“Image Is Everything”

Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Who’s the fairest one of all   Snow White We are a culture obsessed with visuals and image. Sweet Jesus, a year after plunking down $1200 for a cell phone, the same alleged adult will run out and blow another $1200 on one with a 1/2″ larger screen. We will gladly consign out 50″ LCD TV to the attic under an old sheet as quickly as we can hit up Dollar Loan Center for a 62″ in time for the Super Bowl. Apple is touting a new phone with three camera lenses on it. News flash bozos, I can barely center my cat in the frame of a basic digital PhD (Push here Dummy) camera. And in these impeachment hearings, the visuals, or “optics” are going to kill the GOP. It was reported that Wednesday’s hearing was viewed by 13 million people spread across the  major networks, with who knows how many more streaming it. We’ll have to see what today’s head count was in a day or two. But since these hearings are not playing out in reality like a Steve Martini novel, people likely have the volume at a manageable level for background to hear anything interesting. Which means that what most people are noticing are the images that they see when they glance up at the screen. Which is bad news for the GOP. Somebody needs to impress on Jim Jordan that sitting there with his suit coat off, collar button undone, and sleeves rolled up does not make him look like a harried career prosecutor, doggedly seeking the truth, rather it makes him look like the putz in the office that nobody can stand, who gets all the shit jobs that nobody else wants to handle. Likewise, after having complained ceaselessly about being snubbed, when the chairman cuts him some slack by allowing him extra time, the correct response is not to insult the chairman for his courtesy. It makes anybody with supervisory authority think to themselves how that guy would be on the street so fast that he’d have asphalt burns on his ass, and the worker drones to think, “God, what a dick!” But it’s even worse. Get away from the optics of Jim Jordan for a minute, looking like a guy who wore stone washed jeans and a dead head t-shirt to his uncle’s funeral, and look at the comparison between the main cast of characters. pan back and look at a visual comparison of the main cast of characters, the Democratic called witnesses, and the people they are testifying about. First look at the witnesses that the Democrats are calling to the stand. Well dressed, quiet, sincere lifelong civil or foreign service professionals. They go to great, almost painful lengths in their answers to prove that they are non political, and non partisan. Some, if not all of them, are basically throwing away their careers by ding the right thing, and showing up to testify. They go out of their way to avoid voicing any personal opinions, and speak only to the facts as they know them. The Democrats have gone to great lengths to personalize them, their records, their experience, their service. They are dream witnesses. Now, let’s look at the main cast of characters on the GOP side. For starters, there’s Rudy […]

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