Fire Up The 25th Amendment. And Fire Those Doctors!

OK, fuck it, this is just ridiculous. 2:30 PDT on a Sunday afternoon, and out of nowhere, and for no previously announced medical or logical reason, Trump’s motorcade crawls out of the front driveway like they’re trying out for the role of the tortoise in the race with the hare. Nobody had the slightest idea […]

Shh! Listen…What DON’T You Hear?

Drivin’ for Jesus., Drivin’ for Jesus. Makin’ ALL the lights!   George Carlin Today’s look at the Coronavirus Dashboard on MSMURFBC is brought to you by TrumpDiva, the world’s first shit flavored laxative, because Trump supporters will swallow ANYTHING It’s only getting worse, not only for the states, but for those GOP Governors. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis got so rattled that he actually wore a mask in public while explaining just how serious the coronavirus really is, but still insisted that blowing $200 on a ticket, and wandering around wearing mouse ears all day was just the ticket for what ailed you. Brian Kemp in Georgia is still trying to add 65,000 voters to the 2018 voting rolls so that Stacey Abrams can take over this shit sandwich, and Greg Abbott in Texas spoke at length about how serious the virus surge in Texas has gotten, and how Texans are going to have to start taking some personal responsibility for taking preemptive action to help to stop the spread, And Doug Ducey in Arizona gave a speech in which he stated that this was only the first wave, and not the last one, and that things would get worse before they get better. None of them ordered mandatory mask wear in public, but none of them slammed mask wear either. And DeSantis, Abbott, and Ducey all announced that their re-openings were being stopped in their tracks. When you look at these guys, they all share a common characteristic. They all have that deer in the headlights look, like “How could this get so far out of control?” Being a Governor under Trump was supposed to be like playing mailbox baseball, even if you got caught, Dad knows the sheriff, so there’s no problem. And suddenly they have another voice in their drunken aria. For the last 3-4 weeks, while his neighboring red states were suffering the tortures of the damned, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson has been one cocky little son of a bitch. He has gone on show after show, including MSNBC to tout his brilliance as a leader, and how rosy the coronavirus situation in Arkansas was. Plenty of beds and respirators, and well rested doctors and nurses. Not anymore. Arkansas cases are soaring, and his own state university Medical center models are projecting that Arkansas won’t see it’s peak until late September or early October, at which time their load will be 30X what it is currently, capping out at some 150,000 cases, and they’re already pushing the limits right now. As far as I can tell, Asa Hutchinson has gone into the Witness Protection Program. And as one would expect, as the numbers get progressively worse, so do Trump’s job approval and reelection numbers. And over the last week or so, I’ve noticed something, especially in the aftermath of the Tulsa and Phoenix rallies. None of these people can seem to remember Trump’s name anymore. In Tulsa, officials, including the Governor spoke about how they wished that The President had decided to reschedule the rally, or go somewhere else. The day after Phoenix, Ducey spoke of being on stage with The President. These guys used to drop his name like a trucker trying to get into Studio 54, and now they can’t even spell it. Because they want the distance, and calling Trump The President depersonalizes him. But they won’t get it. Ever give a ball of yarn to a cat or kitten? It’s […]

