Once again, Trump made our point for us.

Now that the actual election voting numbers have largely stopped coming in, some other numbers are starting to come in instead. And they just keep on proving something we knew all along, everything is fine. In a poll released today, a whopping 79% say that they believe that Biden won the election. A piddly 13% […]

“He Will Never Have A Good Day Again”

I’ve been rich, and I’ve been poor, and believe me, rich is better   Sophie Tucker I spent the weekend in stunned, but relieved disbelief. I got up at about 11 on Saturday morning to see that Pennsylvania and Nevada had been called, putting Biden and Harris over the top. I sat there giggling, with tears […]

Trump Lost The Debate. On Two Fronts

No great surprise here, Trump lost the debate again tonight, and in a landslide. True, Trump may not have roamed the stage like a rabid wolverine, but he wasn’t ready for a role in the film Good Will Hunting either. There were two possible matrices with which to judge this debate tonight, substance, and style, and Trump lost them both. First […]

Reality Has Finally Set In

If I don’t win. If I don’t win. If I don’t win. If I don’t win. If I don’t win. If I don’t win. Relax, my Alzheimer’s hasn’t finally taken over, and neither has my CRS. These were three separate days, six separate speeches at rallies, and one common statement. Psychologists and Psychiatrists, and all kinds of […]

In Florida, Biden Goes For The Kill Shot

A day after President Donald Trump went to Sanford, Florida, on the anniversary of Treyvon Martin’s murder, to host yet another super spreader event, Joe Biden showed up to set the record straight. And Biden was a man on a mission. Biden showed up to day to make his pitch, and in almost elegant poignant […]

The Transcendent Power Of Stupid

Stupid is as stupid does   Mama Gump You know, when you read Mary Trump’s book, as I did, and you learn that His Lowness paid a chum with a functioning brain stem to take his SATs, and his sister did his college homework, it’s no surprise that Trump goes balls to the wall to hide […]

The Hard Work Of Losing

I have never seen anything like this. Let’s say that you decide to give politics a try, and run for a seat on the county library board. There are 1000 different ways you can lose that race, and you don’t even know 999 of them. But the only way to win is to run a […]

Look, In The Sky! It’s A Bird! It’s A Plane! It’s A PIG!

Isn’t that the old saying? When someone proposes something so off of the wall that just the thought of it is inconceivable? When pigs fly! Well, when you look at the absolute trends in the latest polling, His Lowness is about to pull off something nobody who has followed politics for any length of time was possible. […]

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