At long last, sir. Have you no decency? In a word, yes.

There’s no doubt about it, there’s definitely frigging in the rigging. It appears that as these primaries are going on, the more moderate wing of the Democratic party may be exerting a little influence. While a die hard socialist like Bernie Sanders may never waver, Elizabeth Warren seems to have moderated her heath care stance a bit, by coming out for a Medicare for all “option.” That seems to be in opposition to her earlier stated goal of entirely government run healthcare, with no private insurance interference in the market. Maybe she got the memo that her stance was limiting her appeal. But that is not the reason for this article, just a little news tidbit thrown in for your consideration. The main thrust of this article is what may appear to be a dynamic in the race that is starting to show, but that is not based fundamentally on policy. For this purpose I am going to reference both national as well as early primary state polling. I’ll be blunt, I’m terribly disappointed in Joe Biden. Even before he got in the race, he was the odds on front runner. But after a balls-to-the-wall online roll out, followed by a door buster announcement rally, the campaign has languished. He has seemed to be lackluster and uninspired, and has struggled with his past record. He has also been gaffe prone, which may have led his campaign to shelter him from too many personal appearances, which is exactly the opposite of what early state primary voters want, they crave the personal attention. Worst of all, his debates have been terrible. I expected a much better showing from Joe Biden, a man I greatly respect. On the other hand, at least 3 polls show South Bend Mayor Pete Buttieing topping the field in Iowa, outside of the margin of error in two of them. And there is at least one poll that shows him a strong third place in New Hampshire, the first in the nation primary, a week after the Iowa caucuses. Buttigieg is the mayor of the third largest city in the state of Indiana, which is not known for being a population giant. And yet he is surging in the early state polls. Why? There is a plethora of other highly qualified, highly personable, and highly effective campaigners out there, looking to make their mark. But when you look at the polling, you have a man whom many consider to be too “mainstream” for the party’s recent bent leading the national polls, and a young up and comer, with no relative national exposure, half of whose supporters call him “Mayor Pete,” to avoid his last name, surging to the front. What gives. I have a theory. Pet Pete Buttigieg and Joe Biden on one side of a line, and everybody else in the field on the other. Now, look at Biden and Buttigieg, how they look, how they appear, just how they feel. And then do that on the other side. I think you’ll find that when you look at Biden and Buttigieg, you’ll realize that there’s something there, something ephemeral, something you can’t quite put into words, but something that you know is there just as surely as you know exactly where to scratch when it itches. It’s called decency. There’s just something about the two of them that says that […]

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