence shows Trump added 49 for-profit businesses to his empire since running/taking office

On Tuesday, the non-profit watchdog Public Citizen released a report and interactive dataset that shows Donald Trump has added 49 new “for profit” businesses to his empire after announcing his candidacy, after winning and while in office. Nadia Prupis...

Donald Trump uses Hurricane Harvey to showcase $40 hats they can buy at his store

Nothing says “presidential” like shilling your “USA” hats during a national emergency.

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Biden tells Trump to pound sand on his executive privilege claim in Jan. 6 probe

The days of the federal government blindly providing Donald Trump with blanket immunity for his crimes against the republic...

Cartoon: The haunting of the White House

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