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Trump Got Triple “Played” Today

I was not at all surprised that Trump had to haul out the big bomb today, and tweet about delaying the election. This was a sign of nothing but pure desperation. If Trump thought that he was winning, he would call for the election tomorrow. But today proved once and for all what a total loser Trump really is. The bad news started early, and just kept coming. First, the new unemployment numbers showed another increase in first time claims, with more than 50 million unemployed in the last 19 weeks. And then, his own Department of Commerce came out with numbers that showed that the Gross Domestic Product, the principal benchmark for domestic economic growth, had fallen off a cliff, losing 33%. This is a disaster because while Trump and his economic nitwits had projected a loss in the 2nd quarter, followed by a rocket ship 3rd quarter, this number means firing that rocket from the deck of the Titanic. But both of those paled in significance with what was happening at the same time at Ebenezer Church in Atlanta. Civil rights icon John Lewis was being laid to rest, after a week of honors and a final farewell tour of the places most important in his life. And at that funeral service were, not one, not two, but three different former American Presidents, each eager to share their fond remembrances of their interactions with Lewis. And that was the mother of all nightmare scenarios for Trump. William Jefferson Clinton. Looking every bit as stable, friendly, and approachable as any regular member of Ebenezer, with that southern charm that plays so well, to this day. He spoke glowingly of his time with Lewis, and praised the man he knew for what he was. George Walker Bush. A lifelong Republican, while he freely admitted his ideological and political difference with Lewis, he nonetheless lionized Lewis and the principles that the man stood for, including racial equality and the right of every American to vote. He was honest and sincere, and well received. And then there was Barack Hussein Obama. A man who said that Lewis himself inspired Obama to activism and public service, who hugged Lewis on Inauguration day, and told him “This is your day too, John. Obama was the only one to indirectly attack Trump for his administrations attempts to roll back everything that Lewis spent his life building, but forget about that for the moment. Three former Presidents. Two Democratic, and one Republican. And all symbolizing one thing. Normalcy. All three if them represent everything that Americans have come to expect from a Commander in Chief. Clinton and Obama are two of the most popular Democratic Presidents since FDR. And Bush, the lone Republican, may be seen as the last of a dying breed. A Republican President with heart, good intentions, and morals and integrity. And what happens next? Well, current President Donald Trump shambles out behind the White House briefing room podium, his tie slanted, throws out a bunch of happy horseshit about his administrations successful combating of the coronavirus, and rails against free elections. The comparison couldn’t be more stark. Because waiting in the wings, and appearing more and more frequently all the time, is another pain in the ass that personified everything that Americans envision when they think […]

Trump should stop blaming China For The Coronavirus. Here’s Why.

Donald Trump really needs to get his shit together. And since Trump is incapable of even getting the morning paper together, somebody on his staff really needs to clue him in on what reality looks and feels like. From the start, Trump has tried to cast the Chinese as the evil villains to his Batman. He has called it Kung Flu, and the China virus. He has castigated the Chinese government for letting the virus “escape” to our shores, and in some of his more bellicose previous statements, Trump has stopped one inch short of directly accusing China of directly attacking the United States with a biological agent, just in order to defeat him. As if the long thinking Chinese had ever had a softer patsy. And Trump has used this martial bullshit to try to make himself appear tougher. Trump has repeatedly used the coronavirus as an excuse to promote himself to the position of a wartime President, marshaling all of the forces at his disposal to defeat this insidious enemy. Sounds good, if you’re 6 years old. The problem is that when you try to hype yourself that way, you beg a natural comparison. You wanna be a wartime president shit-for-brains? Fine, you’re a wartime president! Forget the coronavirus. Instead, the Chinese had secretly smuggled hundreds, if not thousands of soldiers into the United States. Melting into the Chinatown’s of Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, and New York. And they secretly go out and kill American citizens to spread panic and fear.  But all it would take is one dead or captured Chinese soldier for the lid to come off of the can of worms. And then what happens? What happens? You become an actual wartime president, and no turning back. Every force available will be turned on finding and eliminating every enemy agent in the country. The Joint Chiefs of Staff will be in your office, with punitive plans for retaliatory strikes, demanding answers and approval. You, and you alone would be responsible for decisions that would bring death to thousands of people, many of them your own citizens. Welcome to the real world. So, with that in m mind, what did we hear today from the 21st century’s FDR? As I speak, we are working on a strong response to the coronavirus. This plan will be a strong plan, and we will wipe out this insidious virus once and for all and take our country back. What? Wait a minute mushroom dick, what have you been doing for the last six months?!? Of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs brought you a Chinese prisoner on day 4, you think the military or the country would wait six fucking months to get your shit together? The peasants, , I mean the citizens would storm the gates of the White House, and the military would blow the locks for them! You keep calling yourself a wartime president, so tell us, exactly what have you been doing to fight this enemy for the last six months? God, I am so fucking sick of Donald J Trump. I’m sick of his fat, puffy spray tan face, I’m sick of his whiny, petulant complaining voice, I’m really sick of his cheap, off the rack, baggy pants Catskills resort comic’s pants. But I’m most sick of the fact that there isn’t a fucking thing that we can do about it. 104 days until the election. 104 days until […]

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