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The Ultimate Self Inflicted Gunshot Wound

Ahhhh, well. If you’re going to put yourself out there doing op-ed work on a website, sooner or later, you’re going to end up eating a little crow. I’ve done it before, and made no bones about it, but BOY!, do I look like a total schmuck this time! But this isn’t just about me sitting around […]

The Kids Are Alright. Part II

Hey! Hey! Hey! Teachers! Leave those kids alone!   Pink Floyd   The Wall Are y’all ready my brothers and sisters? It’s basically all over but the shouting. There are still a few states that are allowing last minute in person early voting, although not many. But there are quite a few states that are allowing early […]

Let’s Try A New Perspective

Look. I know I have a difference of opinion with some of y’all. Once I got off of my fainting couch in 2016, and looked at the numbers, I realized that the actual national polling was spot on for the election, it was 77,000 puddle heads in three states, less than 1% in each state […]

The Great Equalizer?

Before I get to the main event, I just want to provide a quick update. A day or so ago I posted an article about how former New York Mayor and Democratic Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg had cut a check for $15 million to pay the illegal and unconstitutional poll tax imposed on former Florida convicts […]

Authority Doesn’t Emanate From A Building

In my younger footloose days, I actually visited the White House. I don’t mean I went inside, the Secret Service wouldn’t let my scruffy Mick ass within 30′ of the guard shack. I mean I walked around it, just to eyeball the ultimate in subsidized housing, which I was helping to pay for. Nice digs. […]

Trump Is Running Out Of Feet To Shoot Himself In

You know, if I’m Stacey Abrams, I’m hard at work right now, punching up my speech before the prime time cameras tonight, just to pep it up. Something like; Good evening. I would like to begin tonight with a few quick remarks regarding the ongoing postal service crisis. Welcome to our world white America. This has been going […]

A Warning For Trump. Better Not Mess With The U.S.P.S.

Mr Postman, bring me a dream. Make him the cutest that I’ve ever seen   The Marvelettes   Please Mr Postman In politics, ignorance can be every bit as deadly as an AK-47. In his bad tempered dream world. Trump sees his ass being kicked, with one foot at death’s door, and the other on a banana […]

Bright Shiny Object? Meet Fire Extinguisher.

Sweet Jesus, why is this happening? For some totally inexplicable reason, the Trump White House insists on thinking that sticking Trump out there every day in front of a microphone in the White House press room is a good idea, it gives him a chance to make his case to the American people. Do any […]

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Cartoon: End of the Roe

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Cartoon: Exclusive big tent

The GOP is the Big Tent Party all right, the big orange tent.

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