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‘Four Score and Seven Covfefes Ago…’ Lincoln’s Bust Suffers Indignity at W.H. Dumba** Fest.

(Above – Poster – “Who can figure out the meaning of covfefe??? Enjoy!”) How better to display one’s total disrespect of and desire to obliterate any semblance of regard for what remains of the reputation American culture and letters than to display a prop memorializing the utter ignorance and jackfoonery of our least grammatically enabled Chief executive next to a bust honoring our most literate one? Attendees of yesterday’s White House Social Media ‘rasslin’ match, which attempted to inculcate in the American consciousness such lowlights and dimwits as QAnon conspiracy promoter and right-wing radio rodeo -clown Bill Mitchell, Maxwell Smart wannabe and founder of the inaptly named lie factory Project Veritas attendee James O’Keefe, crazy cousin who won’t stop sending you birther emails representative Marsha Blackburn, strong arming idiot and  MADD scourge Floriduh Rep. Matt Gaetz, not to mention the incredible Gorka, were likely dumbfounded (as they inevitably are) and delighted at just such a tableau on display in the hollowed out halls. And then they got to hear it speak! Washington Post “But in seemingly candid comments, Trump offered a rare glimpse into his largely transactional approach to Twitter. Between remarks to the assembled crowd of conservative social media influencers at the White House, he cracked wise on everything from his spelling mishaps (“If I have a spelling deal, they will put it on”) to his view of the medium (“I call Twitter a typewriter”). Trump bemoaned the news media’s apparent harping on even his smallest errors — “Any kind of a punctuation mistake, they put it on,” he said,  “so I’m very, very careful” — and claimed that he’s actually something of a human spell-checker. “Really I’m actually a good speller, but everyone said the fingers aren’t as good as the brain,” the president said.” Good Lord, those tiny digits are truly beyond all hope in that case. “Trump also talked about his almost childlike glee in sending out a tweet and watching the number of people who follow on Twitter methodically tick up. “A good tweet, it goes up,” the president said. Adopting the tone of an auctioneer, Trump began rattling through how his follower count would creep northward, often after an incendiary missive. “It used to go up, it would say 7,000, 7,008-7,000, 7,017, 7,024, 7,032, 7,044, right?” he said, to laughter. “Now it goes 7,000, 7,008, 6,998. Then they go 7,009, 6,074. I say, ‘What is going on? It never did that before.’ ” Between this event and the Wingnut-Woodstock at his Memorial last week, poor marbleized Honest Abe must be ready to re-animate and take a rail-splitter handle to these idiots. I, on the other hand, am delighted for the opportunity to typewriter this, put it on and watch it tick up. Thank you all for reading. Please follow me on Twitter @durrati

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