Mitt Piles On, And Shows The Democrats The Way

Because members of congress have to be so scripted in everything they say to protect their jobs,it is a rare and most enjoyable thing to see one unchained. That most often occurs when one is retiring, he can speak his mind without fear of having to please either party leaders, or his or her own constituents. They take shots because they know they can with no fear of retribution. Which makes it even more enjoyable to watch a congressman or Senator go for the fences when he has no intention of retiring, daring the gods. And GOP Senator Mitt Romney of Utah is just such a man. When it comes to speaking his mind, especially against a pocket tyrant like Donald Trump, Romney hits the trifecta. First, he’s not in the 2020 cycle, so he doesn’t have the Trump anchor around his neck. Second, by the next time he does run, in 2024, Trump is a non factor, whether he’s reelected in 2020 or not. And third, Romney’s home state of Utah hates Trump’s ever loving guts, so he can get away with pretty much anything on that score. And on questioning on the Senate HELP committee today questioning the Trump coronavirus task force mucky-mucks today, Romney came out with all guns blazing. Romney’s first task of the day was taking Trump’s show Admiral to the woodshed over his rosy statements regarding the US’s coronavirus testing vs South Korea. In the Rose garden yesterday, he gushed over the fact that the United States was now doing far more testing than South Korea. Romney was having none of it. He told the admiral that his comparison wasn’t really a legitimate one, since the South Korans came out of the gate testing like bastard maniacs while Trump futzed around with fantasies of having 0 cases, and miracle cures. He went on to say that if you looked at the numbers, South Koreas testing numbers were going down, down, down, mainly because they had already tested almost their entire population, while outs were going up, up, up, because we were trying to get out from behind the 8 ball on testing. He then reminded the admiral that while the US has ore than 80,000 coronavirus deaths, the South Koreans only have a 258, which spoke volumes about the accuracy and efficacy of the two countries testing regimens. Then Romney set his sights on Dr Fauci. Romney brought up the fact that Trump had directly held former President Barack Obama for the whole mess, for not having a vaccine all ready to go for the crisis. Romney asked Fauci whether either Obama or Trump were to blame for the lack of a vaccine, to which Fauci replied no. Since this was an unknown strain of virus, it would be impossible to have a vaccine for an unknown. And another bad tempered tweet bites the dust. The very next Senator in the batters box, Alabama Democrat Doug Jones, picked up right where Romney had so graciously left off. He again brought up the comparison between the US and South Korea, reminding all and sundry that while the US has only 6 times the population of South Korea, they have 10 times the death rate, any head-to-head comparison is nothing to brag about. Each, in their own rather pointed way of questioning the witnesses, […]

The Latest Brewing Trump Administration Scandal

But what if it wasn’t accidental Scully? What if the government actually knew what was happening?   Fox Mulder   The X-Files If you spend as much time as I do in the company of CNN and MSNBC, you might have noticed a subtle, yet discernible shift the last couple of days. As the desperate situation in New York finally appears to be stabilizing, and possibly even easing slightly, and as more American cities appear to be getting a better hold on the coronavirus, the media coverage is shifting slightly. There is a little more time for news not expressly dealing with the death and devastation of the viral outbreak. And if that trend continues, the next Trump administration mega scandal is simmering quietly away, just waiting for the lid to be lifted. With the initial coverage, it began almost as a joke, although a joke in bad taste. But when you’re dealing with El Pendejo Presidente, almost every administration action or policy undertaken is a joke in bad taste. It began last week with a segment on The Rachel Maddow Show, later retold by yours truly, about the somewhat unbelievable situation of the federal government sending the FBI and DHS to confiscate shipments of medical supplied and equipment purchased privately by states and hospitals, and adding them to the FEMA national stockpile, presumably under the Emergency War Powers Act. The story seemed too ridiculous at its face to be true. The federal government refuses to supply hospitals and states with emergency equipment, telling them to fend for themselves in a series of endless bidding wars, and when the states comply, the federal government swoops in with a series or armed, strong arm hijackings, and confiscates the shipments under the War Powers Act that the administration refused to implement to boost domestic production and distribution. That is, until Illinois Governor JB Pritzker appeared on Rachel’s show to outline the Len Deighton spy novel shit he had to pull to keep the FBI and DHS from hijacking his own shipment of supplies. But here’s the real scandal of this whole thing, and whether it’s the media that twigs to it, or whether it comes out in some kind of after action investigation, it’s going to come out, and it’s going to be ugly. The federal government left the states and hospitals to fend for themselves in order to obtain this equipment, correct? Then how, pray tell are the FBI and the DHS coming by the information of these shipments created by private transactions? Look, at their inception these are private, presumably e-mail or phone conversations between private hospital administrators or official emissaries of the governors offices, and private businesses, often foreign. How in the ever living hell is the federal government obtaining the information that these contracts are being negotiated, finalized, and fulled? How is the federal government managing to get their grubby little mitts on the shipping and arrival information? Is the Trump government illicitly monitoring private communications between governors offices and hospital staffs to private foreign companies? What kind of surveillance, electronic? Wire tapping? If surveillance is being used, is it authorized with a valid court order? And if it is, what possible justification could the government be using for said illicit surveillance? There has to be some form of intelligence gathering going on here, because states and hospitals have […]

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