The GOP Is About To Ensure That Their Worst Nightmare Comes True

I swear to God, you can’t teach this kind of stupid. And there is nothing in science showing that it is either genetic or inherited either. Which leaves us with only one possible explanation. The GOP Senators are actually interstellar refugees from the stupidest fucking planet in the solar system. Right now, all of the […]

This Is How It’s Done

A quick aside first. Sometimes, I find it almost hard to comprehend just how big of a schmuck Donald Trump is. Look at it. At 73 years old, Trump has at various times tried to subjugate Macron of France, Trudeau of Canada, and Zelinsky of the Ukraine, trying to cast them in the media as snot nosed kids, desperate for his approval and counsel. And yet, at some point or other, all 3 of them have pissed up Trump’s leg, and laughed about it in public. And now, the House Democrats case managers are pissing up Trump’s leg in public too, but they’re far from laughing about it. Without calling a single witness, the Democrats are weaving a master tapestry, And that tapestry isn’t going to be a pretty picture for Trump. Cast your mind back a bit. Before there was an impeachment vote in the House, the House Intelligence committee held a shit load of public hearings for testimony. They were well viewed, but they were long, sometimes confusing, and often contentious as GOP committee members tried to disrupt and distract. In fact, one of the GOP’s most frequent kvetches was that the Democrats evidence was all 2nd and 3rd hand, with no corroboration. Are you sure that you don’t want to reconsider that position? Because if they’re paying attention at all to the trial, they are watching the Democrats demolish that contention quicker than a burned out slum. What the Democrats are doing is constructing an exquisitely detailed timeline of the entire Trump conspiracy, from start to finish. And they’re doing it by reciting the necessary facts into the record, and interjecting relevant documentation, as well as relevant testimony from the open hearings. You see what’s happening here? Idjits like Collins, Nunes, and Jordan aren’t around anymore to try to muddy the waters. And the Democrats obviously put in the sweat equity to go back and find every relevant statement, and boy! Is it paying off!  As the Democrats narrate their story line, they’re putting various statements from different witnesses in the hearings, using them to corroborate the timeline. And not only that, now that there’s no background noise, they’re introducing testimony from a witness that only corroborates the testimony of a witness already played. And as they continue to weave this whole thing together, they are graphically showing that the only thing that is uncorroborated around here is Trump’IQ. It’s going to be interesting to see how Trump’s lawyers try to deal with this. The Democrats are constructing a Sistine Chapel of political corruption, and there’s no way for Trump’s lawyers to get to the ceiling. So far, Trump’s defense seems to be to call the entire impeachment unconstitutional (false). calling the Democratic case managers liars (false), and personally insulted Nadler and Schiff (petty). But when you have one side providing an Ancestry DNA history of Trump’s second rate extortion, I’m not sure having a bunch of sleazy lawyers wearing shiny suits saying, Nuh-uh! Actually, he’s a German you idiots is going to go over with the straights. Don’t touch that dial. To know the future, look to the past. before the insanity of the 2020 election, relive the insanity of the 2016 GOP primary campaign, and the general election, to see how we got to where we are. Copies of  President Evil, and the […]

THIS is how you beat the NRA! (WIth a video)

Everybody gather near. Dyin’ time is here   Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome As all of you know, I have been a frequent commentator, and will continue to be a frequent commentator on the stunning internal collapse of the National Rfle Association. My beef with the NRA isn’t in its original form as a safety and training advocacy group, rather it is the current structure of the NRA, which has become such a whorehouse for the armaments manufacturers that Wayne LaPierre should be barred from appearing in public, except clad in a turquoise halter, a bright pink spandex mini skirt, and a pair of “fuck me” pumps. But even at full strength, and with no internal distractions, the NRA would be hard pressed to deal effectively with the latest public service ad released by the Sandy Hook Promise, a gun control advocacy group founded by parents of children senselessly slaughtered in their classrooms. The ad is a hard hitting, emotional sucker punch to the gut; The tide has been turning away from the NRA for quite a while now. As I have pointed out in the past, in 2018, for the first time, gun control voters outnumbered unfettered gun rights owners at the polls. And it’s more than just that. In 2018 gun control advocacy groups finally outspent the NRA and affiliated groups in advertising leading up to the reelection. And the results showed up, 17 A or A+ rated GOP congressional incumbents lost their seats. This advertisement alone should scare Mitch McConnell shitless, as well as the other 22 GOP incumbents up for reelection next year. This spot is liquid gold when run in September and October of 2020. The problem for McConnell and the GOP is that this problem is no longer, nor has it ever been, a coastal, liberal, elite issue. From a Walmart in El Paso to a highway outside of Odessa, from a theater in Aurora to a medical office in San Bernardino. From high schools in Columbine and Parkland to a grade school in Newtown, this is a non ideological, non partisan, non ethnic problem. And the problem is that your own child’s survival in his classroom is a fucking crap shoot! This ad is going to be used against Trump in 2020. And it’s going to be used against Mitch McConnell, every GOP Senator up for reelection in 2020, as well as every GOP House incumbent with a B or better rating with the NRA, as it should be. There is no defense against this ad, simply because it is a terrifying glimpse into the thoughts of our own children when they get off of the school bus every fucking day! And it’s only going to become more effective, since sadly, as we all know, we haven’t seen the last school mass shooting before next November. I’m sorry for the tenor of this piece, but I’m so sick of the carnage that I can hardly keep my fingers from shaking to type properly. This has gone on far beyond long enough, and the GOP is about to pay a very stiff penalty for their intransigence and cowardice. I do have one simple, honest, heartfelt suggestion though. Mr Steyer, you are never going to be President of the United States. Please, I beg you, rather than spending untold millions in advertising on […]

The 2nd Amendment isn’t the “slippery slope” the NRA needs to worry about.

