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Just A Little Something To Look Forward To

Thank you Jesus! They have seen the light!   Jonas Farthingale   Leap Of Faith Just s little something that I wanted to share with you to brighten your day, and hopefully your mood. I know some of you are getting sick of my rosy outlook towards the result of the 2020 election, and I get that. […]

A Tip For Senator Ron Johnson. Quit While You’re Behind, Dummy

The basic timeline isn’t all that complicated or convoluted. In late May and June, states that delayed their primaries due to the virus finally held them, with a heavy emphasis on early and mail in balloting; States that increased ballot by mail for the primaries largely report record turnouts for their primaries. Even GOP Secretaries […]

The Daily Briefings Don’t Matter. Trump’s ‘Tone’ Doesn’t Matter. None Of It Matters, Because It’s Too Late.

How low can we go? How low is the bar that if Donald Trump stumbles out behind the podium, and slobbers his way through a purely political, self serving coronavirus briefing without uttering a profanity, or starting a race war, the media falls all over itself about Trump’s presidential tone. Trump has never been presidential, isn’t presidential now, and never will be presidential. And never was there a worse time for the media to start normalizing him than now. Trump is holding these briefings for one reason and one reason only. His polling numbers are in the toilet. Apparently, somebody either in the west wing or the campaign took their split pea sized balls out of the glass by the bed, put them back in their pouch, and read Trump the riot act. Basically, he has about a month to convince the people of this country that he takes the coronavirus seriously, and come up with a comprehensive plan for dealing with it by the time of his convention acceptance speech, or he may as well just go back to Mar-A-Lago after Labor Day and play golf full time. It is far too little, and far too late, simply because the Trump administration has made their disregard and contempt for the coronavirus all too obvious by now for anything to change that. Trump blew his coronavirus response from day one. Because Trump has no regard for science, or the people who practice it. From day one Trump treated the virus as nothing more than another strain of the flu. When experts like Fauci, Birx, and Hotez warned that this virus would be incredibly difficult to deal with, Trump regarded it as nothing more than a supercharged flu bug. When cities like Seattle, San Francisco, New York, Philadelphia and Trenton were ravaged, Trump didn’t care, it was a coastal elite virus, centered in blue states, nothing that would give his red supporters pause. And when the virus took a bite out of deep red states like Arizona, Texas, Georgia, Florida, Oklahoma and South Carolina, Trump blindly trusted his GOP Governors to handle the virus in their states better than the Democratic Governors did. But then Trump made the mother of all miscalculations. And he made it because of his mental outlook. No matter  what advice Trump has been given by experts like Fauci, Birx, and Hotez, he is mentally incapable of seeing the coronavirus as anything more than an especially virulent case of the flu! And what happens when the weather gets warm? Why, the flu dies off of course! That was Trump’s fatal miscalculation. Trump was willing to give the virus free rein through the spring, on the assumption that by the second or third week of June, the heat would kill it off, as the heat does to almost any flu virus. This would allow Trump to reopen the economy, which he did in red states with the June timeline in mind, jump start the economy, hold mass rallies to his hearts content, make a triumphal acceptance speech at a packed arena in North Carolina, and rife his leadership wave to a crushing election win. If in fact the virus did resurface in the fall, it wouldn’t do so until October, and would start slow, as scattered outbreaks until after he was reelected and able to ignore it for four […]

The Mutiny of “The Bounty”

