The Democrats Learned From History. GOP History

It seems like forever ago, but in reality it isn’t that long. It was only a decade ago that three young, brash, loud mouthed Republican’s named Kevin McCarthy, Eric Cantor, and Paul Ryan sat down to pen a book. They wrote the book to celebrate their election to the US House in the GOP Revolution election of 2010. The book was called, The Young Guns; A New Generation Of Conservative Leaders. The book itself was nothing to write home about, a couple of hundred pages of self congratulatory nut licking as they regaled their readers with the massive renovation the party would be going through now that they held the reins of power. There was only one small problem. McCarthy, Cantor and Ryan weren’t actually holding the reins of power, and the established GOP leadership had absolutely no interest in giving these three big mouth chuckleheads any power. Ryan was a data weenie, so they gave him the House Ways and Means committee, so he could create the kinds of radical budgets so draconian that even Republicans wouldn’t vote for them. They gave the other two their choice of posts, then told them all to sit down and shut up. And to their eternal shame, they mostly did, you’re hard pressed to find any radical new legislation or ideology that any of them pushed while they were in congress. And where are they now? Cantor got primaried out of a job by a RWNJ college professor who spent less money on his campaign than Cantor spent filling his car with gas. Paul Ryan retired from congress rather than keep fighting with the Tea Party maniacs who were elected along with him in 2010, after becoming a sacrificial  lamb Speaker. Kevin McCarthy is wandering around the House looking for all the world like a hamster whose wheel just jammed. The same antiquated fossils are still running the show, and oh, yeah, they have a narcissistic 74 year old maniac in the Oval Office. In 2018, the Democrats held a little weave election of their own. Only instead of having 3 piddly young guns come to Washington, they elected 40 of them. And these larval congress critters didn’t come to Washington bellowing about how great they are, they came to Washington talking about how they had come to serve their constituents. This is where the Democrats actually learned from GOP history. In 2010, those young guns got elected because they ran on ideas and policies that their voters actually wanted to hear and see. And instead, the senior leadership of the GOP shut ’em down, and shut ’em up. Instead, they continued to push a tired and old ideology that was already dying a slow death via the mortality tables. The Democrats are not making the same mistakes. The Democrats are welcoming their new bloods, and letting them learn the ropes. They have put out bills they know can’t pass the Senate, so that young members can show their constituents that they’re keeping their words. And they’re pushing hard at ideas popular nationally, letting the GOP Senate take the heat for stopping progress. The Democratic leadership isn’t just giving these young leaders show leadership positions, they are mentoring and tutoring them. Just look at the number of freshman who took part in the impeachment trial in […]

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