Like a helter skelter, going down and down, round and round   Genesis   Tonight You all know me well enough by now to know that if there’s one thing I love more than any other, it’s the thought of the NRA wallowing around like somebody trying to find a dropped cell phone in the lower level of a Port-a-Potty. And right now, they’re making me feel like a guy who just found out that the gas station on the corner is giving away free beer and hot dogs to guys over 60 all day tomorrow. If there is one word that best describes the National Rifle Association, that word is fear. The fear that the NRA could strike into the hearts of GOP politicians everywhere, not only of their activist, single issue voters, but at the loss of their campaign kaboodle if they didn’t toe the line. The fear that they could impose on their membership, that their precious weapons of war would be taken away from them if they didn’t pony up to the NRA to protect them from the men in the black helicopters. And the fear that they could impose on merchants, through the threat of a boycott of the NRA’s seven million members if the merchants didn’t play ball the way the NRA told them to. But in these current days, their fear factor in all three of those categories is being sorely tested, and may well be failing. And not only that, but for the first time in recent memory, it is the NRA itself that has something to fear. And what the NRA has to fear is the NRA itself. Here’s what I mean. The NRA’s fear factor over GOP candidates, as well as a scattering of Democratic ones has always been two pronged, withholding campaign contributions, and withholding NRA member votes. In a past article I assayed it out, and found that 7 million members divided by 435 congressional districts assayed out to about 18,000 members per district, enough to sway outcomes. But after the tragedy at Parkland, in 2018, for the first time, exit polling showed that among voters who listed guns as their single greatest issue, gun control voters outnumbered unfettered gun rights voters at the polls. As a result, eighteen GOP incumbent House members with A or A+ ratings lost their seats. And as senseless slaughters continue to pile up over the next fourteen months, the number of gun control voters showing up at the polls can only be expected to rise. The threat of a loss of NRA campaign contributions was also a powerful weapon. Congressional district races don’t normally run on the massive amounts of money that state wide and presidential campaigns do. A few thousand dollars to an incumbent can easily tip the scale, when an opponent would be hard pressed to match the sudden infusion of cash in the waning days of an election. But suddenly, that contribution doesn’t look quite as appetizing for GOP incumbents when their opponents can label them as “blood money,” or “30 pieces of silver.” The NRA has always been able to use fear to hold their 7 million vaunted members in line as well. Not only the fear that the guys in the black Chevy Suburbans would show up to abscond their AR-15’s […]

“Uncle Joe” hits the ground running.

A couple of months ago I told y’all that since I gave up bandwagons for Lent, I wasn’t planning on jumping on any anytime soon. That still holds true, there are too many candidates out there, with too much to say. At this point, I’m not panning on even centering on just a few candidates until after at least the 3rd debate, I want to see how they perform and interact with each other. So, this artile is in no way an endorsement, simply observations as to what I’ve seen, and feel, so far today. The wait is finally over, Joe Biden is in. Mercifully, this means that the media can finally cease in trying to gin up any kind of actual suspense as to whether or not Biden would finally jump in. Sweet Jesus, this whole thing was a worse kept secret than a Donald Trump affair. Any of them! But the dynamic of the Democratic primaries changed today, as did Trump’s behavior towards running in 2020, simply because there is a fundamental difference in knowing that Biden is running, and actually seeing Joe Biden running. Forget Biden’s online announcement video, effective or not, that’s not what I’m talking about. Did anybody see the video of Uncle Joe stopping in at that pizza parlor to pick up a couple of pies and diet Pepsi’s to go? For those of you who did, be honest now, is there a single one of you who didn’t smile, and fondly say to yourself, “Ah, the good old days of politics!” Because that’s what Je Biden does, and is. He’s as comfy as an old pair of slippers. If you’re younger than 50, you grew up with the name “Biden” being a semi household word whenever politics came up. With Biden, what you see is what you get, and many people out there have a great fondness for what they see. When the hot mic caught Biden muttering “This is a big fucking deal” in President Obama’s ear at the ACA signing, who didn’t chuckle. It had the same salacious thrill of an 8 year old hearing his favorite uncle tell his father, “So I told him to go and fuck himself” over the grill in the backyard. Will Biden win? Can he win? I sure as hell don’t know, and neither does anybody else. But whatever the outcome, Biden adds a new, and welcome dynamic to the race. Biden joins Bernie Sanders in the “old white guy” lane. But even there the difference is striking. Bernie looks and sounds like the grandfather that tells you to “Get offa the lawn kid!”, while Biden looks and comes off like the favorite uncle who tells you to “Pull on my finger.” You love him, even though you know that your parents wish he’d grow up, because he’s a bad influence on you. Biden’s presence is going to improve the Democratic field, and not just for Democrats. Biden is a comforting presence, a “return to normalcy” in politics in the “American carnage” era of Trump. It just draws a stark contrast between the personalities and policies of the two parties. Like Trump, it can be hard to shut Biden up, but unlike Trump, Biden speaks in complete, coherent sentences, and has a sense of humor. His smile is contagious. Has anyone ever actually seen Donald […]

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