News Flash For The GOP. The World Has Changed

Oh God, I could be bounded in a nutshell, and count myself a king of infinite space, were it not that I have bad dreams   William Shakespeare   Hamlet Please spare me, we are not early on yet, and anything can happen. A year ago we were early on, the democratic field was still growing, and we were […]

Cats In A Sack

God, I love it when they eat their young!   Murfster35 A crisis is the ultimate test of leadership. It’s also the most difficult to navigate, because it is normally unplanned and unexpected, it can spin off madly in all different directions, and every action taken is magnified, because a single misstep can have the most grave consequences. But it’s also the single most important reason why we elect our officials. And in this crisis, the difference between Democrats and Republicans in terms of leadership is as vast as the difference between sushi and a tuna salad sandwich. Those differences are being played out in the most public way possible, in the lead up to an election that will determine not only the White House, but likely also control of the Senate, based on leadership. Since day one, the Democrats have had their shit together, both at the state and federal level. As the first state to get hit, Washington Democratic Governor Jay Inslee had to plot uncharted territory, and did the best job possible. In Washington DC, the Democrats, led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, seized the day. In rapid succession, Pelosi drafted, voted on, and passed two emergency funding bills to start the battle in earnest, and in each put in things that infuriated Ditch McConnell, but that he was powerless to strip out, and that Trump had to sign. And when McConnell and Mnuchin tried to put in a “”no-look” corporate giveaway in the stimulus bill, the Democrats made sure there was oversight to put limits on the largesse. If there is one thing that the Democrats have been, from the state level to the national level, it is unified. From day one it was the Democrats who, at both levels, sounded the alarm and begged for proactive preparation. Every request, demand, and bill that the Democrats have crafted have been focused on the emergency response, and the people most effected, and they’ve made damn sure that everybody knows it. On the Republican side, there has been no leadership whatsoever, which should surprise no one. From day one, Trump has been purely ornamental, you half expect him to spread his arms, lift one leg behind him, and have water come shooting out of his mouth. This is why McConnell has been able to do nothing but pass judges, Trump refuses to give him even an inkling of an actual agenda to move on. Trump has spent three years bellowing out This is the song that never ends while his GOP caucus joined the singalong. This is the cats in a sack part, and I am so loving it. The GOP is incapable of leading, and they know it. They had the House, the Senate, and the White House for two years, and could accomplish nothing but a corporate tax cut giveaway. But Trump is the President, so the GOP is in charge, and everybody is watching, and looking to them for leadership. And they’re wilting under the heat. The GOP has a problem, they can’t turn on Trump, sp they’re turning on each other instead. Without directly criticizing Trump, GOP .Governors are making it clear that they don’t give a fat rats ass what Trump says, they’ll lift their state restrictions when they’re damn good and ready. When the emergency stimulus bill passed the House […]

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