Cartoon: The USPS's new and improved truck

ICE and the Postal Service are still run by rogue Trumpers. Seems like something a party with a trifecta could undo.

New York Federal Court Orders DeJoy’s USPS Changes Reversed, Mail-In Ballots Have Priority

We can certainly use some good news right about now and here it is. Mondaire Jones is a Democrat running for the House in NY-17 and he brought suit against the Post Office, after Louis DeJoy started wrecking it, and won. We did it. ✅ All election mail will be treated as First-Class Mail or […]

‘It’s Going to Take Everyone’: Demonstrations Planned Nationwide to ‘Save the Post Office From Trump’

As the House Democratic leadership calls members back to Washington, D.C. for an emergency vote on legislation to reverse Postmaster General Louis DeJoy's disruptive...

Pelosi Debating Calling the House Back Into Session After Taking Considerable Heat Over Post Office Crisis

Nancy Pelosi had an emergency leadership call with other House members Saturday and she is seriously considering cutting short the month long recess, to address the issue of Donald Trump dismantling the post office. Literally, his postmaster general is ripping mail boxes off the sidewalk and carrying them away in trucks, while inside postal facilities, […]

Postmaster General spurns Trump, blames 1st quarter revenue losses on government—not Amazon

Last month, while continuing his slanderous Twitter tirades against Amazon, Inc. and its founder Jeff Bezos, Donald Trump said the United States Post Office was losing billions due to its “Delivery Boy” deal with Amazon. Here is one sample of his...

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Barr warned Trump swing voters think he’s a ‘f—ing a–hole’

Donald Trump45th President of the United StatesWilliam Barr77th and 85th United States Attorney General The new book about former President...
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don't you remember when Obama destroyed Rock & Roll, because some angry white men do

RWNJ disinformation continues at its most absurd. Then again maybe these folks have been talking to Nicki Minaj’s cousin’s...

Yet another anti-vax, homophobic local right wing radio host has quit breathing due to COVID

The deadly contrast between national right wing media figures and local right wing radio cranks continues, unabated. While the vaccinated...

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The exploiting of and problems with the 1st amendment

We have to guard against the victors and monied...
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