When the history of the 2020 election is written, it is the story broken by the New York Times, chronicling the scheme hatched by Vlad the Imp to pay a bounty for the lives of US soldiers in Afghanistan that may well have been the final nail in the Trump reelection coffin. For generations now, veterans and active duty military personnel have been two of the richest veins for the GOP to mine. And they worked hard at it. For generations the GOP has portrayed itself as the patriotic party, ready to shovel boxcar loads of cash at the military, and with an almost religious reverence for the veterans who served this country. And now it’s all coming down around their greedy, lying little ears. Donald Trump basically picked up a bullhorn, and bellowed, What a bunch of bullshit! From day one, Trump has done nothing but disrespect both the military as well as veterans. He removed a progressive VA Chief who was trying to drag the agency, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century. He disrespected the days of gold star widow of Sgt. LaDavid Johnson, sloughing off her pain with a cavalier He knew what he signed up for. Trump has repeatedly moved to politicize the armed forces, calling them his army, like some tinpot despot. And even worse, he took tens of millions of dollars of funds earmarked for improvement of bases, especially schools and daycare centers, to build his stupid vanity wall. And he let the Veterans Administration fall even farther into disrepair with a political hack appointee. But it is the crisis currently embroiling the Trump administration over this scandal about Russia paying a bounty for dead American soldiers that is going to have a catastrophic effect on the election. Because it is current, it is visceral, and it is intolerable. The Trump administration has fallen back on it’s traditional strategy of bifurcated bullshit. Call the whole thing a media and Democratic hoax, and then deny that the case against Russia hasn’t  been proven. There is no way that Trump will risk waking up some morning and seeing that Wikileaks has decided to drop a cache of documents showing how the Trump organization has been nothing more than a massive ruble laundromat for decades, obfuscate he must. But that obfuscation is about to tear Trump’s electoral map to shreds. Trump is already down double digits nationally, trailing in every battleground state, and states once thought safe are in play. Now, with that in mind, think about the number of major military installations in the United States, and the number of not only veterans, but families of active service members spread throughout the United States. Trump’s actions have just placed the entire eastern seaboard of the United States in play. There are major military installations in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida. And sailors, soldiers, and airmen know bullshit when they hear it. Trump already alienated the Navy by removing the commander of a nuclear powered aircraft carrier for pleading for assistance for his sailors stricken with the coronavirus. Trump has taken the military for granted from day one. Now, let’s just take a look at all of the military bases in Texas, and Arizona, states where Trump is struggling. The men and women who make the conscious choice to wear the cloth of this […]


And here’s a partial score, Stanford 29   George Carlin Ahhh. It seems like only yesterday that Emperor Gluteus Maximus was sitting around, pissing and moaning that testing for the coronavirus was overrated. That’s what he said. His sane and logical reasoning was that if we weren’t doing as much testing, there wouldn’t be so many cases. Yes, he actually said that too. Oh, shit! It turns out that it was only yesterday when he said that. I’m confused because today he said that the incredibly high number of coronavirus cases in the United States His flavor of the day contention for today was that if we only tested 1 million people instead of 134 million people, we wouldn’t have so many cases. Therefore, our insane rate of infection and sky high death total are actually a badge of honor for the superiority of our testing. Am I the only one whose head is spinning? Let’s quickly recap. It was only a couple of weeks ago that Trump was bragging from behind the podium in the White House briefing room that we were doing more testing per capita than any other country on earth. Not only was it demonstrably false, but it served no particular positive purpose for him to say it, since our numbers were so out of orbit. Then he said that testing was overrated, and if we weren’t testing so much, we wouldn’t have so many cases. And now, he flops again to state that our insane infection numbers are a credit to out outstanding testing, which in simple fact has been nothing short of criminally pathetic. All of these positions share two things in common. One, they’re all pure, unadulterated bullshit, and two, they’re mathematically impossible. Testing is not the question or issue here, math and accuracy are. If you have 2 million people with the coronavirus, and you test 10 people who come up negative, you still have 2 million people with the coronavirus, you just don’t know it yet. And if you have 2 million people with coronavirus, test 40 million people, and come up with 2 million active cases, all that means is that your testing was accurate. The cases are there, whether or not they’re counted in testing before they start showing up at the hospitals to die! The reason this is important is a political one, and it’s one of the reasons that Trump is in such deep shit in his reelection campaign. In my Obamagate! article, I noted that one of Trump’s problems was that he was bleeding support among American’s 65 and older, which is one of the GOP’s most dependable core constituencies. This is true. In 2016, Trump beat Hillary Clinton among seniors 52-47%. The latest national polls show Biden leading Trump among seniors 52-45%. Basically Biden has flipped one of the most reliable GOP voting blocks. The reason this is so important is this. As a card carrying old fart, I know that we frost tops know a couple of things. For starters, I know we vote at a higher percentage than any other demographic, and the politicians know that too. Second, we know that we’re gonna die sooner than most of the rest of you. And third, we all know our mathematics. That’s because the vast majority of us went to public schools back when they were fully funded, and […]

So, Trump endorsed Roy Moore, did he? Of course he did, he had to.

Well, yesterday finally ended one of the most suspenseful (not) cliffhangers since "Who shot JR?" The Tangerine Twitler finally came out and supported Roy Moore for the vacant Alabama Senate...

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