I Have A Suggestion For A Cabinet Appointment

‘Tis the season. The season of arm twisting, eye gouging, and power playing to have the maximum effect for the selections of the cabinet of the incoming Biden administration. Hispanics and African Americans played a pivotal part in Biden’s election, and now you have everybody from the National Urban League, the NAACP, the Congressional Black […]

Quit Worrying! He. Will. Leave.

Oh. My. God! What is it with us Democrats? In 2016, Hillary got complacent and lazy in the rust belt states, minorities got lazy and complacent in the urban areas, and a guy who shouldn’t have been able to get elected to the camera crew of Blues Clues ended up in the White House. Get over it. Life sucks, get a fucking helmet. In 2018, the Democrats had the best of all possible leading indicators of a blue tsunami, the GOP themselves. After all, nobody walks away from a 6 figure, part time job with world class bennies unless they’re terrified. And they did, in near record numbers. And still the Democrats wailed and moaned, gnashed their teeth and thumped their breasts, and fainting couch factories had to go to overtime to supply the demand. And now we’re in 2020. Biden has built a sturdy lead, on an average of 10 points nationally, and leads in every battleground state, including some that shouldn’t even be battleground states, largely outside of the margin of error. It’s time to put the pedal to the metal, but the goal is in plain and clear sight. Even the worst 2016 nervous Nellie Democrats are having trouble trying to stoke the kind of insanity that they did in 2018. But being Democrats, we have to have something to fret and obsess over. And led by comedian Bill Maher, the latest craze is Trump not leaving office in January if he loses in November. Oh. Fucking. Please. There are so many reason’s why this is absurd. For starters, it doesn’t require the sitting presidents approval, nor should it to certify the results of an election, or the electoral college vote. Will Trump kick up a stink and try to cause trouble? Of course he will, it’s what he does. But can he stop it? Absolutely not. Right now, there are a bunch of different reasons people are quoting, and I’ll deal with each in turn. The Secret Service – Fucking fuggetaboudit! The Secret Service serves and protects the President, not the man. And at 12:01 in the afternoon on January 20th, 2021, Donald Trump becomes a trespasser on White House property. And look at it this way. As shitty as Donald trump treats everybody else, how do you think he treats a bunch of what he considers hired janissaries like the Secret Service? I’m betting most of them are just praying for His Lowness to give them an excuse to perp walk him to Marine One for his last trip back to Florida. The Military – Again, fucking fuggetaboudit! We’re dealing with Donald Trump here, which means that he could fuck up a one car funeral. In August of 2019, 5 months before the first Democratic primary votes were cast, Trump tried to strong arm the newly elected President of the Ukraine to dig up dirt on his likely opponent, Joe Biden. The whole thing was so ridiculous that not only did Trump get impeached over it, it was so thoroughly dis-proven that it became useless as an attack weapon for Trump during the campaign. More recently, in the middle of the Black Lives Matter protests over the death of George Floyd, Trump decided that he wanted to have a photo op at a graffities church. He conned JCS Chief Mark Milley into following him like some complacent sheep, in full fatigues […]

Consider This. They’re Just Getting Their “Sea Legs”

I think that people should be allowed to do anything they want. We haven’t tried that one for a while. Who knows, maybe it’ll work this time   George Carlin When people ask me if I’m an optimist or a pessimist, I tell them I’m a cheerful pessimist. The words I live by are An optimist sees the glass as half full. A pessimist sees the glass as half empty. I look at the glass and say “Ewww! Somebody’s been drinking outta that thing! It was only a few days ago that I sat down at this keyboard, and wrote about what it was that I thought separated the police sanctioned execution of George Floyd from all of the other black life tragedies we seem to see every time we turn on our goddamn televisions. I wrote of a few reasons why I thought that a confluence of conditions sadly made George Floyd the perfect man at the perfect moment. And as I sit here again tonight, typing away, I continue to be in awe. In awe of the passion and resilience of the protests, now entering their third week, sure, but equally in awe of the speed with which real, effective change is already being undertaken  at the local and state level. George Floyd will not go down in history as a martyr to a cause, rather he will go down in history as an engine of social justice change, along the lines of Martin Luther King and Mahatma Ghandi. But as I continue to watch the coverage of the protests, and see more and more interviews with the protesters, I realized something that not only stunned me senseless, but it also brought a feeling of confidence that the heart of this cheerful pessimist never thought I would feel. I realized that we’ve seen this before, and not all that long ago. The systemic reason for the outrage was different, but the outcome was strikingly similar. Cast your mind back to the spring leading up to the 2018  midterm elections. Other than the almost daily outrages of His Dickishness, what was the overriding social issue going into that election. I’ll tell you what it was. It was 15 minutes of terror that changed forever the lives of the entire student population of Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida. It wasn’t the first mass shooting at a school, and sadly not the last. But the students of MSD decided that while they may have had to suffer through the nightmare, no other high school student or parent ever should. Instead they used their innate social media skills, they activated, the organized, and they became a force to be reckoned with. Being young, innocent, and tragic, they were tailor made for the cameras. They coordinated national school walk outs to protest lax gun laws and the over sized influence of the NRA in Washington and state capitols. They reminded all and sundry that they were just about ready to vote for the first time, and they threatened dire consequences to those who fucked with them. And by the day after election day of 2018, Florida had passed gun legislation, other states were following suit, and dozens of NRA rated GOP House incumbents were filling out and updating their resumes. Do yourself a favor. Over the next day […]

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